Change of Heart – Do Small Things 11.5

We jumped into the current Project Quilting 11.5 challenge with both feet and only a day to finish it off.  At first, I rationalized that we didn’t have time to make a whole quilt in a week, no matter the size.  After Kim Lapacek left me a comment that the quilt didn’t need to be a large for the Do Small Things With Great Love challenge.  That led to a change of heart and thus we are making a doll quilt.

A Small Thing For A Doll Like Me

As I mentioned on Friday, it’s been a while since we did our last doll quilts for A Doll Like Me.

Sent back in 2018, here are the first three we made.  Since the deadline was Sunday at noon, I thought copying option #3 was best along with the orange peel FMQ pattern.  I wasn’t sure about the border . . . do we have something to pull everything together nicely?

Small Things Start

First, I had to find my stash of 2.5″ squares.  Since I have taken charge of them I house them in a clear tote. Previously trimmed scraps have mysteriously disappeared, never to be found again.  I’ve been a bit remiss at adding to them, although I have a stack of scraps to cut down in my spare time.  I need to schedule some ‘spare time’ for that task!  How many do I have . . . do they play nicely together??

Small doll pieces

A doll quilt should be approximately 21″ x 24″.  That would require approximately 120 of the 2.5″ squares.  That would be enough for ten rows by 12 columns – doesn’t that sound like a lot of squares?!  Instead, perhaps two rows/columns would be replaced with the addition of borders.  That would mean only 80 – 2.5″ squares would be needed.  Ahh yes, I think we’ll find a border for sure!

Small Yet Great Love

Here the doll quilt is altogether in no time using just the 80 pieces.  Sue found me a nifty border fabric in a pretty grass green featuring farm animals.

A basketball-themed Defense fabric for the backing was chosen and the piece was layered in no time.  As mentioned earlier, I chose an easy orange peel quilting design to quickly get this finished.

Doing Small Thing With Great Love

We adore the whole concept of this challenge and are happy that in the end, we played along.  Sue tacked down the binding for me – she’s much quicker than I am. 

Small Doll Quilt

We’ll be sending this along to A Doll Like Me shortly.  For today, we’re linking up on the PQ 11.5 challenge link up with great pleasure.



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12 Responses

  1. Susan Nixon says:

    That’s a great quilt for the project! It didn’t take you long at all.

  2. Way to jump into the Project QUILTING challenge!! Some little person will LOVE your gift.

  3. chrisknits says:

    You gals are phenomenal! Taking on challenges and delivering on them. Kudos!

  4. What a sweet quilt. So glad you got to play along in the Challenge. I was teaching yesterday so didn’t get my project finished on time. That’s okay they didn’t need it until the end of the month for the fundraiser! It will be a squirrel finish; just later! 😄 Carol

  5. quiltinggail says:

    You made that in time! Well done! And so cute! A perfect gift!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  6. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne and Sue, This is an adorable Doll Quilt! What a wonderful way to use up scraps and small pieces of batting and fabrics! I am glad that you shared this great quilt project with us. Have a fantastic day!

  7. You made it! It is super cute. You always make things with great love, so this was just your thing.

  8. Kim Lapacek says:

    This is wonderful! I’m SO glad you found time this week 😉

  9. Laura says:

    I clicked on your link, and how fun to read that the challenge was about giving! I am enjoying looking at all of the link ups and the small projects to give. Beautiful! 🙂

  10. Doll quilts are so fun! Glad you whipped it up in no time…

  11. karenfae says:

    cute and quick – I think I have only ever made 2-3 in my life!

  12. Kate says:

    That was quick! A very cute little doll quilt.

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