Potential Squirrels – Not This Month Though – Maybe

Flippin HOT

Lest you think we are being baby babies here, this was the temperature after spending the day with our sweet little ones yesterday.  I never in all my born days have heard of an 80 DEW POINT in Wisconsin.  We are not the tropics – we are not in Texas or near the equator – we are in a NORTHERN state.  Good flippin’ grief.  It is hot and drippy just blinking.  Okay, I don’t feel any cooler saying all of that but it just needed to be said.  I’m supposed to be talking about potential squirrels.  Oh yeah.

Potential Squirrel #1

Vicki at Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting shared this cute and adorable table topper this week during a Christmas blog hop.  I love all things Christmas so I was thrilled to pop around the hop, so to speak.  Vicki shared a tutorial on how to make this table topper as well, and I just knew I wanted to drop everything darn thing and make it right this minute.  NOW!

Next squirrel - Vicki

Picture courtesy of Vicki!

Since the opening photo is fact, not fiction, there is no way in H this squirrel is happening yesterday, today or tomorrow.  Even though it would interrupt the cutest quilt ever for a sweet girl (Cind-erella – Her Carriage Awaits Update), we would still be squirreling it if we could.  I showed the photo to Sue and said how of these do you think we need to make?  She said a dozen.  WHAT??!!??  I was thinking six but then she started naming some people who would definitely like it.  No squirrel for 27th and Sandra’s linkup party but not for lack of inspiration . . .

Potential Squirrel #2

After spending a fabulous day with the littles, we can home to sweat read email.  I had a new message from Patty at Elm Street Quilts, so I happily checked it out.  And then I saw this photo and thought holy moly.

Another squirrel - Elm Street

Photo courtesy of Patty at Elm Street Quilts

Dare I inspire to have ANOTHER, and a second squirrel for this month?  I showed this photo to Sue and asked if she liked it.  Of course, she did – why wouldn’t she?!!  It just happens to be one-fourth of the Fizzy block we are making for the beehive group this month.  The one I don’t have finished yet because the sewing room is too . . . say it with me . . . HOT.  I’m like shoot – we have the template right here – we have oodles of fabric – we could easily get a quilt top ready in just an hour or two.  Right??!  I could just suck it up and lose a few pounds while sewing in there.  Or not.  Not this weekend, that’s for sure.  But the weather is supposed to break . . . so there is still a sliver of hope for one of these by the 27th.  I’m not holding my breath though, and don’t hold yours either.  These are potential squirrel wanna-bees for us and they’ll be brewing/stewing a while longer.


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19 Responses

  1. Roseanne that heat and humidity is crazy! Funny but yesterday DH and I were just talking about how this has been the coolest July we can remember in years here in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. I did see those squirrels and added them to my To Do List (snowmen and Drunkards Path blocks = fun times) but can manage to avoid them right now as I have 5 quilt tops on my list for pattern testing plus my own projects already for the next month. 😄 Carol

  2. dezertsuz says:

    Two wonderful squirrels! I liked that top one when I saw it, too. I just love her snowmen! I have plenty of squirrels already running on wheels in my sewing room, though! LOL

  3. Broiling here too though today it feels balmy at what 80-something?! I do hope you get AC ASAP and can capture one of those squirrels… if not for the 27, then in August!

  4. Lisa J. says:

    Cute squirrels and no I am not going to do any of them. We have had similar tropical weather and I did spend a few hours sweating in the sewing room but no ironing. This morning has cooled down considerably….not sure about the rest of the day though and I would be doing the ironing but I can’t because my husband has his computer plugged into the outlet I need for the ironing board…small old house. Hope the weather breaks soon for all of us.

  5. Yep, it’s all about the humidity…even though dry heat is hot (hubby is from the desert in southern NM and I am a semi-native Coloradoan)…add the humidity and wowzer. It’s taken me several years living in the swamplands of SC to acclimate to where 50% humidity feels dry (humidity levels here can get to 80% easily and often)…HA! my family and friends (colorado and NM remember) think I’ve gone wacko.
    I feel for you as WI is not noted for the high temps PLUS humidity…and you’ve had zero time to get acclimated.
    TAKE CARE and stay hydrated even if you don’t think you need to drink anything, do it anyway.

  6. I saw the snowman topper the other day and added it to my list also! It’s been extra hot here also and crazy heavy storms — I’ve spent A LOT of time in my sewing room 🙂

  7. Love Squirrel #1. So cute. Weather is equally Sucky here. Temp 95, heat index 106. Crazy stuff. Have not been outdoors all day.

  8. I saw Patty’s unique take on curves with color gradients a couple days ago, and I was also tempted to do a little squirreling myself! But I was able to resist temptation—this time! Sending cooling vibes your way! Mary

  9. chrisknits says:

    My squirrel was quick and easy. A preemie hat just jumped on my needles. But there’s a sewing project that is nattering at my brain, but with not many days left in July, at home for me, I just can’t see it getting made. Off to Florida on Monday!!!

  10. quiltinggail says:

    Oh Roseanne – you’re a bad influence on me!!! I am trying really really really hard to avoid squirrels! I have way to many other things to do!!!
    However, I couldn’t resist going to the link for the hexigon snowman!!! That is SEW CUTE!!! Oh yes it is!!!
    So far, I have resisted … and it’s been all of maybe two minutes!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  11. Gretchen says:

    They both lovely squirrels and squirrels need a good home. I know it’s hot and humid but I’ve got to say it. I love summer so much better than winter!!!!!!!!! I did google to see if sweating while sitting burned calories, sadly the answer was no. Happy Stitching!

  12. Hello Roseanne, Alright quilting friends, everyone get your laughing “panties” on because you all have so lost me with this Squirrel thing!!! I come here, Roseanne, expecting to see little applique pictures of the fluffy tailed cute critters that I just love and no…….I just get more and more confused. So tell me Roseanne, what are you talking about? LOL with my lmaoff “panties” on LOL I do see why you want to make both of these quilt projects though. Have a blast creating 12 of the table runners. Plus, the quilt would be a delight to create in any color way so definitely have fun when you get ready to make it also. Sorry that it is far to hot to do any sewing. I will gladly sew a few blocks for you as I am sewing today! I hope that will help. Probably not, but the thought is honestly sincere. Have a great day no matter how you end up spending it!

  13. Rochelle Summers says:

    You are a saint to even blog in this heat. At least we have a “dry” heat here in No. Nevada. I like both of those squirrels…I think an assembly line for the table topper and you’d have it done in no time!

  14. Yikes! 80 dewpoint is a little over the top. We are having 2 very hot days in Maine, but it will pass quickly and I will be in the sewing room with the AC. No squirrels for me but I will enjoy yours vicariously!

  15. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    It is so hard to not be distracted by adorable projects like these, hey Roseanne?? It is terribly hot and disgustingly humid here in CT (worse than usual for certain) and we have no central air so I feel your pain! Thanks – two more things to add to my ever growing list of Oh Snap I Gotta Make This Too List. Sending cool thoughts your way!

  16. Vicki in MN says:

    We were on vacay this past week so I have lots of reading to catch up on and emails! BUT you just made my day seeing that you love my topper so much! You really could get this squirrel done easily by the end of the month!! I need to re-photograph it and get it listed. People are buying Christmas/winter already. Working on a 122″ red and green runner now. Just Wendy said about the weather here too, flash flood warnings.

  17. We have some major fireworks going on here as I type this, and it’s black as pitch outside. Anyway, you definitely need to whip up a bunch or two of those snowmen! And that quilt from Em — oh, I really shouldn’t have looked at that. Now that little squirrel has his foot in the door (just his foot, thankfully, so this quilt will go on my list). Yep, it was a hot one yesterday, but it was chilly cool in my quilt room!

  18. Dawn says:

    I don’t particularly like squirrels, but both of those are very cute! 😉

  19. Laura says:

    I am trying my best to avoid squirrels. Well…maybe not my best; I am on the internet after all. Ha, ha!

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