To-Do Tuesday #39 & Monday Musing

Two of our friends host a weekly linky party. Brenda at Songbird Designs has a Monday linky party called Monday Musings. Our friend Carol at Quilt Schmidt hosts To-Do Tuesday with a linky party as well. We will share our weekly updates on both of their websites.

Walk Challenge Update:

My goal is 10,500 steps a day, and *20-30 minutes of yoga. How did I do last week?

  • 2/18 = 11,732*
  • 2/19 = 11,727*
  • 2/20 = 12,641*
  • 2/21 = 11,170*
  • 2/22 = 11,392*
  • 2/23 = 11,884*
  • 2/24 = 11,388*

Coming Up:

We will be a participant for the first time in the 2024 Villa Rosa Designs blog hop on March 15th. Running from March 14 through 21, it’s called Fast & More Fun Blog Hop. VRD has all of its designs on a postcard and they cost only $2 each. New designs are being released just for the hop and our day will be March 15th. Here’s the sneaky peak I’ll leave you with as there’s just two and a half weeks to go.

To-Do for last week:

  1. Neighborhood cottage table runners – making two of them
  2. One limit list for a stress-free week

To-Do #1

Adhering to the Master List is something Sue is diligent about while I am struggling with it a bit. It turns out that two years ago, we made a Cottages table runner for Janice/Sissy. I am on board for making another table runner or two – these are fun to design. I like to imagine living in one of the cottages and thinking who my neighbors might be. Hopefully, they’re not night owls since I awake at 4 a.m. like clockwork. Old habits die hard!

Anyhow, back to the point. There was one . . . oh, yeah. I want to make something special for Mother’s Day. A wall hanging or a garden flag or something like that. Any suggestions? It’s not on the Master List (yet) so Sue will need to give me the go-ahead. Any suggestions are welcome – lay them on me! What would you like as a Mother’s Day present?

What To-Do Next Week?

  1. Sew the two Neighborhood table runners
  2. Sew the HRT rows together – yes, this project will be resumed
  3. Only two – no stress

♥ ♥ ♥

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7 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    I need to get motivated on getting my steps in again. You’ve done so well on that front. I hear you on the old habits die hard. I still get up at 4:30 most mornings. We did that for so long, that even now that I’m retired, it’s not been easy to sleep longer unless I’m sick. Good luck with your new projects for this week. Wish I had a Sue that would keep me on my master list!

  2. Chrisknits says:

    I have no ideas, sorry! But I will cheer for whatever you decided to do!! LOL

  3. A small wall hanging or mug rug or covered notebook would be great Mother’s Day presents!! The houses look good! Have a fun week. Sorry, I still can’t write a blog post. UGH!

  4. Cheree Hull says:

    I always like the idea of making a little garden flag for by our front steps but I know the elements would just destroy it. I keep thinking I’ll do it anyway–out of scraps or whatever and if it lasts a month, so be it but so far, I’ve not done that. Maybe porch pillows would be safer. Actually, maybe putting a ton of scotch-guard on the flag would help? How’s the blog hop project coming along? I’m quilting mine up today but I still need to decide if I want to do a second one…

  5. Wendy says:

    Those little houses are cute, and I’ll bet they go together quickly. As to the Mother’s Day project, I’d suggest any of Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting banners. They are quick and easy to make!

  6. Rochelle Summers says:

    Well, Mother’s Day, Hmmm. A cool rug mug would be nice, I think. I can see that you are trying to escape the structure of the “master list”. Don’t worry about the 4AM wake up call. Either you’ll “outgrow” it or you won’t. I’ve moved from 5AM to 6:30, with only a small amount of guilt. And I can squash that in nothing flat! (Grin!!) Meanwhile, sewing houses seems to be the order of the day for you. Attaching binding is mine. Hugs.

  7. Those neighborhood houses look inviting – and quicker to sew up than a ‘schoolhouse’ block. I say that because I’ve been attracted to the latter for decades but never wanted to commit! HA! Yes, those neighborhood houses blocks could just scratch that itch! Especially in a red/white or blue/white traditional color scheme…hmmm. How large are you making the squares/rectangles?

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