Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking from Scratch

Back in the day, we owned a cross stitch shop and we stocked these Charles Craft stockings:

Stocking to Recreate

Green Stocking

Of course, now they don’t make them any longer or if they do we can’t find them.  At the time we made several members of our family these stockings, most notably Sue’s sister’s family.  Sue’s niece is now grown and married.  She has her old stocking and her husband has one that was her dad’s.  Enter Dominic and we are scrambling to create a stocking that looks similar to this one.


These stocking used to come in two colors, so we assigned red for the girls and green for the boys.  We will be visiting a few fabric shops to find a green swiss dot fabric that matches.  That is just too darn hard to accomplish online when you want to match colors.  We will need to add the cross stitch cuff as well – Sue will have to work on the perfect design for this little boy.


I’m thinking while I’m making one stocking I should really make a few – in both green and red.  Hopefully there will be a sibling or two for Dominic, and if not, we can always give them away for a craft fair or whatnot.  So wish us luck finding the appropriate fabrics for these.


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10 Responses

  1. Deann Lehouillier says:

    Do you make them or sell the pattern?

  2. Pat Pepper says:

    Do u have this Charles Craft dotted Swiss Christmas stocking in stock? If so how much?

  3. Jill Brekkestran says:

    I have been able to find a few of these stockings on eBay occasionally, but they can be expensive. The red or green ones are now selling for about $75 each! They do come in other fabric prints, those are selling for about $35 each. I buy a few whenever I find them for a reasonable price, but thatst getting harder and harder as the years go by, and the stocking become a rare find. I also found a few at a local thrift store….so, there are still some around, just got to keep looking for them.

  4. Penny says:

    I am looking for a pattern for making the cuff for the Christmas Stocking Does anyone know where I might find a pattern or even the whole stocking and cuff pattern?

  5. It is really hard to coordinate colors on-line. How sad that you would have to go shopping at a fabric store (ha, ha, more like how awesome)! I hope you were successful! 😊

  6. Carol says:

    You and Sue made me mine and I, in turn made one for Ken and then the boys, but they have ones that were in cute Christmas fabric,,,is that an option?

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Carol! We will be searching for some appropriate fabric yet this week and maybe this weekend. Maybe you will help? I imagine you are going to have to make one or two more yourself, real soon. ~smile~ Roseanne

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