Clark, Junior Baby Quilt Finished

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21 Responses

  1. Susan Nixon says:

    Cubbies and animals seem to be the choice of the day here. I guess he can’t ever be a Dodgers fan. LOL Love your backing on that adorable quilt.

  2. Kate says:

    Love Baby Clark’s quilt! The shower looks like lots of fun. Kudos to William for sticking it out with the baby shower, a log of guys don’t.

  3. Angie says:

    A lovely quilt that will be treasured for years to come! Baby showers are always so much fun – everyone is happy and looking forward to the arrival of the bundle of joy. I find baby clothes and other baby items so irresistible – why do they all have to be so darned cute?!?

  4. chrisknits says:

    What a perfect project for baby!!! Great job.

  5. lenneamw says:

    We are past new babies for the current generation in my family, but what fun!

  6. PERFECTION. Everything about this story makes me smile. It even reminded me that my 15-year-old used to call his pacifier his “nee-nee,” and we never figured out why. Congratulations on a fabulous finish, and thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday!

  7. Such a great quilt, and lots of fun stuff at the shower. That backing was just such the perfect find!

  8. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    I know you two are anxiously awaiting the new little! What a beautiful baby shower – so much love! And I know you two loved making that adorable quilt!

  9. quiltinggail says:

    What fun! Definitely a baseball themed life is ahead for the little guy! 🙂
    The quilt is sew cute and perfect for this expecting family!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  10. What a great quilt and love that dad has a grown up version! I was thinking how did you have the shower pictures already?? OOPS it is Feb. 10 already???? Really, a fabulous quilt and such a lucky kid to be part of this tribe!

  11. Love the quilt and I didn’t know the bear cub in the Cubs logo was named Clark. Maybe someday I can impress my 4 boys with this info. I don’t know that my #2 son even knows this and he works for MLB. LOL

    You guys did a great job on the quilt and I love the Mickey backing too.


  12. Vicki in MN says:

    The perfect quilty love to share with baby, and to go with the cubs chair!

  13. Such a thoughtful gift. I love it.

  14. Rochelle Summers says:

    It sounds like you had fun making this quilt and enjoying the shower. Such a great family and so supportive of each other. Congrats on another splendid finish.

  15. You two have so much fun with all your littles. This wee one will be no exception. Looks like his clubhouse is going to be well stocked with his team colors 🙂

  16. Shirley Clark says:

    That is so incredibly cute! Is Clark the name or last name? I’m a Clark too! LOL Our newest great-grand is 6 weeks old! These are fun times.

  17. Dawn says:

    So cute and perfect for a Cubs fan! The Disney Cubs fabric is a great addition to a baby quilt!

  18. karenfae says:

    fun to have another baby coming to the family and love the cute little quilt – I’m not a sports fan so don’t get the “Clark” stuff but I recognize a packer sweatshirt when I see one 🙂

  19. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Awww, LOVE!!

  20. Such a great baby quilt! You may remember that I’m a big baseball fan, and while the San Francisco Giants are my main team, the Cubbies are my back-up team. So I wholeheartedly approve of this quilt! Have a great day, Mary.

  21. Laura says:

    So much fun! Love the mini cubs chair! 🙂

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