To-Do #52+43 Weekly Recap Update

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10 Responses

  1. You are working on so many lovely projects. Dr Seuss quilt looks fabulous!!


  2. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts says:

    I really want to see your ‘Make Mine a Double’ quilt top! The test block looks great and I think your fabric choices are spot on. 🙂 Thanks for linking to MCM!

  3. You are chugging right along there! Plenty to do and you seem to be managing it all rather well – always nice to see.

  4. chrisknits says:

    Yay for a successful week!! Now on to the next week’s success

  5. Cocoa Quilts says:

    Looking forward to seeing your fizzies. I have mine cut out, but am dragging my feet to do those curves.

  6. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, It is always so nice to read about all of the projects you are working on and the progress you have made or even that you have finished it! I hope that you continue to have a great time creating projects for this week! Have a fantastic day!!

  7. I am definitely not sick of your Dr. Seuss quilts. They are so cute, and that sashing is perfect. I’m impressed with your start on the Fizzy block. I’m hoping to start working on mine next weekend. Have a great day, Mary.

  8. Love that double block! You have a busy week ahead, but I know you’ll get ‘er done! No squirrels allowed (haha, right!).

  9. Another busy week for you two! Love the second Dr. Seuss quilt! I LOVE the fizzy block — how cool!

  10. Dawn Tornes says:

    I like the layout of your make it a double block! Thanks for the link!

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