To-Do Tuesday #25 & Monday Musing

Two of our friends host a weekly linky party. Brenda at Songbird Designs has a Monday linky party called Monday Musings. Our friend Carol at Quilt Schmidt hosts To-Do Tuesday with a linky party as well. We will share our weekly updates on both of their websites.

Countdown and Walk Challenge Update:

There are only 63 days to go in 2023! My walking stats for last week with a goal of 10,500/day:

  • 10/23 = 10,938
  • 10/24 = 10,863
  • 10/25 = 10,034
  • 10/26 = 12,268
  • 10/27 = 10,923
  • 10/28 = 12,768
  • 10/29 = 11,153

To-Do for last week:

  1. Continue working on the Wisconsin Badgers t-shirt projects
  2. Two limit list for a stress-free week

To-Do #1

The Wisconsin Badgers hexagon table topper is complete but not yet quilted. The center is from a t-shirt as is the black border. The final outside border consists of WB logo fabric in cotton. We may use that same fabric as the backing but first, we need to determine what to use for a regular table runner. We actually have enough t-shirts to make three table runners . . . they are all complete, too, but I forgot to take a photo. We’ll share more once they’ve been quilted.

We’ll try and find a good backing for this piece, as the Wisconsin Badgers fabric is just enough for the three table runners. It might just end up being a plain old nothing-special fabric.

What To-Do Next Week?

  1. Find a new project – nothing is catching my interest lately
  2. Maybe nothing – no stress!

Do you have any suggestions for a new project? With only a few weeks left in 2023, is it too late to make some holiday things to list in our Etsy shop? Who knows what might sell – I definitely do not have a handle on that!!

♥ ♥ ♥

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8 Responses

  1. Yes, way to go on the steps! I feel like every step counts or moves me forward literally and figuratively. How neat to make that particular quilt. I know football is huge your way…hockey is the thing here. Pinterest might have some ideas for what sells or you could check out other Etsy sellers maybe to see what they are moving this time of year. Maybe smaller items like quilted Christmas ornaments which could have the year on them. Folks like that. Good luck you two!

  2. Way to go on your steps. The Badger table topper looks great! You are moving right along with the Etsy shop! Have fun. Make some holiday things now!! Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings.

  3. Gail Sheppard says:

    You’re doing awesome with your steps!!! Keep it up!

  4. Cheree Hull says:

    You’re doing very well on the steps! I’m falling off with no golf weather these days but hopefully it’ll warm back up soon.
    On the Etsy, heck yes go ahead especially before Thanksgiving/Black Friday. But you might consider making more winter-themed than specifically Christmas after that. And also consider maybe something in red & white which can be used for Christmas AND Valentine’s Day. Another thought is to make things you could actually gift if they don’t sell. Just some ideas I’ve had.

  5. Kathleen McCormick says:

    I bet you will find a new project. Finally have a few quiet days here, so walking will become a priority when the rain slows … tomorrow I think. I definitely keep closing my rings, but I need to up the steps a bit!

  6. Rochelle Summers says:

    Fantastic table topper. Three runners!! You are really moving on. I’m sure you’ll find the right backing for that table topper. Good job on keeping up the steps, too. I like that you are keeping your list low key….stress is a killer and we want you around for a long time to come. Hugs!! And a smile.

  7. Your Wisconsin topper is fun! Are you making them as a special request or for your shop? Either way I think they will be popular! One Saturday last fall, Mike was watching a Wisconsin football game, and at some point the entire stands started doing the Jump Around thing they do. I had never seen anything like it, but it looked like fun!

  8. Vicki in MN says:

    I say hurry up and make a holiday thing and get it listed girl!!! You just never know!

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