Apple Table Runner Complete

I have the sore finger to prove that the binding has been hand sewn, and is complete!  YAY!  The cutter project (see previous posts here and here if you would like to read about why it is called a cutter – that’s first grade lingo for sure!) is done and is on the island.


The pattern we used is from Kim Schaefer’s Calendar Runners which you can see by clicking on her name.  This is the September pattern.  Sue and her coworkers formed a quilting group called the Runner Aways, and they plan on making a table runner for each month of the year.  I got involved for the appliqué and the quilting.



Apple Table Runner


Since the runner is so long (20.5″ x 64.5″)  it was hard to get a good photo of the completed project.  I also took a couple of close up shots to give you a good idea of how it looks:



Once the other two members of the Runner Aways finish their table runners I would like to share a picture of all three of them together – including the respective owner!  I hope you have enjoyed seeing this, and we have inspired you to start your own table runner.  ~smile~


I’m sharing this post on a couple other websites: Busy Hands QuiltsCrazy Mom Quilts and Busy Hands Quilts.  Check them out!


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5 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    I really like the ABCs on the border! I am usually not a fan of runners, but this one really a-peels 🙂

  2. Patricia says:

    Your runner is so precious! I love it – and understand about sore fingers! The colors you chose are so warm and inviting!

    • says:

      Thanks Patricia! It does look inviting to me – I love bright colors, and the island is a very dark green so it’s a nice showcase for them ~smile~

  1. April 14, 2017

    […]  If was fun to see them finished and how colorful they all are!  Here is a link to our finished September apple table runner […]

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