Joining First Quarter Finish A Long Plus

We are both huge fans of check lists or to-do lists.  A map of what we need to finish if you will.  For me, basically any paper scrap can easily become a list of some sort.  What to accomplish in a day, week, or any ‘ole period of time.  Sue always has her lists numbered, preferably in increments of five.  She is the keeper of our master to-do list, and we all know that I just amble around, adding things to that list wily nilly. 

Official to-do list

THE Master List

Joining Q1 Finish A Long

To make all this rambling make sense, we are joining in the Quarter Finish Along this year!  I did ask Sue before raising my hand for participation.  Our friend and fellow blogger, Nicole, at Handwrought Quilts is one of the Hosts for the 2019 Finish A Long.

Finish A Long

We already do a weekly and monthly, so why not a quarterly?!  It is kind of hard at first glance, to plan for three months at a time.  Who knows what may come up?!  We have no weddings, babies, or retirements that we are aware of.  Sue wanted me to have a copy of THE Master list – the only list that counts, apparently.  I quickly added seven items to her list <big grin> and she made the copy.  Note, she was at 45 and now is at 52.  Plus, I forgot one item – that’s the problem with ‘mental’ lists and not putting them on the Master list.

So What Are We Going to Finish

I circled (in blue) the seven items I had just added to the list.  Plus a few more – three months IS a long time after all.  Heehee.  We have no UFOs to finish up (thanks to Gail and her PHD in 2018) so these are all new projects.

  1. Wings quilt for February blog hop at Just Let Me Quilt
  2. New Dr Seuss #1 finished and listed on Etsy
  3. Dr Seuss #2 finished and listed on Etsy
  4. New Dr Seuss #3 finished and listed on Etsy
  5. Cinderella quilt for Addi’s grandma (from Carol at Just Let Me Quilt)
  6. Tag quilt for Addi – thanks to Squirrel Grand Poobah, Wendy
  7. Color a month block – January through March
  8. Quilt Mary’s beautiful quilt
  9. Harley t-shirt quilt
  10. Hidden Stars QAL quilt top
  11. Rainy Days quilted ??

Not a short list but totally doable for us, I believe.  Except possibly Rainy Days because I am not ‘feeling’ my one and only remaining quilting project from 2018.  Oh wait, there is one more awaiting me – the hand quilting leaf project that gave Sue headaches.  That didn’t even make the list because I need to ponder that one for a bit!

One More Joining

I should probably word that as one LAST fun event to participate in for the whole year.  Kate at Life in Pieces has a linky party to track your 15 Minutes to Stitch 2019.  Several friends have tracked their time, and I thought it looked like fun and easy.  I’m going to give this some thought as to how I can easily track time, but for now a Google Drive document might just do.  The trick is remembering to fill it in that will be key!  Kate’s example shows 5 of 7 days meeting this goal, or 83%.  Check out her website if you are interested in joining along.

15 minutes

Our other Linky Parties can be found by clicking the link above or along the sidebar on our website for more quilting fun – check out what our friends are up to.  Like/follow us on our Facebook page and you can share your photos of what you’re working on.  We would love to see them!


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11 Responses

  1. Awesome List!. You will get there. Best of luck.

  2. Lisa J. says:

    I’ve been working on 15 minutes to stitch (or cut etc.) but I haven’t been linking up. Maybe I should. You have a long list there…good luck!

  3. Hej roseanne,
    I love lists 🙂 without my to do lists will i be hopeless lost…a really great list with funny work- i love dr. Seuss. I made a Dr. Seuss Quietbook….best wishes from denmark, ulrike 🙂

  4. Rochelle Summers says:

    Well Roseann, that’s quite a list of things to do. I’m sure there will be some extras that pop up during this 3 month period. I just love the way you and Sue work these things out. It sounds like she tries to organize you and you head off in the direction you feel like!! Have fun at it. Oh, can the extra time from one day be saved and applied to another day? HA, HA.

  5. chrisknits says:

    Are you sure that’s enough for your list? Maybe you should add 5 or 10 more. LOL!! Good luck with your Q1.

  6. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, I love your list! Mainly because, if I were to do an actual count of all of the UFO’s that I discovered, my list would equal or even out number your list. LOL. I hope that you and Sue have the best of times and all sorts of fun completing each of your projects! I am on my way to pick out my project for today! Have a fantastic day! Hugs and Smiles sent your way!!!

  7. That’s an ambitious list but I bet you can do it!

  8. Shannon Fleming says:

    I love lists too! It’s so nice to be all caught up on all your UFOs!

  9. Hi Roseanne! I keep a list going all the time, they definitely help me stay focused and on track! Happy Stitching 🙂

  10. sandradny says:

    I love a good list. True confession — they are laying all over my house and my desk as I type…

  11. quiltinggail says:

    OH, lists! Aren’t they fantastic?
    And yeah! Your joining Kate in the 15 min stitching!
    Happy Quilting! 😀 👍

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