To-Do #52+12 – Weekly Update & July OMG

This is our 64th edition of our weekly to-do list.  We share this post on Beth’s Cooking Up Quilts website on Mondays, and Christine’s Stitch All the Things website on Tuesdays.  Check it out as other friends post their to-do lists as well! ~smile~

To-Do for the week June 25th through July 1st:

  1. Finish Tea Flowers for the mystery QAL and our June OMG – √ done
  2. Start quilting Plus Playtime – √ done
  3. Find fabrics for our no-stress sew along that started on July 1st – not done


To-Do #1

Yippee!  We finished up our second mystery QAL and shared all the details in our post last Friday.  We chose the herringbone pattern, and also shared the inspirational tutorial last Saturday if you’d like to make one yourself.

Tea Flowers 2

To-Do #2

Do you enjoy a parade for the 4th of July?  My mom was a HUGE parade lover, but I never shared her passion for them until now.  Sandra at mmm Quilts is hosting a quilt parade for all Plus Playtime this Friday.  Towards that end, we need to get our quilt top finished and pretty to participate in the parade!  Plus Playtime is all quilted now and only needs to have its binding tacked down.  Plenty of time to get that accomplished by Friday, so I am sure we will make it.  A picture will have to wait for parade day.

To-Do #3

Our second sew along started on Monday.  It isn’t too late to join in if you’d like.  We are making Up From Here.  We didn’t select our fabrics mostly because Sue returned from her separate trip to Virginia with walking pneumonia.  And then our furnace died so no A/C and it’s hot and humid.  We’ll get on picking our fabrics soon and share it just as soon as we do!

July OMG Goal:

Our Elm Street Quilts July OMG goal is to sew our Christmas in July blog hop item.  We will be offering a free mug rug pattern as well during the week of July 23rd.


To-Do July 2nd through 8th:

  1. Complete the July step in Fireburst
  2. Select the fabrics for our sew along
  3. Determine the mug rug design for Christmas in July


Our other Linky Parties can be found by clicking the link or along the sidebar on our website for more quilting fun – check out what our friends are up to.  Like/follow us on our Facebook page and you can share your photos of what you’re working on.  We would love to see them!


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10 Responses

  1. I really like the red and white chevron quilt. So striking! 😊♥️

  2. Christine says:

    Oh, your quilt is so wonderful! I love the herringbone pattern! Oh, I hope Sue is recovering quickly. And I’m so sorry for no A/C! Yikes! I hope that is fixed now!

  3. Barbara Esposito, @The Quilted B says:

    Hope Sue is on the mend. We have no AC here (we live in the hysterical…I mean historical district and have cast iron radiators so AC ducts are a bit difficult). But we DO have a small inflatable swimming pool. Headed out there now. No diving though. I wonder if I can sew hexis in the pool???

  4. quiltinggail says:

    Healing prayers are being said for Sue! I hope she gets well SOON!

  5. Sounds like a great plan! Good luck with your goals.

  6. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne; Sorry to hear about Sue, I hope that she gets better soon! She is like the third person in the past month that I know who has pneumonia. Every time I see your Herringbone quilt, I just have to stop and stare. I am indeed loving your quilt. Eventually, I will have to make one. LOL. Sorry to hear about the air conditioner problem. Electronics always choose the worst times to break down. Have the most fabulous day you possible can!1

  7. Our A/C has ran almost non-stop for the past several days. I like warm weather but this is a bit much! I’m not a big parade fan, although we did attend a July 4th one several years ago when our entire family vacationed at Nags Head. It was so much fun to join in the festivities of the small town. I’m looking forward to seeing all the quilts in Sandra’s parade! Thanks for linking to MCM. 🙂

  8. nancyangerer says:

    Hope Sue is better. The furnace/AC is a big problem and big expense. Hope that gets taken care of quickly. I don’t know if I know where you live, but I don’t think that matters because it seems to be hot everywhere right now. It is certainly hot here in AL, and our A/C for our upstairs is barely limping along. Our daughter and her family from CA will be arriving later this week, and we need the upstairs room for the kids to sleep. It probably just needs freon, but that became illegal to use last January. I mainly wanted to write to tell you that the book series by Terri Blackstone is good. I was unsure before because the 1st book main focus seemed to deal with the anger and hurt of the two main characters in the book “Cape Refuge.” We have started with the 2nd book now. There are 4 books in the series.

  9. Patty says:

    Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  10. Vicki in MN says:

    Oh I hope Sue is feeling better now. I mean you gals have things to do;) Yikes a funace/AC is no little expense!

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