April OMG Finished – Second Animal Panel Quilt

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11 Responses

  1. Super cute quilt!!! Congrats on finishing your goal!

  2. Brenda~Songbird Designs says:

    That is such a sweet little quilt! Congrats on the two-fer!

  3. Roseanne — its adorable! Congratulations on another finish!

  4. Patty says:

    Very sweet quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  5. Roseanne this is so cute. I bet you won’t have any trouble selling it. 😊

  6. Kathryn says:

    Great job. I like the backing and really it is a double sided quilt isn’t it. Can go either way so fabulous.

  7. Rebecca Grace says:

    Those panel quilts are darling! Congratulations on reaching those goals!

  8. chrisknits says:

    It is adorable! It will make some little one a great learning blanket.

  9. Shannon Fleming says:

    Love this quilt back! Who can’t resist crossing two things off the list at one time – great job!

  10. Nice finishes with cute panels!

  11. Vicki in MN says:

    Another great finish-you go girl!! I love this panel so I can see why you picked up 2, even if you thought they were different, LOL

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