Meet Zoe the Zebra Baby Quilt

Zoe the Zebra is our most recent baby quilt. We were happy to make one for the newest member of our littles collection. Colt is becoming a big brother soon. He was so darn cute announcing it to us in his Big Brother shirt.

The inspiration for Zoe came from the previous animal quilts we’ve made. Ellie the elephant for Dominic, George the giraffe for Addison, Clarke the bear cub for Colt, and Lucy the lion for Chase. We wouldn’t repeat an animal and it needed to go with the bedding already purchased. We could choose between a monkey or a zebra. Zebra?!! In a hot minute, the whole quilt concept was finalized for Zoe.

Zoe Inspiration Image

We looked through several patterns from the plethora that we own for the perfect image to represent Zoe. She couldn’t be too realistic or look unfriendly.

Then we stumbled on this image. Zoe is smiling; Zoe has just the right amount of stripes to convey zebra; Zoe has tousled hair just as a young baby might. Even the sweet little pink checks are perfect. Hi, Zoester. You are just the perfect buddy to listen to and comfort our baby-to-be.

Zoe Fabric Selection

Nicole gave us a color palette of green to focus on. Of course, it goes without saying that a zebra is black and white. Green, black, and white with two spots of pink will be fun to work with. As overachievers, we just had to introduce a few more basic colors beyond green, though. Naturally.

Sue got busy selecting the fabric for the grass, zebra, and sky. It wasn’t long before she handed me the bottom section of Zoe and I got busy appliqueing. Did you know that zebra enjoy eating grass?

Zoe Needs a Border

After finishing the applique, we knew we wanted a black sashing to separate the center from the outer border. It also helps us to bring the center to a size amenable for adding the border pieces. After that, we asked Nicole which pattern she would enjoy using the half-square-triangles we created.

Ribbons, mountains, partial flying geese . . . the choices are endless with HSTs but in the end, Nicole chose a ribbon-esque border.

Zoe Quilting Design Choice

Before you know it, we took a trip to Ken and Carol’s for a wee bit of quilting. We stepped outside our normal panto box of Loop the Loop and went with Counting Sheep. Wow, weren’t we brave?!!

Here’s the first row on the frame. It was finished and off the frame in under an hour and a half. That has to be a record for us . . . but who keeps track?!

Zoe for a Sprinkle Finish

We held a small sprinkle (not a full-fledged baby shower) for Nicole. Just the girls could come – no boys allowed, which annoyed Dominic. He announced they were having a boys-only sprinkle but all of us would be invited since we made the food. Addison was tickled pink to attend the sprinkle, and even more so to help Auntie Cole hold up the quilt for a picture.

It won’t be long now until the baby is here. They will be covered and wrapped in our love with a good friend to speak to whenever they want. We chose a balloon-filled fabric as the backing in calming shades of gray and green on white.

We cannot wait to meet our littest little. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy time with the other four littles until school starts. Happy Friday to you! Bye for now.

♥ ♥ ♥

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14 Responses

  1. Wow Roseanne, you and Sue did GREAT on Zoe! I’m very impressed with how well you did on making you concept come alive. The quilting is fantastic. You are much braver than I am on that panto – that one looks like an invitation for wobbles for me 😀 That is such a wonderful photo of you and your Littles. Can’t wait to see the newest Little snuggling on the quilt! Love Dominic’s remark – lol!

  2. Gail Sheppard says:

    What a beautiful quilt that you and Sue created!!! Zoe looks like a very friendly zebra! And the Counting Sheep is perfect! I love the idea of a “sprinkle.” The kidlets are growing fast!
    HUGS … 🧡

  3. That is just so gorgeous and I love reading about the whole process. It turned out perfectly and that long arm quilting – how speedy. However I am with Dominic – he was right to protest, but I laughed about the boys only, but you’d have to come along for providing the food!

  4. Rochelle Summers says:

    Hello my dear friend. What a great post. I’m sitting here smiling because all the beautiful photos of the quilt, the littles and you and Sue with littles was such a joy to behold. That quilt is so darn cute and the quilting is just right. I love the idea of a “sprinkle” and that Dominic wanted a boys only sprinkle!! How fast they are all growing and how wonderful that there will be another little to add to the mix. Enjoy your weekend. Oh, school started here 2 weeks ago! crazy, isn’t it? Hugs to a special lady. : <)

  5. Laura says:

    Absolutely love the photo of you and the littles all tumbled together in the chair, Roseanne! The Zoe quilt is super adorable, a great baby quilt! Can’t wait to see the baby snuggled with it! 🙂

  6. Kathleen McCormick says:

    What a happy post this is! I love this quilt and you and Sue did another marvelous job. Love the sprinkle story and Addison is looking so big. Fun that it was a girls only party…in my life (4 younger brothers) there was hardly a time for girls only. So fun to see your posts and smiling faces. Love the panto you picked and its great when it all goes as planned – so much fun quilting on the longarm!

  7. Roseanne, seeing your post AND your cute Zoe quilt made my morning!! I’m so happy for Colt to be a big brother and we will have another little to watch grow up! You ladies did a fantastic job on Zoe. It is a perfect quilt for the new little one! Stepping out of your usual panto really paid off. I love the little lambs and you two did a great job quilting it. How fun. Great pic of you and the three littles too! Have a great weekend, my friend!! Hugs!

  8. Cheree Hull says:

    Oh my goodness, Zoe is ZUPER cute! You guys are indeed getting fast at that quilting gig!

  9. Wendy says:

    That is such a cute quilt, and I love that ribbon border – it ties it all together so well! But the best part of the post is seeing all the smiling faces – including yours and Sue’s! I’ve missed you two!

  10. What a delightful slice of life – family & quilts! Zoe is so cute and I love the idea of having a sprinkle rather than a shower…most refreshing. ps-thanks for including a photo of yourself with 4-1 Littles!

  11. Connie says:

    Super cute quilt! Love the border, just perfect! Can hardly wait to see the new little one! The others have grown so much since I first “met” them…time just flies! But they just keep getting cuter and cuter…what a joy to have them near to you!

  12. Karla says:

    Zoe is a beautiful quilt! Perfect for a new baby! I love the border Nicole chose! Great picture of you and the kiddos!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Vicki in MN says:

    Oh my what a cutie or I should say cuties, Zoe and the kids are so adorable!! I can see why they make you smile and look forward to your time with them:) Love seeing you back to posting also, even though I sure do understand needing a break from it.

  14. Tracie says:

    Roseanne, thanks for such a happy post to kick off my day. Zoe looks great with Counting Sheep! What a cute panto. It looks like you’re enjoying the last days of summer.

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