To-Do #52+5 Weekly Update

This is our 57th edition of our weekly to-do list.  We share this post on Christine’s Stitch All the Things website on Tuesdays.  Check it out as other friends post their to-do lists as well! ~smile~

To-Do for the week May 7th through 13th:

  1. Begin quilting Evening Star – √ done
  2. Add sashing strips to table topper – not done – not even started
  3. Begin quilting doll quilt – √ done
  4. Continue I Spy rows – √ done
  5. Select fabrics for Spring table runner – √ done

What??  I thought I said no more five-item-lists anymore.  Too much stress to get this many things done in a week.  This is the last time, for sure!

To-Do #1

Begin quilting on Evening Star has happened.  The plan was to try some new Aurifil thread #2314 – aren’t you impressed I know the number?!  I only know it because it was printed on the wrapper and I can remember numbers for life – not names, just numbers.  Should you need to know the Pizza Hut telephone number from 1980, I can help you but I digress.  Five of the blocks are quilted with this lovely neutral thread.  I neglected to lower the feed dogs on my sewing machine though.  So, I broke the thread often and had trouble in general most of the session.  What the heck, I thought to myself.  Upon giving up and moving on to something else after a good five hours, that is when I discovered the feed dog issue.  OHHHH!  So it is started but no where near complete, and maybe it should be ripped out.

ES Ruler Work


Last minute update – this is Monday’s ruler quilting with the feed dogs down.  I got TWO stars done in less than an hour.  What do you think of the neutral thread??  And the moving from one white star point to another – I just kind of eyeball it.  Is that how you do it??

To-Do #2

Sashing strips were not added.  I was too tired after the fabulous Mother’s Day breakfast.  Oh well, next week is time enough.

To-Do #3

I bought some variegated cone thread from Connecting Threads when I thought it was on sale.  It turns out is was definitely NOT on sale, but I didn’t notice that until I had received it.  Apparently one should look at the total of items BEFORE clicking the order button.  Anyhoo – I was thrilled to have some variegated thread to try, and the doll quilt #3 was going to be the guinea pig.  That is until I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE.  If you read to-do #1, it was the same day and same FMQ fiasco, just delayed by the hunting of the thread that was never to be found.  Seriously – I should have stayed in bed!Doll #3 FMQ

So here is my happy, hopeful, before I started shot.  I was just doing an orange peel pattern, and I chose the ruler foot because the next project needed that.  It is finished except for the binding but it could have gone so much easier had I lowered the feed dogs. ~smile~  I’ll share the finished product on Friday!

To-Do #4

Each of the rows of I Spy are sewn, but they need to be joined together. The design wall is nearing being empty again.  It won’t actually be empty anytime in the near future because the Spiral quilt is just awaiting its turn on it.  All of those blocks are finished as well – woot, woot.

To-Do #5

The Runner Aways Club is back at it again with a new table runner for Spring.  It is really cute and I love it . . . but it is almost summer!  By the time it is complete, we will be bringing out the pumpkins (jk!).  Actually, this has many appliqué pieces, which means this will be landing soundly on my work table soon enough.  Ahem – Rosalie Schatzman and Kathleen Sura if you are reading this – I have been waiting for an update on your table runners.  Is your snowman finished yet, ladies??  Telling Sue is not an update – the news is NOT passed on to me!!

Spring table runner

May OMG Goal:

Our Elm Street Quilts May OMG goal is to quilt and bind the Evening Star quilt.  This is also on our PHD list of UFOs.  The poor thing has been languishing away since November 2017.  It has only been started because it was first on this week’s list!


To-Do May 14th through 20th:

  1. Sew the I Spy rows together (get it off the design wall!)
  2. Add sashing to GK table topper
  3. Continue quilting (with feed dogs down) Evening Star (like yesterday!)
  4. Continue Spring table runner (appliqué time)


Happy Mother’s Day wishes a little late!  I hope you were able to celebrate with your kiddos, or thought fondly about your mother.  We wish you a week filled with many blessings and good sewing/quilting vibes!


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9 Responses

  1. Looks like you are off to a great start on the quilting. Way to go! I think you are right on time for working on the spring project for next year! LOL! 🙂

  2. I am always amazed by your planning and lists! I know that is the way to get at it and get it done!!

  3. You amaze me with all the quilty stuff you get accomplished! Everything looks great despite the mishaps — I use variegated threads often when quilting — I’ve never tried threads from CT. I’m interested in what your thoughts about their thread. Love Love the monthly table runners — I make a new runner each month!

  4. paintedthread says:

    Ruler work – I keep thinking about trying that. The foot just stays down like a regular foot? It doesn’t set and release like a freemotion foot?

  5. I love the Umbrella. So cute.

  6. Christine says:

    I’ve had sewing days like that too and I’m always so glad when they’re over and I can start over the next day! You accomplished a lot on your list despite some of the sewing woes…Wow! I do love that neutral thread and your eyeballing the points is spot-on!

  7. chrisknits says:

    You need to learn a new number. 3 or 4 is good. LOL! At least you won’t lack for things to do this week.

  8. cozyquiltslb says:

    You’re so organized with your to-do list. I’m not disciplined enough to follow one even if I wrote it out. I didn’t even notice the travel between the star points, just though it was a fabric crease. Looks good.

  9. You’ve done well this week! I like the quilting, and I’d be eyeballing it if I were doing it. There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you know exactly where something is, but then you go there, and it isn’t. Hope you found Doll Quilt #3. Have fun with that variegated thread!

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