GK Table Runner Finished!

Yeehaw!  Five of the Grandma’s Kitchen QAL blocks have been combined into a table runner.  They were the 10″ blocks from Pat Sloan’s quilt-along.  Instead of adding to the blocks to match the other 12″ blocks, we decided to embrace and enjoy them as they were.


Here is the table runner prior to quilting.  This photo shows the five 10″ blocks:  Peppermint Swirl, Pantry Goods, Grandma’s Apron, Wash Day, and Small Change.  We surrounded each 10″ block with a 2″ white sashing and a 2″ navy border.

Table Runner Quilting

I really had a good time using some different techniques on this table runner.  Since it was small, it was a good opportunity to try some new thing.  The Peppermint Swirl block absolutely reminds me of my mom – she ALWAYS had these in the house and in her pocket.  To quilt these I could only imagine a spiral in each piece surrounded by a little echoing:

For Grandma’s Apron, I did some additional echoing.  For the different colored sashing surrounding the apron, I chose a simple straight stitch.

GK Center Block

On the Wash Day block, I stitched each navy blade with straight line stitching in alternating directions.  I added a few triangles in the beige blades, and most impressively for me was that I was able to quilt it in one continuous movement.  Thanks for the encouragement – you know who you are! ~smile~

Wash Day

Lastly, for both Pantry Goods and Small Change, I took Pat Sloan’s advice and did a simple straight-line stitching spaced approximately 1/2″ apart.  You can see a small portion on the Change block below.

Ruler Cable2

Table Runner Sashing/Border Quilting

In the picture above, you can see the cable ruler work I stitched between each block.  I also repeated the same pattern along the length of the table runner.

Ruler Alignment

After the white sashing was filled with the cable stitching, I chose a chevron in the navy border.  Once that was complete, we added the binding and stitched it down by hand.  

Table or Bed Runner

The finished size of this table or bed runner is approximately 16.5″ x 60″.  We washed and dried the runner before taking these final photos.  It came out so nice and scrunchy and quilty.  Based on its size, it seems like this could also be a bed runner.



This last photo shows it being used as a bed runner across the foot of a kingsize bed.  I think we may have a few more runners in our near future.  I am happy to have a chance to practice some different quilting techniques.


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15 Responses

  1. It’s hard to know how to quilt something, but this seemed to speak to you rather plainly. I really love the circles and echoes on the peppermints! And clever to make it work as a bed runner as well. That is something I’ve not though of, but a terrific idea. The thought of taking a king size quilt off daily is not exciting for me–my husband can’t stand the heaviness to sleep under one, but a runner is doable for sure. Thanks so much for the inspiration, and congratulations on this sweet finish!

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Julie,
      Well aren’t you sweet to say this inspired you! YAY! I’d love to see what you make for yourself. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Kate says:

    Very pretty! I like all the different quilting motifs you used in finishing this one off. Congrats on a fabulous finish!

  3. Roseanne, Looks smashingly wonderful! Great use for the blocks and great opportunity to practice your nifty quilting techniques! All-in-all I give it a 10! 🙂

  4. they are so cute and your quilting is wonderful.

    • Roseanne says:

      Aww Lori, that is so darn sweet of you to say. I have a ways to go but I sure do enjoy the journey. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Kathryn says:

    It really is gorgeous and looks really good. Great idea to turn it into a bed runner and such a practical way to practise new skills too.

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Kathryn,
      I had such fun quilting all the blocks differently. I think there are a few more runners in our near future. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Shannon Fleming says:

    Love all the different quilting techniques you used on your table runner.

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Shannon,
      Oh, thanks so much! I have a long way to go to feel confident but that’s what practice is for. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Vicki in MN says:

    A wonderful finish for Friday-congrats. I can tell you were having fun stretching your wings on the quilting-good for you!!

    • Roseanne says:

      Aww, Vicki! Thanks so much! It means a lot coming from you. I need to keep on building my skill set. ~smile~ Roseanne

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