To-Do #52+15 Weekly Update

This is our 67th edition of our weekly to-do list.  We share this post on Beth’s Cooking Up Quilts website on Mondays, and Christine’s Stitch All the Things website on Tuesdays.  Check it out as other friends post their to-do lists as well! ~smile~

To-Do for the week July 16th through 22nd:

  1. Finish the Christmas in July project – √ done
  2. Continue sewing two runners – √ done


To-Do #1

The Christmas in July blog hop starts today!  We will reveal the finished mantle/chest quilt tomorrow on our day of the hop.  I was so happy to have it finished!  Here’s what it looked like last week – stayed tuned for tomorrow’s update.  Today, in a separate post we shared a free mug rug pattern.  Check that out if you are interested.

Mantle sneak 2

To-Do #2

While I was ruminating about how to finish the mantle quilt, I worked on the table and island runners for William and Nicole.  Piecing went together really quickly and I decided to stick with the geometrical and linear lines using simple rectangle quilting.  The table runner is complete and the island runner will be finished up this week, as the bridal shower is on Sunday.  Phew!  I’ll share a picture of the bride-to-be with the gifts next week.  I can’t share them here before they are given away, but here’s the basic unfinished idea.

W&N runner

July OMG Goal:

Our Elm Street Quilts July OMG goal is to sew our Christmas in July blog hop mantle quilt.  Thankfully, that is all wrapped up!


To-Do July 23rd through 29th:

How did it get to be the end of July already?!?!?!

  1. Completely finish and wrap the bridal shower runners for Nicole
  2. Start sewing the Up From Here sew along quilt
  3. Layout the second Plus Playtime quilt for Luke


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3 Responses

  1. dezertsuz says:

    I really like William and Nicole’s runner. That blue just sparks things up nicely.

  2. chrisknits says:

    I know, July has flown by! I haven’t accomplished half of what I wanted to do!! Time to get going.

  3. Good morning Roseanne — I’m so looking forward to seeing the mantle quilt and the table runner for Nicole & William!

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