Baby Girl and George the Giraffe

We have been on a journey to make a special quilt for a special Baby Girl.  George the giraffe was born out of a simple idea and two little pictures for inspiration.  **Warning:  lots of photos to follow!**

We knew we wanted George to have leaves hanging from his mouth as a nod to Dominic, the big brother.  He has a proclivity to pulling off his socks and then falling asleep with one in his mouth.  Or just chew on them for a good time.

Phase One – Design

Based on those inspirations, we traced George on some interfacing.  Not the sticky kind for appliqué pieces, but just to ensure a clean non-raveling edge to survive many washings.

Turning the pieces right-side-out was pretty easy except for that darn short tail and some of the tree branches.  A few choice words may have been said that wouldn’t normally be shared around Dominic’s or Baby Girl’s ears.  ~smile~

Phase Two – Let the Appliqué Begin

Appliquéing went fairly quickly, especially on these skinny giraffe legs!

Giraffe legs

This gives you a good look at the black buttonhole stitch I chose, as well as the Grunge-type gray fabric background.  Also, isn’t that just the perfect giraffe fabric?!!

Here is cute George all buttonholed and a closer look at his heart eyes as he watched me buttonhole the tree.  His mouth, hoofs and leaves were yet to be added!

Phase Three – Leaves and a Serengeti Sun

Andrea’s (a.k.a. Mom) favorite color is orange, and we wanted to include a nice sun in the sky.  We selected a few orange pretties and I sewed them in a wedge shape.  

That wedge became the Serengeti sun in the upper left corner.  Buttonholing just like all the other pieces with black thread was completed.  Some orange ‘rays’ were added later, once the crosshatch quilting was complete so George can bask.

Many, many, MANY leaves were sewn to be scattered throughout and falling from the tree.  Many of these fabrics are leftover solids from my Postcard quilt.

Phase Four – To Border or Not To Border

If one border is good, maybe three are better.  We thought it would be fun to use many of those same solid fabrics found in the leaves in a multi-colored border.  Surround that by a thinner giraffe-hued fabric and wide gray on the edge, and we were happy.

Quilting then commenced in the aforementioned crosshatch pattern.  It goes fairly quickly with a walking foot and those diamond shapes are one of Dominic’s favorite to try to pick up.

Phase Five – Binding and Reveal

George had to watch over the binding process, and make sure it was done securely and well.  I did my best!  You can also see in the photo on the right that the rays of the sun were added after quilting was finished.

Then it was time for a washing in Dreft and we all waited for Baby Girl to arrive.  Here you can see the finished quilt and the dotted backing we chose.  Fairly large at 49″ x 59″, we hope she will feel all the love that went into every aspect of this project.

 Finally, here is George in the crib just awaiting a little sweet girl to snuggle with.

Oops, I almost forgot to share a picture of Baby Girl Addison with George.  You didn’t really want to see her, did you?!!  We can now share Addison Brooke, born on January 4th at 22.75″ long and 9# 5oz.  We are so excited to say that both mom and baby are doing well.

Addi & George

Talking to George

And Dominic with his little sister, who he’s fine with unless she cries.  Then he joins in.  Sweet boy!

Dominic & Addi


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27 Responses

  1. This is a darling finish for a beautiful new baby girl. Congratulations! I just got a new grandbaby 3 months ago. I love the little ones so much.

  2. I love the backstory on the leaves George is munching — it makes this cutie quilt all the more special. So happy to hear that Baby Girl arrived in the world. Ahem … I think that makes *me* the most accurate delivery-date guesser!

    • Roseanne says:

      MICHELLE!! I was trying to find the post with the guesses and couldn’t. I’m so glad you said it WAS you. That’s what I recalled, and I remember Andrea saying that you were mean for even guessing that. Only mean because she was ready to deliver on 12/18!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. sandradny says:

    Dominic has empathy! Adorable all the way around. Congratulations! Welcome baby Addison!

  4. Tracie says:

    Love the quilt and ALL the photos! Just precious ❤️

  5. dezertsuz says:

    Fabulous! Quilt and Addison are doing fine! =) She looks so mature already, I suppose from being over 9 pounds. The quilt turned out just gorgeous and perfect – wonderful design!

  6. cheriec12 says:

    I’m so glad I didn’t miss this post. There is so much cuteness here I just can’t stand it.

  7. Both are simply adorable. Yourself so lucky to have new babies in your world.

  8. She is adorable! And the quilt is just amazing. Glad all are healthy and it looks like Dominic is enjoying her, but oh how sweet that he cries when she does. Good wishes to all in the first few weeks of adjusting – I know some people who will be very very helpful!

  9. Rochelle Summers says:

    Congratulations on the completion of a beautiful quilt and the lovely baby. So glad Dominic is okay with a baby sister. Chewing on socks seems to be a things with boys. My youngest grandson did that…then moved on to the collar of his shirts (up until a year ago and he’s 10) or the cuffs of the sleeve!

    Enjoy this cutie.

  10. Yea! She’s here! A perfect little girl. Your quilt is adorable and sewn with so much love, Addison looks so happy with her big brother and her buddy George. 💕🦒
    PS Dominic’s sock thing is too cute and funny!

  11. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Special Aunties! Addison is so precious and beautiful! Please, give her a gentle kiss and hug for me and welcome her into our world. Dominic is already going to be the best Big Brother if he cries when she does. That is just so fantastic, kind of like a fairy tale kind of part. The quilt did turn out so magnificent!!! Addison will hold it dear to her heart forever! Thank you so much for sharing this special part of your life with us. It truly made my day brighter and happier! Have a magnificent day also!

  12. chrisknits says:

    What a wonderful quilt for such a sweet baby! Watch your mailbox Fri/Sat for a little something for Miss AB from Indiana!

  13. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    So much eye candy! Addison looks just like Dominic! She is such a precious sweetie! and that picture of brother and sister? Melting my heart! All of that being said, the quilt is just perfect! There is no was Addison will not feel all the love that was stitched into it! You two outdid your selves on this one. This whole post will keep me smiling for days! Thank you for allowing us a peek at your world!

  14. OMG! Addison is so pricelessly cute! What a Not so little beauty! Dominic looks a wee bit in love with his sweet little sister and George is the perfect welcome for Addison. Congratulations to all! 😄 Carol Andrews

  15. Jenny Benton says:

    What a gorgeous quilt, lovely baby girl, a cute big brother too!

  16. Tish says:

    George is a taller giraffe than I thought he was 🙂 This turned out just darn stinking cute! I love the pictures of Dominic with the sock hanging out of his mouth. He’s going to love those pictures when he’s like 18 🙂 So many sweet little details in this quilt, which will make for great stories down the road. I hope you get to enjoy many snuggles with little Addison in her super comfy quilt.

  17. Kathryn says:

    Addison looks like she is talking to that giraffe! And she look so grown up already. Dominic will be a very good brother for sure. Great quilt, gorgeous baby girl.

  18. So much sweetness in this post. Love your quilt and baby Addison and Dominic are so adorable.

  19. Such an awesome welcoming quilt for Addison. There is obviously so much love that went into it. Love the pics of the baby and her brother. Take care, Mary.

  20. Vicki in MN says:

    What a cutie pie she is. George came out looking awesome, you gals did good 😊

  21. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Precious, precious and more precious! Love the finish on the quilt too! LOL

  22. What fun to see the giraffe quilt and that beautiful little girl! Congratulations to all!

  23. Shannon Fleming says:

    Oh my! What a cutie!!! Your quilt is just so adorable next to Addison!

  24. farmquilter says:

    Dominic, Addison and George are all adorable. The quilt is so cute and just perfect for Addison.

  25. Cocoa Quilts says:

    She is a cutie!!! Loving the giraffe too. Congratulation to Mom and glad all are healthy!

  26. Connie says:

    Those siblings are the cutest duo I’ve seen in eons! The blanket is fabulous, but the distraction of the new sister for Dominic makes it hard to concentrate on it…congratulations to the parents! Love the border and the backing, btw…great choice!

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