Quarter Two Finish A Long Results Update

Quarter Two Finish A Long Update

This year we did join the Quarter Finish Along.  Our friend and fellow blogger, Nicole at Handwrought Quilts, is one of the Hosts for the 2019 Finish A Long.

Finish A Long

So how did we do this quarter?  Should we even continue making a list?  Our first quarter results were 6 out of 11 items finished.

Quarter Two – Our List

Here are the items we chose to finish over the last three months.  Was it another overly ambitious list?  Only time would tell and it contained three fewer items than last quarter!

  1. Dr. Seuss #2 finished and listed on Etsy
  2. New Dr. Seuss #3 finished and listed on Etsy
  3. Cinderella quilt for Addi’s grandma – started
  4. Harley t-shirt quilt – nearing completion
  5. Hidden Stars quilt top quilted
  6. Rainy Day quilted (YES!!)
  7. Autumn Leaf – started as a hand quilting project
  8. Sandra’s Beothuk QAL – is a quilt top


Quarter Two Project Details

The first six items on the list are a carryover from quarter one in some form or another.  The two Dr. Seuss quilts that were each a non-finish because I was bored is no longer accurate.  Both are complete and one has even been sold.  An additional version, although not a part of this list, quilt top has been started as well.  Here are photos items number 1 and 2 from the list above.

The Cinderella quilt #3 for Janice and Addison is actually a pattern called Her Carriage Awaits from Carol at Just Let Me Quilt.  The fabric has been chosen and Sue has cut the fabric for the HSTs.  Once the fabrics were sewn together we tried our layout in the photo on the right. It looks like much appliqué will be happening soon.

The Harley Davidson (#4) t-shirt quilt has just been started.  The initial layout is pictured below, and the blocks were put in labeled piles for me to sew.  I love that orange pop in the center.  This quilt will be finished and handed off shortly.

Harley draft layout

Our June OMG project is #5 Hidden Stars, and it is now completely quilted and bound.  More details about the sew along and finishing details were posted on Tuesday.

Hidden pose

Recently completed, Rainy Day (#6) has happily fallen off the to-be-finished list.  Earlier in May I also shared a photo-heavy post about how to spiral quilt on your domestic sewing machine.

Rainy Day complete

Speaking of quilting, only one older item is still on the list as a quilt top awaiting quilting.

Fall Leaves Backing

That would be #7 Autumn Leaf that is still awaiting quilting.  The Beothuk quilt along has just recently come to a completion, and our quilt top is finished.

Beothuk quilt top

Additional Quarter Two Items

Several unforeseen projects that did not make it on the list or were even on the horizon when this list was created include:

  1. Sue is hand quilting this newly pieced top we whipped together in May

Dark Batik top

2.  Dr. Seuss #4 is a quilt top awaiting the sale of #3 on Etsy.

3.  True Red White Blue table runner  was a DrEAMi – Drop Everything And Make It project in May

True Blue

4.  One of two more Dumbo baby quilts (a June DrEAMi project)

Quarter Two Rating

Participating in the Finish A-Long is providing thrilling results.  Projects will always sneak in because they seem to find their way to me, and I say okay.  Sue is along for the ride and occasionally has a project that jumps to the first spot as well.  On to the Third Quarter.  How did you do on your list if you’re playing along?  If you’re not – jump in for the July – August quarter.  You might surprise yourself with what you finish.



Our other Linky Parties can be found by clicking the link above or along the sidebar on our website for more quilting fun – check out what our friends are up to.  Like/follow us on our Facebook page and you can share your photos of what you’re working on.  We would love to see them!


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9 Responses

  1. Well done on so many finishes and progress made! Glad you’re enjoying playing along.

  2. dezertsuz says:

    I think your grade is an A! That was a lot of finishes, including some current things, because you just have to do some new things, don’t you? Wonderful progress on your list of to-do.

  3. Vicki in MN says:

    You’re doing awesome on your goals, we all have those other squirrels that work their way into our days so it’s not surprising if we don’t get each goal met. And in my book that is OK as long as we are enjoying what we do.

  4. chrisknits says:

    Looks like you are killing it! Good luck on the next quarter.

  5. Hello Roseanne, You are such an inspiration to me! It amazes me all of the quilts that you are able to piece together and quilt each and every month. Of course, Sue must be given credit also!! Hello Sue!! I am waving at you and sending you hugs and smiles on another Birthday day!! It is always fun to see what quilt you are working on and what quilt you are quilting or the quilt that you finished. Plus, great job on selling another fun and fabulous quilt! Have a marvelous day today and smile and wave because I am smiling and waving at you!!!

  6. All project that shine! You should be proud, Roseanne.
    Wondering about the hand-quilting done by Sue. Is it in a hoop or on a full quilting frame?

  7. You two have gotten a lot accomplished this quarter! The spiral quilting looks great on the Rainy Day quilt — I must have missed that post so I’ll go back and read it. Like Wendy I recently tried spiral quilting on a smaller project — my start was much better than my finish 🙂 I really do love the table runner I may have to make one for me ♥♥ Have a great weekend!

  8. You did well this quarter. Lots of finishes and lots of progress on those that didn’t quite make it! Hooray! I can’t wait to see the applique on Addi’s quilt. That spiral is awesome and I do hope to try it some day, but I am thinking it is a Bernina not an Elna kind of event as that table is much larger. I love the runner and was hoping to pull something together for this year with the scraps from my SIL’s – it looks great! You should be pleased with your results!

  9. As I was finishing my patriotic runner, I was thinking it was you who gave me the idea to use my serpentine stitch — thank you! Love the look of it on your runner, and now on mine! I just tried spiral quilting on a round placemat – oy. Just on a placemat it took forever! Prolly not going to do that on a bigger quilt any time soon. Yours looks great, so I’ll just admire it from here! Enjoy your weekend!

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