To-Do Tuesday #213 Weekly Listing Update

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13 Responses

  1. plstockwell says:

    Love everything but am particularly drawn to those gorgeous Road to Oklahoma blocks. I have never made a patriotic quilt. I think I need to put that on my list.

  2. Chrisknits says:

    May you realize all your goals this week! Especially the enjoy your Holiday weekend!!! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  3. What a great list Roseanne! I love your version of FYOP and the Riad to Oklahoma is just beautiful. Now to wait patiently to see what you are using for Positivity. 😉

  4. Nanette Chopin Cook says:

    Love that Road to Oklahoma! Your Which Did They Go quilt is pretty

  5. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Love your Follow Your Path flimsy! I do hope your fabric arrives when it should. I too am dashing for deadlines. FYP is quilted (a little while ago). I just got the instructions together for the Positivity QAL so I can start working on it. Not using one background but thinking about a bunch of opposite plus signs…one plus in orange, background in white, then reversed. We will see!

  6. Your FYOP top looks wonderful, Roseanne, and so does the QOV! I’m sorry you ran out of background fabric, and hope it comes quickly. Good luck getting it done!

  7. Gail Sheppard says:

    Wonderful accomplishment on your To Do list!
    Love your arrow quilt – so vibrant … yup, I love it!


    What progress! I hope the white fabric arrives in time. Those arrows look so bright and cheerful. I want to quilt my top before the deadline because it turns out I really like it. I’m still considering Preeti’s quilt along. Have to go check out her site again. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Mary says:

    Your arrow blocks look great, and I also really like your QAL project (bummer about running out of fabric. We’ve all been there!) And I’ve also decided to participate in the Positivity QAL using Alison Glass Kaleidoscope fabrics (and I just treated myself to six of new colors in this collection). I hope the Mercy Hospice program gets a lot of quilts from this QAL. They are a very worth charity.

  10. Your arrow blocks are beautiful! I hope your white fabric arrives in time! I’m seriously considering joining the Positivity QAL — I’m hoping I can work it into my schedule.

  11. I am the same as Wendy…looking forward to seeing the fabric that you purchased for the Positivity QAL! The arrow blocks look great, and so does the valor quilt! 🙂

  12. Your arrow blocks are gorgeous! So cheerful and bright! I hope your white fabric arrives in time. You are focused! You can do this!!

  13. Wendy Tuma says:

    Yay for finishing the arrow blocks! Hope your fabric arrives in time, too. And I’m curious what you ordered for the Positivity quilt!

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