To-Do #121 Weekly Progress Update

This is the 121st edition of our weekly to-do list.  We usually share this post on Beth’s Cooking Up Quilts and at Becca’s What I Made Monday website on Mondays and on Christine’s Stitch All the Things and Dione’s Clever Chameleon website on Tuesdays.  Check out what our friends are sharing!

To-Do for the week of July 29th through August 4th:

  1. Get the Cind-erella quilt top pieced together – √ done
  2. Select the llama fabrics √ ready to be sewn
  3. Additional applique on Quiet Time – √ done
  4. Deliver the table runner and Harley t-shirt quilt – √ done

To-Do #1

We just barely made this our August OMG project, but I was antsy to get going on it.  Sew, this may have happened on Monday after work.  A little pinning to make sure those HSTs fit together perfectly.

Cind pinning

And then we framed the HST areas so that they would match the length of the carriage and appliqué area.  Next, we’ll add the borders and look the perfect backing so I can get going on the quilting!

Cind HST frames

To-Do #2

We played along with Sandra and her Beothuk QAL back in June, and we won some patterns from Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.  One of the patterns we chose is the Alpaca Anyone?  Here are some of the fabrics Sue has pulled for this sweet hanging.  Wendy at Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life also won the same pattern and shared her version named Lucille. Being made for a sweet yet-to-be-born baby girl, Lovey is the name of our llama.  Baby girl is due in October, and we’ll add her name lengthwise on the side of Lovely.  We know her name will start with an “F” as her brothers are Forrest, Franklin, and Fox – care to make a guess?

Thanks for the sweet inspiration, Wendy and Lorna!

To-Do #3

Up next, the Quiet Time book has been silently worked on in spurts.  15 minutes here and 15 minutes there really do add up!  Several pages were appliquéd this week so we’ll advance them back to the staging area for next steps.  Those include buttons, zippers, and velcro for some ice cream cone scoops.

To-Do #4

The delivery of both the Harley t-shirt quilt and Dar’s table runner were made this past week.  Unbeknownst to us, it was Dar’s birthday just the day before we delivered it.  That makes for a nice day-late birthday gift.  And Tim posed with his Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt along with the family dog.  I adore seeing the dog toys sprinkled about!  Deena also emailed us another picture of the quilt on a pretty castiron bed.  Tim said he loved the quilt and once he realized they were HIS t-shirts he was really excited.  Yay!


August OMG

Our August OMG (one monthly goal) is to complete the Cind-erella quilt top for Addison.  We linked this goal on Patty’s Elm Street Quilts website and linky party.  After that, if there is time, we’ll also layer, quilt, and bind it.  I suspect that is a definite happening.

To-Do for the week of August 5th through 11th

  1. Find the backing fabric and add borders to Cind-erella
  2. Find the fabrics for the beehive block
  3. Complete the August monthly color block (We will be two-thirds complete for the year)


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9 Responses

  1. dezertsuz says:

    My guess is Fiona! You did some great work last week, and already finished the actual OMG and going for the gold – er, I mean extra points! Go, team! =)

  2. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE Cinderella quilt is looking. I think it may be my favorite of all your quilts! I can totally relate to getting tasks accomplished in small blocks of time. It’s definitely how I tackle most of my projects. And I think your Lovey Llama will be adorable. Take care, Mary.

  3. chrisknits says:

    Oh, that Cinder quilt will just be so cute! And the busy book is getting there. Good luck with your list.

  4. Connie says:

    Love your alpacas! I have a “thing” for Sew Fresh Quilts…they have such great designs! Love seeing you work on them…inspiration for me to get off my lazy tush here…

  5. So I am going for Frances…. Love the Cinderella project as well as the T-shirt project and quiet book. You (plural) are doing great! Love that you and Wendy have the same pattern and are playing dueling alpacas!

  6. You’ve been so busy! Loving Cinderella and the llama, and isn’t it satisfying to see a quilt being used and loved? Can’t wait to see more of the Quiet Time busy book! Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday.

  7. That Cind-erella quilt top is really turning out classy. I like the color palette because it is a contemporary twist to a normally ‘pastel’ approach to the subject matter.
    BTW: middle child Michelle played Cinderella as a toddler – toodling around the house singing the songs while wearing at least 3 layers of dress-up clothes as ‘Cinderella’.
    Perhaps that’s a bit TMI but it’s a nice memory that came to mind while viewing your quilt progress!

  8. You had a fun to do list!!! Love that llama pattern – yours will be cute!!

  9. Happy Monday — you have some good things going on! The t-shirt quilt looks great on the bed, and fun to see the smile on his face! Cannot wait to see your llama!

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