Designing a Baby Elephant Quilt

We’re having a baby in September.  Not us remember . . . our niece.  HAHA  Hence the decision to design a baby elephant quilt.  Isn’t this a cute little guy:


Baby Elephant Quilt

Baby Elephant Quilt

He’s a happy, friendly looking elephant.  We’re going to add two more balloons – maybe red, yellow and blue to reflect all the primary colors.  Or maybe some other baby-friendly paler colors . . . we’ll have to see about that.

Our niece likes gray and white, and has one wall painted gray with white polka dots.  I think we’ll make the following changes to the sample picture above:

  • Gray elephant with light green ears (we don’t know the gender)
  • White background (where the light green is now)
  • Either piano keys of alternating gray/white or a white/gray polka dot
  • Outside border of solid gray
  • Backing of gray/white polka dot – also used in binding

I am thinking about how to quilt this already.  Don’t you think the background of the center portion would look nice with a cross-hatch, stopping short of the elephant and the balloons?  I have a couple of nice border stencils to try out in the final gray border.  For the piano keys or polka dot it may just be a stitch-in-the-ditch.  I think a special stitch for the balloon strings will work, and maybe just a spiral stitch in the balloons themselves.  Mr Cutie may need some interlocking hearts to make him even more special.  What do you think?

Other Baby Stuff With the Elephant

Remember when I posted those cute little storage cubes about a week ago?  They look like this, and I am definitely going to add Mr. Cute Elephant to a set of these cubes as well:


Cute Storage Cubes

Each side is seven inches, so I can appliqué the baby elephant with its balloons on each side.  I think they will look adorable on a little shelf in the baby’s room . . . and my niece doesn’t read this blog so she’ll never know.  ~smile~  Since I will be using a couple of different fabrics in the quilt, I can use those same fabrics to make the storage cubes.

Ooh, this will be fun!  Of course they will have to go on the to-do list soon as the shower and baby will be here before you know it.

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2 Responses

  1. Ellen Ison says:

    Hi ladies, I think you need to consider how the quilt will be used. If it’s a wall hanging then white background would be nice, but if it is going to be used, like on the floor for baby to lay on, I would consider another color, cuz babies spit up a lot and it will be stained.

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Ellen – good thoughts but that is the colors Mom wants. And since she is our niece, she gets what she wants. Our nod to that same thought is making the outside edge of the quilt a darker color. She actually just wants to hang it on the side of the crib and use another quilt to cover the baby. (I think) ~smile~

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