Postcard Quilt Final Reveal – It’s Done!

My beautiful, lovely Postcard quilt has been finished for a little while.  First you saw it as a flimsy for Sandra’s Postcard parade on April 18th.  Next, there was a sneak peek of the quilting as it was shared with us from Corner to Corner.

You also found out that we won a fabulous prize from Stitch Stash Diva – we could pick out a backing and binding for Postcard or select $75 worth of fabrics.

Stitch Stash

Finally, we shared that we were sewing on the binding and that it was completely sewn on.  I chose dark green because I have dark green blinds, but really no one will ever look at the binding!

Postcard binding

But NO final pictures.  There was a reason for that.  I wasn’t ready!  Who would have ever thought it would go together that quickly?  I had to get a new bed ruffle – the one I have does NOT match.  I had to make two pillow shams – my old ones would not do and I can’t go without. (My inspiration, Shannon, set a high bar for me!)

Revealing Postcard Reveal

So, I ordered a new bed ruffle from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  White eyelet that will match my curtains.  More HSTs were made and arranged for two pillow shams – no binding on them and no ruffles.  Here are a few details about the quilt:

  • Queen size – 88″ x 93″
  • Kona solids in 36 different colors on the top
  • Cortez in 104″ wide was used as backing
  • Glide Warm Grey 6 used for quilting
  • Aurifil 50wt for piecing
  • Quilting pattern used was Scribble

Pillow Sham Details

I needed two pillow shams to finish off the great looking quilt.  I’m not a fussy, ruffles type person, so just HSTs were needed with an zipper back.  Here’s a look at the zipper going in.  You know, it’s been ages since I put in a zipper but all my Home Ec experience came right back in a flash.  I even found my zipper foot after checking the manual to make sure I had the right one!  The leftover fabric backing from the quilt was used.

When I took the picture of the finished shams, I realized I had made a huge mistake.  It is obvious in the little photo above.  I forgot to quilt them.  Really.  How does that happen?  I got carried away in the process. Before you know it they were all sewn together without the quilting step.  I’m not pulling them apart, but there may be new shams sometime in the distant future.  I really can’t stand looking at them, but oh well.  Sherry at Powered By Quilting listened to my meltdown and offered a fabulous solution . . . so all may be well.  More later!

Postcard Pretties

Here’s a good look at the quilting and the backing – can you see why it’s called Cortez?  The geometrical pattern on it is fabulous and it is peach colored.

And at long last here is a shot of Postcard at home, on my bed, where it will live for many years to come.  It’s a dream come true!

Postcard Finished

I love my Postcard quilt!

I have ordered some eyelet white pillow shams to put underneath the Postcard shams.  The hope is that these may distract me from the colorful shams for now.  Thank you again, Sandra and Helen, for hosting the quilt along!  I’m so glad it was a smashing success. ~smile~


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19 Responses

  1. You have much to be proud of with the finish of your very special quilt. Thank you for sharing the updates along the way. It looks so amazing! 🙂

  2. quiltypatch says:

    What a beautiful quilt, very pretty with pillows too!

  3. Cocoa Quilts says:

    It turned out beautifully. How fun to pick out your backing and not have to pay for it!! Congratulations on a great finish.

  4. This is beyond a doubt stunning!

  5. Rochelle says:

    Thank you for the story of your quilt. I made the regular size and am thinking of another one (a king) as a gift. What size did you cut your triangles? This was a fun project and I wouldn’t mind doing it again just want it to be big enough.

  6. It’s awesome! I see why you love it, Congratulations 🙂 Teddy appears quite happy with the bedroom makeover as well. It is such a satisfying feeling to have new pretty things to go with your beautiful Postcard quilt! 😊

  7. Your Postcard quilt is just beautiful, Roseanne! Isn’t wonderful to sleep under a quilt you’ve made yourself?! Congratulations on your lovely finish!

  8. Jean says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!
    -Jean 💟

  9. Congrats! on a fabulous finish!!!

  10. Linda says:

    A wonderful quilt, so bright & pretty!

  11. Liz W. says:

    It is gorgeous! Those matching shams are too cute! You’ll have a very cheery summer 🙂

  12. Kathryn says:

    Lovely job and I love that quilting which makes a quilt so soft and warm! LOL at the forgetting to quilt the shams.

  13. From ‘flimsy’ to ‘finished’ – wonderful!

  14. Shannon Fleming says:

    What a beauty! Congratulations on your gigantic finish! It looks so wonderful on your bed.

  15. Mari says:

    Wow! Bright and cheerful! I laughed that you forgot to quilt the shams– sorry, but it sounds like something I would do. They look wonderful regardless! And your quilting is fabulous. Congratulations on finishing this wonderful set!

  16. chrisknits says:

    I wouldn’t have even noticed if you hadn’t said. I think it’s a wonderful ensemble as is! Great job and sweet dreams under you new bedding.

  17. Roseanne, this is a Kaleidoscope of beauty!! Isn’t it funny how a new quilt can require a room makeover? It certainly freshens everything up:). I’m excited to read about how Sherry helped you with the shams…..quilters are all such nice people:)❤️❤️❤️

  18. Vicki in MN says:

    What a beautiful matching set-congrats on the finishes. So sorry you forgot to quilt the shams, curious as to what the suggestion was from Sherry.

  19. Roseanne it’s beautiful,bright and cheery! You’ll be sleeping and waking up under a rainbow — how heavenly! Great job!

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