One Barbie Car Quilt Snowballed

Online shopping combined with Black Friday or after-BF sales is just too convenient. Don’t you think? Five 10″ packs were ordered from Missouri Star here, and four 10″ packs were ordered from Green Fairy Quilts. Before you know it things are getting a little crazy and out of hand with the stack of layer cakes. Four of those layer cakes have been pegged for new car quilts for our littles. One of these packs is inspired by a fan favorite named Barbie.

Everyone Needs a Car Quilt

It seems that babies can no longer wear anything warm when sitting in a car seat. No coat, no snowsuit, nothing. It has something to do with the harness not being tight enough should there be an accident. Alright. Well, then it is way past time that each one of our littles should have a car quilt. Heck. We need one, too, in each of our cars.

Sue got on board with great enthusiasm and started matching up two coordinating fabrics immediately. We want to use our Vicent’s Garden pattern (free) because it showcases the prints so nicely. Two simple cuts with the rotary cutter, after a detour for a new blade, and I was ready to sew. Forty-two blocks is a nice layout of 6 x 7, or so we thought. After getting all 42 Barbie blocks nearly together, we realized that the size would be too big. At 57″ x 66.5″, that is fairly large for a car quilt. Half the blocks at 38″ x 47.5″ seem to be a better size to tuck inside a car seat over the buckles.

Addison’s Car Quilt #1

Addison has a newly acquired love for Barbie. She is always carrying around a baby doll or three, fussing with their pacifier, feeding them, and rocking them. Barbie is different though. She has cool outfits and accessories. This is a retro pack of Barbie fabrics – think 1960s for sure. But Barbie is timeless! The ponytail and sunglasses still work. She’s the original one-name wonder, well before Cher, Madonna, and Beyonce. Who even knows Barbie’s last name or Ken’s for that matter? You gave her yours if you wanted or you called her B for short.

Here’s a little Barbie history for you. Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie was named after the inventor’s daughter, Barbara, and was introduced in 1959. Ken was also named after her son, Kenneth. Ken’s full name is Kenneth Sean Carson and was introduced in 1961. They are both from Willows, Wisconsin, where she attended high school. Willows is a fictional town/village/city – we don’t know its population. Barbie also had a younger sister named Skipper Madison Roberts. Skipper debuted in 1964 and was she was 10 years old. Finally, Margaret “Midge” Hadley Sherwood was launched as Barbie’s BFF in 1963. I had no idea Sue and I were both born in the Barbie heydays.

Best Laid Barbie Plans

Yeah. Following a pattern that I created should be a simple and easy process. Mindless, you might say. Two quick cuts to the fabric pieces, swap the pieces around, sew, and boom. You’re done. Yes, that is true. Except these fabric pieces are directional. You cannot just turn them willy-nilly. One must purposely sew each piece in the correct direction to match the pattern. Yeah. That didn’t happen. All 42 blocks were happily and quickly sewn together in a few short hours.

Several (three!!) layouts were tried for the first quilt. Sue, Gamma, and I spent a good portion of an evening working out the best one. You would think our lives depended on getting the colors and patterns separated as much as we could. Layout #3 is the winner. I sewed it together and that’s when I noticed that I had sewed most of the blocks incorrectly. What? The? Heck? Jack the ripper came out on two blocks and then I realized that was a complete waste of time. Note to self – think about the direction of the fabric and how the blocks should be sewn together BEFORE you’ve sewn all of them. Yup. Next time.

Two Barbie Car Quilts

Around that same time, it became crystal clear that two car quilts could be made from Barbie fabrics. That’s perfect as Gamma really wants one for her car, too. That meant another layout session and this time it was totally up to Gamma and Addison.

Once the girls were finished working on their perfect layout, I picked them up by each row. Sewing, again, was a breeze. Two Barbie quilt tops were now awaiting their backing to arrive. A nice warm fleece was chosen to match the colors and sentiment these quilts will hold.

Hearts and Barbie

Once the fleece finally arrived, we reaffirmed our choice. Hearts and Barbie in similar colors is a pairing match made in heaven. However, quilting math got us again. Somehow 38″ + 38″ = 56″. Umm. No, that is not correct by a mere 20″. Not only did we have to wait forever for the backing to arrive, but then we hadn’t ordered enough. Good grief.

They are cute backings, though, aren’t they? Gray hearts for Addison, Dinos for Chase, I Woof You for Colt, and Construction trucks for Dominic. Gamma didn’t get the gray hearts like Addi but instead has a black Buffalo plaid. They are all so soft, and even more so after washing and drying.

We got that gray with multicolored hearts fleece layered in no time. As you can see, I went with heart shapes and loops for the quilting motif on ALL of the car quilts. That simple and quick quilting design helped with the speed at which all five car quilts were completed!

Beyond Barbie to the Hot Wheels, the Farm, and Thomas the Train

While these car quilts started out as Drop Everything and Make It (DrEAMi) projects, that was not meant to be. Shipping delays foiled the best of plans, but that’s okay. Sue and I had fun laying out the Hot Wheels blocks by ourselves, with just a few minor adjustments.

I actually managed to follow the pattern and keep the directional fabrics in order. Next, we went out to the farm for some sweet animal fun for Colt.

The piggy and cow peeking over the edges of the fabrics are just too darn cute! The layout came together without much ado, which left time for the final car quilt. Thomas the Train for Chase has lots of blue in it!

Five Car Quilts . . . Just Like That!

All that’s left are the reveals! First is Addison with her Barbie car quilt #1. Colt was dying to step on Addison’s quilt, so those are his yellow Batman-clad feet.

Up next is Dominic and his Hot Wheels car quilt. He didn’t really want to pose for a picture – what’s up with that?!! I got one anyway.

Colt got away from us with his car quilt sans photos, darn it. The layout is shared above – I didn’t make any swaps while sewing it for a change. Chase was too busy eating to pose with his Thomas the Train quilt. We had chips, you know.

Gamma was under the weather for the distribution of the car quilts. Addison got to pick which quilt was for her and which was for Gamma. I think she made a wise decision! Gamma will get her Barbie car quilt later this week.

Now to figure out what to do with those other layer cakes . . . ~smile~

♥ ♥ ♥

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16 Responses

  1. What a terrific post Roseanne! I grinned all the way through! I LOVE that Buffalo plaid on the back of Gamma’s. This looks like a great pattern for one of my H2H quilts this year, so as soon as I’m done writing my comment you know where I’m heading to bookmark it. Now I know I sound like my MIL, but sheesh, they sure keep changing the rules where babies and kids are concerned. I know, I know, safety is paramount, but hello, we get real winter in some parts of North America and to sit a baby in a freezing cold carseat at -25 or lower and then put a blanket or snowsuit on top of them? I don’t get it. You must link this up for the January DrEAMi – FIVE quilts, oh my! PS I, too was born in the Barbie heydays. I ended up giving all my stuff, even the real deal Barbie clothes armoire, to Goodwill. Neither daughter wanted any of it.

  2. Susan says:

    Those are great! I’m not crazy about sewing with fleece, but I surely do like one either under my stack of quilts or on top of it at night! That stuff is warm! Perfect for your winter climate.

  3. Wow! Roseanne I’m blown away by all the love and just too much cuteness in this post! 5 car quilts to cuddle your sweet littles is quite the job. I giggled when I read this post thinking of my smart Alec granddaughter when she informed me of the facts that “no one uses crib quilts, they use sleep sacks” and “jackets can’t be worn in car seats Nana” in the you’re older than dirt tone of voice she reserves for only me! 😃. Love the quilting on these. I often use fleece instead of batting and backing for throw or charity quilts. It’s just so nice and cuddly.

  4. Helen says:

    I love that your little one is actually helping with the process of her quilt. How special.

  5. Linda says:

    What a great idea – a car quilt! (Reminds me that I used to wear what we called “car coats”) They turned out so cute and a quilt for Gamma was a bonus. Love the photos – I chuckled my way through your post! 😀 “I Woof You” – LOL!

  6. Karla says:

    You’ve been busy! Those car quilts are super cute and a great idea — I want one for me! Happy New Year!

  7. Aren’t those great?! Looks like the perfect pattern for a quick, warm, and cozy quilt, too. I didn’t know about kids not being able to wear coats in their carseats for safety – sounds like they definitely need these quilts! Nice finishes, Roseanne and Sue!

  8. Chrisknits says:

    Too cute!! I would make one for Squish, but she already has 3 quilts that were her Momma’s, and one of her own, so she doesn’t need another quilt for the car. LOL! But I am thinking her baby doll needs a quilt.

  9. Gail Sheppard says:

    Lots of quilty goodness in your post!!! I’m sure each of the littles (and their parents) will appreciate the beautiful and thoughtful quilts you & Sue are making!
    The other layer cakes can wait until the perfect opportunity cries out for them! HUGS!

  10. Preeti says:

    I agree that everyone needs a car quilt, in addition to the “TV watching” quilt, “office is too cold quilt”, and “coffee on the patio” quilt. Please note that fabric scraps in ziplock bags received from the guild meeting sitting in the trunk of the car do not count. The car can be a cold and impersonal place with generic seats and everything. It i snot like you can hang curtains to give it a homely feel. Kudos to you, car quilts will achieve the homely coziness!!! Happy 2023 to you.

  11. Nanette Chopin Cook says:

    You have been a busy bee and I love the little quilts! Add a few more blocks and it would make a great lap quilt for those in Nursing Homes…… Hum… oops – gotta get with the hand work! Hugs

  12. Rochelle Summers says:

    Wow! You and Sue with a little help from others really hit it out of the park!! So interesting to read the “Barbie” history. All my friends had Barbies but my mom was totally opposed!! And I lived to tell about it! Times have changed since I was a kid with NO car seat. Mine had car seats after a fashion…not like today’s. I had to get help installing the grands car seats because it was hard to get them in tight enough. Now, no littles. Congrats on a job well done! And a great pattern to.

  13. Laura says:

    Those car quilts are all so cute! Great idea, and I bet they will be well loved! 🙂

  14. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Love these car quilts! Oh, and the new rules for raising kids and keeping them safe keep on coming. You really knocked these out of the park … and the simple patterns are best when they will get used as much as they will.

  15. Wendy says:

    Oh fer cute! I’m glad the littles will be kept warm in the car and in style, no less! So many cute fabrics! I’ll be watching to see what other fun things come from the rest of those layer cakes!

  16. Vicki in MN says:

    They are all so perfect, and built with love! I am so glad that your sewing mojo is back! Never hurts to have a pack/s of layer cakes left for when you need a quick quilt! Happy New Year!

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