IG Honey Bees Fizzy Blocks for February

This year we joined our first Bee Hive group called the IG Honey Bees.  There are 12 members of the Honey Bees.  This month our ‘queen’ is Amanda.  She selected a block called Fizzy to be made by the other members.  One or two blocks are made to her specifications for color and fabric placement.  Amanda chose black, teal/turquoise, and medium to dark pink.  Amanda threw us a curve, so to speak, as Fizzy has curves!

February Fizzy Choice

Amanda chose her block from these found on the Blossom Heart Quilts website.  Here is the sample Amanda gave us for color/fabric placement.  She shared with all the Bee Hive members on our Facebook page.

Fizzy sample


Our February Bee Blocks

Amanda’s color requirements are to use black, teal and a bright pink.  Solids or small patterns are fine.   Sue rummage through our fabrics and selected these for our blocks.

Fizzy fabrics

Some of these fabrics I have never seen before!  Like that top pink dotted one – where have you been hiding yourself?

February Fizzy

From the pattern I printed off the templates on stock paper which is heavier than normal printer paper.  After carefully cutting out the templates, I set to work tracing the shapes on the wrong side of the fabrics.

Fizzy tracing

Some of the black shades got the smaller L-shaped piece along with the pinks.  The turquoise/teals along with additional black fabrics got the pie-shaped piece.  I used some high tech supplies in my Fizzy quest.  Scissors, tracing pencil, ink pen and pins were all used, and then it was slow sewing time.

Fizzy Fuzz

One quarter of a block was finished, and I was getting confident.  So confident that this happened.  Oops!  Slow ripping occurred . . .

The bottom right corner of the block should be all of turquoise fabric.  The black fabric when turned correctly will complete the hourglass shape.  Geez!  And of course I didn’t notice it until it was all sewn and pressed. 

Finally a Fizzy Feature

Let’s try that again!  Amanda will be receiving these two Fizzy blocks in the mail this week.

ACs blocks

I was a bit nervous making these curved sections, but it was fun also.  Thanks for the challenge Amanda!  And each block individually just in case you wanted to see them that way.

We’ve been forewarned that we will be making this block again this year for Kathy in our bee hive.  Next month our friend, Mary, is the queen.  Lastly, we celebrated our second year blogiversary on Tuesday.  Check out our post Second Year Blogiversary Already – Giveaway! and enter our giveaway for a Frolic charm pack.


Our other Linky Parties can be found by clicking the link above or along the sidebar on our website for more quilting fun – check out what our friends are up to.  Like/follow us on our Facebook page and you can share your photos of what you’re working on.  We would love to see them!


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13 Responses

  1. Love how your blocks turned out. I have mine cut and hope to sew them tomorrow. Have a great day! Mary

  2. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Isn’t it funny how we get so focused on the process that we don’t see the “oopsie” until we stand back. Sort of like life I think. Love the finish!

  3. chrisknits says:

    Love that block! I need to try curves again, it’s been too long!

  4. You showed that block who’s boss — beautiful!

  5. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, What a great way to learn sewing curves than by playing with such bright and pretty fabrics to create such lovely blocks! I have made a Double Wedding Ring quilt and felt so much pride with the finished results, even with all of the little puckers here and there. I am smiling brightly at your great success! Thank you for sharing and have a fabulous day!!

  6. Cocoa Quilts says:

    Nice job, those curves aren’t too bad. I’m not sure I would do a lot of them, but I can handle a few.

  7. Shannon Fleming says:

    Great job on those blocks! I have yet to try curved piecing.

  8. This may sound weird, but it’s kind of comforting to see other quilters make goofs like I do. I admire anyone who does curves well. I haven’t tried it yet. Your blocks look great!

  9. Jayne says:

    Fizzy Block is one of my favorite DP blocks! How often have we rushed through only to discover a mistake afterwards?! In the end your blocks look fantastic which is all that matters!

  10. Great job! The blocks look fantastic! Happy Friday 🙂

  11. Great blocks..now I have to see if I missed your blogversary…..feeling a bit scattered this wee

  12. Curved blocks aren’t too bad, are they. I actually like making curved blocks; there’s so much satisfaction when you turn that curved piece over and press it flat. Looks like you had fun with your blocks too.

  13. Carol S. says:

    I have to admit I’ve never sewn a curve in a quilt block. You did good on this!

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