Evening Star Finish – A Long Journey & OMG

Happy Happy Memorial Day to each of your celebrating in the United States today!  Thank you to all of our service men and women and their families supporting them.

We are so thrilled and happy to share a finish with you today of our Evening Star quilt.  It has been a long journey for this quilt, as it started years ago with the center nine-patch blocks.  We started making one extra nine-patch block from each baby quilt we made as that was our go-to pattern.  There are lots of polka dot fabrics in a variety of colors but many are gender neutral because often times we didn’t know the outcome before the gift.

Evening Star Beginnings

We shared the tutorial for the Evening Star pattern/block back in September 2017.  As soon as I saw the center of that block, I knew this was a quilt we had to make.  We had a stack of nine-patches just awaiting a project just like this!  Here is the initial test layout without any thought for the star fabrics yet:

Evening Star

We knew we had to pick some fabrics that would complement each of these fabrics yet shine on their own.  A road trip ensued where after a few choices we settled on this blue and white combination.  Of course, I would not buy enough of the blue fabric causing a delayed quilt top finish (!!).

A Star Was Born


Once the fabrics were chosen this quilt top went together quickly.  Too quickly actually, because then it languished for several months while I deliberated on how to quilt it.  I definitely have quilter’s paralysis when it comes to knowing how to quilt something.  Fortunately, I follow several different quilting blogs and I found inspiration from Cindy.  I shared more details in this post about our Fluffer Nutter table runner finish but Cindy’s quilting gave me a lightbulb moment for sure.  Finally I had a mental plan, gave it a try on the smaller project fairly successfully, and could put it into action.  Our May OMG goal was born and I had to finish it this month!

Evening Star Finish, OMG and a UFO too!

This quilt also made it on to our UFO/PHD list (Gail is hosting) as a contender that had to wrapped up this year.  I had my doubts about it in January, but thankfully those doubts are now behind us.  It did take me a long time to quilt it using a straight ruler.  I did triangles in the star points, squares in the nine-patch pieces, and wide straight lines in the secondary squares and diamonds in blue. 

For the border, I chose a simple piano key stitch that went really quickly to finish it off and a matching binding wrapped it all up.

I am linking this post with the May OMG finish linky party over at Patty’s Elm Street Quilts.  I’m not sure where this quilt will land now that it’s all complete – I don’t want to part with all the fun memories associated with the colorful centers.  We’ll see!

Our Linky Parties can be found by clicking the link for more quilting fun or in the sidebar of our website – check out what our friends are up to.  Like/follow us on our Facebook page and share your latest project with us.  We love to see them.  ~smile~


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17 Responses

  1. What a great idea to make this star quilt with center nine-patches from other quilts. I love that idea! And that piano key quilting is awesome!!! Take care, Mary.

  2. Deana says:

    Yay! You finished your One Monthly Goal and it is wonderful! I did not finish mine, but I did have a finish so I am pleased.

  3. I’m so glad I could indirectly help you with your quilting. ♥️

  4. Dawn Tornes says:

    Congratulations on your finish! I really like the scrappy stars centers and the blue background and white star points. It came together beautifully!

  5. Your quilting looks great!. Love the polka dots.

  6. Vicki in MN says:

    And who says you can’t keep this quilt for yourself. It is so fun and the polka dot backing is perfect! You did an awesome job on the quilting;) Congrats on the finish!

  7. Fantastic finishes!

  8. maggie says:

    wonderful quilt and fabrics:)

  9. Beautiful quilt. I love the idea of the center 9 patches with the stars.

  10. Carol S. says:

    The blue is perfect for this…love it and the polka dot backing, too!

  11. chrisknits says:

    The blue and white was the perfect choice!! Adorable.

  12. I don’t think your quilt needs to go anywhere except with you….it is so cool that there are so many memories attached to it. Star blocks are fun and one of my favs. I like how you have nine patches in the center of yours. Thanks for sharing on MCM!

  13. Patty says:

    A wonderful quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  14. Maybe the quilt just needs to land on a nice chair in your living room, or patio. Or, maybe it needs to go on a picnic with you! Or maybe it just needs to be gracing the end of your bed. Hmmm. At any rate, it’s a pretty quilt!

  15. Shannon Fleming says:

    Love the colors in your quilt. It’s beautiful!

  16. Barbara Esposito, @The Quilted B says:

    Wow! I love this quilt. The blue was a perfect choice – I love how it pops and creates the secondary pattern (don’t I sound all full of quilty knowledge? Hahaha). And the quilting is perfect, You are far more patient than I when it comes to the quilting part. Was it done on a long arm or domestic machine?

  17. Happy Memorial Day!! The evening star quilt is beautiful – You and Sue did a great job!

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