To-Do Tuesday #17 & Monday Musing

Two of our friends host a weekly linky party. Brenda at Songbird Designs has a Monday linky party called Monday Musings. Our friend Carol at Quilt Schmidt hosts To-Do Tuesday with a linky party as well. We will share our weekly updates on both of their websites.

To-Do for next week:

  1. Photograph and list some items in our Etsy shop
  2. Make a game plan for going forward
  3. Two limit list for a stress-free week

To-Do #1

Yikes! It’s been four months since I’ve posted a to-do list. I knew I took a break but yowza. I didn’t realize it was that long. The end of the school year coupled with four littles that have oodles of energy captured our attention and may have sapped my interest in all things sewing. Sue and I went through our pile of finishes (!!) and made a separate pile of things to list.

Just one or two items! How am I going to get pictures of all of this stuff?!! I managed to get 10 items listed on Saturday – the smaller, easier items, of course.

To-Do #2

Of course, we still have “The Master List.” Sue is in charge of that but I don’t always play that way. I have “important stuff” on my sewing table to do. There’s a nice pile of miscellaneous projects that aren’t on the list, per se. HAHA! Where should my focus be? We don’t have anything special to sew – no real purpose. I guess I’ll have to come up with something new, huh?!

Pulling out the Accuquilt for some die-cutting time is one thing I’m considering. I have some fabric that is just perfect for another red, white, and blue table runner. It’s almost out of season for that but, oh well. Our friend, Carol, made this nifty Fall towel. It has a header inspired by coffee – I just love it. So, stay tuned for some projects that are not on Sue’s list until she ropes me in. HAHA! Be sure to check out the linky parties for some additional inspiration. Bye for now!

♥ ♥ ♥

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12 Responses

  1. Hi, Roseanne! It’s good to see a post from you! I hope you had a great summer with lots of fun and family. I’m so impressed that you and Sue are listing things to sell in an Etsy shop. Wishing you lots of good sales!

  2. Sharon says:

    How nice to have the items ready for Etsy! I hope they sell well for you! Those kitchen towels are so useful. I have been gifted a few from at least two friends. May you get your sewing in soon before Sue hunts you down! 🙂

  3. Karla says:

    Congrats on getting 6 item listed on ETSY! I know from experience that’s time consuming! Good Luck and I will go check out your shop!

  4. Hope you have some good sales after all that work. And it sounds good to let loose and go for something new. It keeps the quilting juices going.

  5. Sounds like after a great summer, you’re easing back into your return to school routine…AND keeping with that 2-limit stress free ‘rule’. Good for you!
    Internet storefronts are time consuming, but hopefully you guys will reap the benefits after all is said and done. ps-I can’t find your Etsy link anywhere on your website – please send it so I can take a peek at your offerings.

  6. Cheree Hull says:

    That is a LOT to get listed! The picture taking/listing process is easily my least favorite part. Bet it feels good to get them on there! Cute towel btw!

  7. Laura says:

    The time really does fly! The littles grow way too fast, so the best thing that you are doing, spending time with them, really is the best thing, and so, so precious!
    Sometimes ‘the list’ keeps us on track, and sometimes it is suffocating. It is up to us to know the difference and when to go play. 🙂

  8. Rochelle Summers says:

    Congratulations for spending all the time with the littles. They grow up and find us less attractive all too soon. It is so good to see another post so soon. And I’m all for going off plan. I keep saying that rules are there to be broken. Especially when it comes to quilting. I’ll have to take a look at your Etsy page and see what you posted. Hugs my friend!!

  9. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Hooray for 6 more on Etsy. I have not done that, but maybe after this sale on the island. Let’s chat off line about a few questions I have…and nice to see you back here! I am way off my list due to the “ferry pillow project” – but it should be done this week – than I too can relax into no pressure sewing!

  10. Wendy says:

    Oh, I see that inner rebel coming out (I won’t let Sue know – maybe we should all try to distract her – haha). I look forward to seeing what you are coming up with from that stack of unlisted projects! Yay for getting your things listed, too!

  11. I’ve never listed on Etsy but I do understand it takes some time to do! Way to go getting six up there! It’s so great to see you posting again, my friend. Love that coffee topped towel! I hope you have a great week and your plan comes together! Have fun with your AccuQuilt! Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings!

  12. Vicki in MN says:

    You listed 6 in one day, wow!!! That took a chunk of time;) Now keep it up! I checked them out, they look great! You have a purpose -more for Etsy! Nice to see you posting again;)

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