Giraffe Growth Chart Finish

Happy Friday!  I have a little finish to share today – it’s the first one from our second quarter finish-along list.  If it wasn’t for Sue gently nagging pushing me into the sewing room now and then, this would not be complete by any means.  Let me present our Giraffe Growth Chart and share a few details.

Growth Suzybee Giraffe

Giraffe Growth Chart Panel

We purchased this cute giraffe panel destined to be made into a growth chart years ago at our local quilt shop.  Upon taking it home, we did little with it for several years.  Initially, it might have lived in Dominic’s room but his mom decided on an elephant theme. 


It may have fit well into Addison’s theme since we made her a giraffe.  But we designed our own giraffe face and it couldn’t clash.  In the end, we decided that WE needed a growth chart for our home.  One we can add important notations on as time progressed.


And so it began . . . a giraffe growth chart for Auntie Sue and Auntie Rose.


Giraffe Growth Layering

The panel was quickly layered with a piece of batting and a backing.  Seriously, how much time does it take to unfold, iron, and slap three layers together?!  The hardest part was finding a backing that was neutral and long enough – never fear, we managed.  That process took one whole day and quilting commenced the next day.

Giraffe growth

I outlined Zoe (this giraffe was already named for us!) and then did some basic FMQ in the background.  Nothing really special – no one is going to see it except us and the littles.

Growth Chart Binding and Finish

In no time this piece was ready for a simple binding and hanging tabs.  One evening was spent tacking the binding down by hand. That was so enjoyable and relaxing.

Growth binding

We have added the height notations as our littles age and grow.  Additionally, we also plan to mark the notations with a little star-shaped button.  Each little one will have their own separate colored star to mark every measuring event.

Here is our Zoe Giraffe Growth Chart all finished.  Woot woot!  We are sharing this on several linky parties today and tomorrow:  TGIFF hosted by my friend Chris this week, Alycia’s Finished or Not Finished Friday, and Michelle’s Brag About Your Beauties.  This may even qualify for Tish’s UFO Busting on Saturday’s linky party – this is definitely an old UFO.  It’s a finish!  It’s a finish!




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24 Responses

  1. Ruth Tapping says:

    I purchased one of these panels from my local shop but, having made it, I discover the measurements are not accurate so it has been printed incorrectly!

  2. Your grow chart is so cute and will be so loved!

  3. Susan Nixon says:

    When I saw this on IG, I wanted to come over and see the quilting better. Great job! They will love this – including #3!

  4. Angie says:

    A superb idea to have your own growth chart that you will be able to keep – so many memories!!! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. Hi Roseanne. Your growth chart is such a sweet finish. Love that happy giraffe. Great way to remember special days and how fast your littles are growing up. A perfect reminder to treasure every moment spent with the wee ones.

  6. It is absolutely adorable. How fun to have this growth chart to track the littles’ growth. I look forward to seeing future photos with the kiddos. Have a great day, Mary.

  7. Kate says:

    Congrats on a very cute finish! Sometimes small projects are just the thing to spark the mojo to get back on track.

  8. Mickie says:

    What a wonderful project! I love that you have already marked out Dom and Addison on it! It’s fantastic!

  9. Kathryn says:

    Lovely, so cute and looks so good. Love the quilting on it.

  10. Great idea for your own growth chart…while the giraffe is cute (especially the face!) I really like the backing fabric…

  11. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, This is so…..adorable and fabulous! You did a fabulous job in creating this growth chart for your home! Plus, I think that your idea of having one at your home is a great idea with you and Sue getting to spend so much time with the little ones! I hope that from time to time you will share some of the details through the years! You have also reminded me of a pile of small pre-printed projects that I have and need to get sewn together and give as gifts. Maybe you could find some other small projects to keep you occupied while waiting for the states to each start opening again. Thank you for sharing such a positive and wonderful project with us! Have a fabulous day!!

  12. I love giraffes. I wish I had a small one to make one for. So cute.

  13. Rochelle Summers says:

    So great to have this finished and already in use! Something fun for the littles to look at when they are visiting. It is darling and I have a weakness for giraffes (and elephants).

  14. Super cute and what a great idea! Congrats on another finish 🙂

  15. How adorable! and totally true that you need one in your house!! Great idea!!!

  16. So much fun for you – your own growth chart for those very important kiddos! I love this. Congrats on a finish…I am lagging behind but hoping to get moving today!

  17. That is so cute, Roseanne! Perfect to keep at your house, too. I bet the kids will think it is fun to see a giraffe at Auntie Sue’s and Auntie Rose’s house!

  18. chrisknits says:

    A growth chart around here would only chart how much wider I am getting!!! LOL. Thanks so much for bringing Zoe to the Linky Party!!! And more important, thanks for calling me Friend!! Hugs to you both.

  19. Vicki in MN says:

    You’re never going to believe this, okay maybe you will…I have that exact chart and didn’t realize it until this morning when I saw your finish. No mine is not done but I’m thinking maybe I should finish it and put it in my Etsy shop. Good job on completing yours, nice quilting!

  20. Dawn says:

    A fabulous idea to record the heights of your littles. What special aunties you are!

  21. karenfae says:

    I think that is so cute – and you can keep track of growth instead of asking the mom how tall are they now

  22. What a great idea, having a growth chart at your place for when they come to visit. Yay for the finish! On to the next!

  23. Laura says:

    One of the most important things to do, if not the most important, when visiting Grandma (me), was to get the weight, height and date recorded. All five grandchildren looked forward to this big event! Ha, ha!
    The giraffe is a wonderful idea! 🙂

  24. quiltinggail says:

    What a fantastic idea!!! To have your own growth chart for the littles. How fun it will be in the future … can’t you just hear it … “I was taller than you when we were two.” Such fun! And the idea of different buttons for each one – perfect!
    Congratulations on a wonderful finish!!! (And kudos to Sue for pushing you! 🙂

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