To-Do Tuesday #245 Weekly Update

Join us today for the 245th weekly To-Do Tuesday list and update. Linda hosts the To-Do Tuesday linky party and we appreciate her weekly encouragement. Thank you, Linda!

To-Do for the week of February 15th through 21st:

  1. Round Six in the SAHRR √ Done
  2. Five apple blocks for Violet – √ Done
  3. Keep on sewing Beau Bear baby quilt – √ Done
  4. Short list limit – no more items allowed to remain stress-free

To Do #1

We are on the sixth and final round for the Stay At Home Round Round (SAHRR). That doesn’t mean you need to stop, though. It is your quilt. If you want to make it bigger, skip this or any round, make up your own rounds – DO it. There is a linky party today at our friend Chris’ website, Chris Knits. Chris gave us the final prompt in our weekly round for the Shoo-Fly block. We had never, ever made the shoo-fly block before although we have no good reason for ignoring it. It’s an easy-to-make block plus there are multiple choices available to make it your own.

I am quite proud of myself for remembering to take a picture of the pretty Shoos. Look how easy they are – a couple of half-square triangle blocks coupled with some squares.

To-Do #2

You may remember we made some pumpkins for my birthday month buddy, Alice Amelia when she turned one. Several friends made some pumpkin blocks which were lovingly sewn together by her grandmother into a large quilt top. We then took it, quilted it, AND added her name within the quilting. The name was found and enjoyed by momma and Alice. We are doing a similar thing for Alice’s little sister, Violet. While she is not my birthday buddy since her birthday is in May, she does share one of my favorite names. My mom’s name was VIOLET. She used to sing a song to me about roses and violets when I was young, and that one of them was sweeter than the other. That’s a fun memory! Here is a link to Doris Day singing Sweet Violets with pictures of her and Rock Hudson. I love their movies!

Back to the topic . . . I got a little off task there, for a long minute. My sous chef and list master, Sue, volunteered that we would make five apple blocks. She has all the fabrics cut and the first block laid out for me. Teal is the background color of choice for Violet’s quilt (why not purple, I wondered). Susan must have forgotten my vow of no-stress for 2022, as I was a bit shocked surprised, and taken aback by this promise. Needless to say, we are going to fulfill it. The ball is in my court – get sewing, Auntie Rose. Speaking of Auntie Rose, look at the cute and sweet Valentine’s I received in the mail. Aww, I would LOVE to have you as my valentines, Alice and Violet. ~smile~ Lest you are worried, Auntie Sue received her valentines a few days after me!

To-Do #3

Beau Bear baby quilt which was inspired by Gail at Quilting Gail is getting cuter by the moment. At least in our book it is! Last week, when you saw Beau, he had no eyes or mouth. Also, his nose was loose and needed to be tacked down.

All of those details were fixed during our very productive, Presidents’ Day long weekend. Here is a peek and a closeup of Beau Bear’s ear, eyes, and muzzle. I added a bit of zig-zag stitches to delineate the ears from his head, buttonholed his eyes into place, tacked down the nose triangle, and added a smiling mouth. The mouth is VERY hard to see, I think since the stitches disappear within the soft Minky fabric. We’ve layered the piece for quilting!


The golf ball block, edition 1.5, for Colt’s sports theme quilt has been attempted. I’ve added a bit of light gray stitching near the bottom of the curve, as suggested by Cheree. I also added Colt’s name, as suggested by both Cheree and Rochelle. Thank you so much for making Colt’s quilt better than we thought possible. Edition 2 is still pending with the addition of the grass blades – Sue thinks they should be skipped. She reminded me that he’s two – he won’t care about the grass blades. Humph.

To-Do for the week of February 22nd through 28th:

How, oh how, can it be the end of February already??!!

  1. Finish our dresser runner for the SAHRR
  2. Finish Beau Bear baby quilt top – start quilting?? – dare to dream
  3. Sew FIVE apple blocks for Violet, who is turning ONE in May
  4. Just enough to keep it stress-free!

♥ ♥ ♥

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12 Responses

  1. Chrisknits says:

    Wonderful projects!! You are dabbling in all kinds of fun!

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Roseanne and Sue!! Cheree’s idea turned out GREAT! I’m with Sue on the grass blades. 😉 I love the name “Violet” and also Alice Amelia. The trend to old-fashioned names is refreshing, IMO. Our daughter did the old fashioned names too. Gosh I love that soft minky tummy on Beau Bear.
    Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!

  3. Cheree Hull says:

    Whaaat? I got a mention! I got a mention! LOL (If you have seen The Jerk with Steve Martin: “I’m SOMEbody!”)
    I LOVE the use of the minke on the bear tummy! That is so smart!
    And yes the shoo-flies look great! Another block I want to fit in sometime. (So similar to the churn dash that I’m kinda all over right now.).
    You got lots done! Whoohoo!

  4. Congrats on a stress-free week, Roseanne! Love your shoo-fly blocks! Beau the Bear is just the cutest!! The minky adds such a nice, soft touch! Looking forward to seeing your dresser runner finish!! Have fun with the apple blocks! That is so sweet of you! Aren’t you glad you have a sous chef? I wish I did! LOL

  5. Love how you have put the minky on Beau Bear. Haven’t seen that done before. Going to be so soft to stroke. Love the shoo fly blocks. Looking forward to seeing the runner finish.

  6. Hi Roseanne I do like seeing all those check marks on your ToDo List from last week. Beau Bear is just getting cuter and the golf ball is a winner. Have fun sewing those apple blocks for Violet and keeping your list stress free.

  7. I also love Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies! Great little projects you’ve got goin’ on! And I still like the blades of grass idea, even though Sue does have a valid point!

    “…stress is not an option.” Smart girl, that Rochelle is! 🙂

  8. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Well, a project done snuck in that list didn’t it! Love seeing the progress on the bear and the SAHRR. I am determined to do a few more rounds over this week for SAHRR. We shall see…

  9. Gail Sheppard says:

    What fun you must be having in the sewing room!!!
    Beau Bear is awesome! How cool that you used Minky – perfect for touch & feel!
    Have fun with this week’s list! 🙂

  10. Rochelle Summers says:

    Beau the Bear is so darling. I would like to have that minky to rub my face on! and the golf ball came out nice. That customization worked out well. How many of them are you doing? The apples will be wonderful. I love all the reds Sue chose. Were they scraps? I hope you are repeating your relaxation mantra because stress is not an option. Take care and enjoy the trip of life.

  11. Beau the Bear just keeps getting cuter and cuter, Roseanne! With your sous chef by your side, I bet those apple blocks go together quickly. Have a great, non-stressful week!

  12. Wendy Tuma says:

    You have some fun projects going on! Beau Bear is darling – I want to rub his soft tummy. I have to listen to that Doris Day song; not sure I’ve heard that one! I’m sure you’ll get those apples done, as well as the rest of the items on your list!

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