IG Honey Bees Blocks for January

New for us in 2019, we joined our first Bee Hive group called the IG Honey Bees.  For those of you who have no idea what I am referring to, let me give you the short version explanation.  There are 12 members of the Honey Bees.  Each month there is a new ‘queen’ who gets to select a block to be made by the other members.  One or two blocks are made to the specifications such as color choices and fabric placement.

January Queen Selection

Jan from Cocoa Quilts is our first queen, and her selection is the Tic Tac Toe block.  All members choose blocks which are found on the Blossom Heart Quilts website.  Here is the sample Jan gave us for color/fabric placement.  Each queen has to make a sample block and share with the Bee Hive on Facebook.


Our January Bee Blocks

Jan’s color requirements are to use light gray, white and a bright color in the center.  We just picked up a fat quarter bundle called Spotted by Zen Chic.  I selected two brights from the pack – a lime green and bright pink.  Next, came some leftover Kona solid grays from my Postcard quilt (Dove was one) along with a Bella solid white fabric.  The block almost put itself together.

Jan #1 January Tic Tac Toes

Here are our two Tac Tac Toe blocks that we will be sending to Jan this week.

I am still a little nervous about joining the Bee Hive and sewing well enough to send blocks to other quilters.  My hopes are that these will work well for Jan.


Our other Linky Parties can be found by clicking the link above or along the sidebar on our website for more quilting fun – check out what our friends are up to.  Like/follow us on our Facebook page and you can share your photos of what you’re working on.  We would love to see them!


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13 Responses

  1. helen says:

    I always tic tac block is so cheerful. Love it. Hives are good fun, some end up being “internet” friends, some move on through life, but fun it is.

  2. Your blocks look great, and I really like the dot fabric you used. I’m so glad you’re part of our Bee Hive swarm this year. Take care, Mary.

  3. dezertsuz says:

    They look excellent to me! The thing that has kept me from joining a lot of the ones I found was that the blocks could be paper pieced, and I don’t like doing it, nor do I do it well. If it isn’t a pineapple block, I’d be in a world of trouble. If I’d known about this group, I might have joined, but then I don’t FB, either. And really, I don’t need to do something else. LOL

  4. So bright and fun! I know Jan will be so happy to have them 😊

  5. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, These look like fun blocks to make! I would not worry about your block skills, from what I have seen of your quilting skills they always are fabulous! I had to laugh at myself that I did not send you the link to my new blog. That might be for the best though because we can not get it to be front and center and or it to have quite a few necessary items. So, I may just have to go back and start over in my old blog. Have a great day!!

  6. chrisknits says:

    I love the blocks! Especially the green one!!

  7. farmquilter says:

    Wonderful block!! Your skill set is going to be enlarged by the blocks you make this year, but the results are going to be fabulous!! No worries here!!

  8. Oh, those blocks look great! I agree it’s a fun block. I might have to make some just for fun!

  9. What a fun block and it looks great! Jan will be thrilled and your skills are just fine for those wonderful shared blocks!

  10. Cocoa Quilts says:

    Happy Dance Here!!! I love Zen Chic fabrics so looking forward to seeing these blocks!!!! Thanks!

  11. Shannon Fleming says:

    Looks good. I think you’re going to have some fun making different blocks this year.

  12. Your blocks look great! I love Zen Chic fabrics! The Bee Hive sounds like fun!

  13. Lucky you!! I have always wanted to join a hive:)! You are going to have Sew much fun! I think the queen bee is going to love you blocks❤️❤️

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