Salem Quilt Guild Embroidery Update

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13 Responses

  1. Wow! I love how the specialty threads add to this embroidery project. It’s looking fantastic!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Fantastic. I find a hand project is so relaxing and enjoy doing it when I have it so I can see how Sue enjoys doing this.

  3. Cool ‘mixed media’ added to the embroidery panels. Glad Sue has these ***handy*** for her evening moments!

  4. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, I am glad that you once again shared this fabulous embroidery project that Sue is working on. It looks amazing and will make a special quilt (assuming ) for someone. I enjoy hand embroidery also and have several projects going. LOL. Again thank you for sharing and have a great day!

  5. Vicki in MN says:

    That is a lot of embroidering and coloring. What an adorable piece this will make. Glad Sue is staying busy and out of mischief, LOL

  6. lenneamw says:

    Modern light boxes are amazing. I use my mine often for applique work.

  7. What a fun project this is. Love watching it develop and seeing the zapped frog…is there a prince coming?

  8. Diann says:

    I love that pattern – it’s so much fun to see Sue’s progress! It’s always hard to get pictures of an embroidery project in progress because of those wrinkles and hoop marks, but we understand. It’s going to be adorable in the end!

  9. Sparkly thread – how fun. You are clipping right along on this one!

  10. nanamickie says:

    It looks wonderful! I like the touch of the metallic threads!

  11. WooHoo!! You are making such good progress. You will be fine before you know it:). I’m excited to watch your witchy party grow!😊❤️

  12. Laura says:

    This project looks super cute and fun to make! I am glad that I clicked on the photos for a closer look! 🙂

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