To-Do Tuesday #37 & Monday Musing

Two of our friends host a weekly linky party. Brenda at Songbird Designs has a Monday linky party called Monday Musings. Our friend Carol at Quilt Schmidt hosts To-Do Tuesday with a linky party as well. We will share our weekly updates on both of their websites.

Walk Challenge Update:

My goal is 10,500 steps a day, and *20-30 minutes of yoga. How did I do last week?

  • 2/4 = 11,407*
  • 2/5 = 12,063*
  • 2/6 = 11,011*
  • 2/7 = 11,076*
  • 2/8 = 11,993*
  • 2/9 = 12,094*
  • 2/10 = 12,084*

Coming Up:

We will be a participant for the first time in the 2024 Villa Rosa Designs blog hop in March. Running from March 14 through 21, it’s called Fast & More Fun Blog Hop. VRD has all of its designs on a postcard and they cost only $2 each. New designs are being released just for the hop and our day will be March 15th. We will be using a panel for our project. Here’s a sneaky peak – that’s all you’ll get until our hop day in mid-March. You can’t drag it out of me!

To-Do for last week:

  1. Continue with the appliqueing project for Nicole
  2. One limit list for a stress-free week

To-Do #1

Yeah. The best laid plans and all that. Sue was sick most of the week with an Urgent Care visit first thing Saturday morning. She had a strong antibiotic to send the viral bacteria packing, but it didn’t lead to much sewing. By Super Bowl Sunday, she was feeling marginally better. She watched the boring first half and was long out before the nail-biting last few minutes. Phew! That was an exciting game and I’m thrilled the Chiefs won. Tay’s boyfriend and his buddies did a good job. ~smile~

Separate posts are warranted so I’m not spilling too many details. Two, well actually three, projects are at the binding stage. One week after Carol’s birthday extravaganza, we returned to use Millie the longarm. With grey Glide thread and the Loop the Loop pantograph, quilting happened in very short order. We even had time to try a new restaurant for a late lunch on the way home.

What To-Do Next Week?

  1. Finish the three bindings
  2. Only one – no stress (and it allows for extra squirrels that have invaded)

♥ ♥ ♥

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5 Responses

  1. I hope by today Sue is feeling much, much better. Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings. Can’t wait to see those projects with the binding! Glad you had time to try a new restaurant – hope it was good!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Chriskntis says:

    You need to get Sue back on her feet!! She’s got managing to do. LOL! Hope she is feeling better soon.

  3. Cheree Hull says:

    Ha ha! Nice sneaky peek! Did I see we have the same day to host on the hop? Hope Sue is well on the mend by now!
    I don’t know that the 1st half was boring so much as disappointing, at least for us, but then I got so nervous by the end of the 3rd qtr that I went up and cleaned the kitchen, going back to watch the last 2 plays. LOL. (Then I rewatched the whole game on Monday!). I’ve never been a Patriots fan (ick) but I’m beginning to feel for them now that our Chiefs (and us fans) are becoming hated because we win too much. What the heck, people?? Sigh. Well, there will always be naysayers I guess. Prior to these last years, our only other SuperBowl win was IV so we’re just enjoying the ride over here! (Back off, y’all!!). I’m anxious to watch/listen to today’s episode of New Heights to see what the Kelsey Bros have to say about it all. Well, now back to our regularly-scheduled quilting….

  4. Kate says:

    Hopefully Sue is feeling much better. You’ve been busy in the sewing room and with the walking . Fingers crossed this week is as good.

  5. Rochelle Summers says:

    So Sorry that Sue has been under the weather. A visit to urgent care is no fun. I don’t watch football but was rooting for the Chiefs. 49ers made me mad years ago and I haven’t forgiven them!! The quilting trip sounds like fun. I’m looking forward to show and tell! Have a good week. Hugs to you both. Smile

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