To-Do Tuesday #6 Weekly Update

Join us today for the weekly To-Do Tuesday (on the correct day!) list #6 and update. Linda hosts the To-Do Tuesday linky party and we thank you so much, Linda! Many of our friends join in and share their ongoing projects and recent finishes. Be sure to check it out.

Happy birthday in heaven, Violet Evelyn. She would have been 111 today but I enjoyed her until she was 99.5. Blessed! ♥ ♥ ♥

To-Do for last week:

  1. Enjoy the Little Mermaid play production with Addison and Dominic
  2. Buttonhole/appliqué one of the Easter toppers, maybe?!
  3. Two limit list for a stress-free week

To-Do #1

The Little Mermaid was so much fun! We kept the playbill for their memory books and the lady in front of us gave us two tickets to include as well. That’s the problem with ordering tickets online – no hard copies to reflect back upon. Prior to the show starting, we had time to get a picture with Addison and Dominic playing one of the instruments.

We all waited patiently for the play to begin. Addison thought she might want to watch from Auntie Sue’s lap but instead danced, sang, and enjoyed the view from Gamma’s. Dominic watched avidly and kept up a running commentary throughout, much to the delight of the ticket lady in front of us. She beamed at him several times. After the show, we picked up Chick-fil-A nuggets and had a picnic at our house. Good times!

To-Do #2

Nada as far as work on the Easter table toppers this week. We had a squirrel come chomping its way into the sewing room, and it bit us both hard. Ouch! A Barbie car quilt or two became a DrEAMi (drop everything and make it) moment. First, there was some cutting . . . then there was some sewing . . . and then, a little girl and Gamma worked very hard on a layout. Or two, actually.

A very special background has been ordered to complement these car quilts but it hasn’t arrived yet. It hasn’t even been shipped yet! Come on! Don’t they know that a DrEAMi project wants to be quilted right away, especially when the squirrel bites hard?! Never fear . . . we have more car quilts up our sleeves.

To-Do Stay-At-Home Round Robin

Not to be a nag (and I am), but the Stay-At-Home Round Robin 2023 is right around the corner. On Monday, January 16, the festivities begin. Six blogger friends will share the center blocks that we will build upon. Every Monday thereafter a different compadre will share their suggestion for the round along with tips and tricks. March 13th will be the final parade. There’ll be a weekly linky party. It’s nine quick weeks of round-robin fun. Our project is unique and involves light yellow and white. ~smile~ We hope you consider joining us.

To-Do for the week of December 13th through 19th:

  1. Lots of non-sewing things this week – holiday parties, caroling
  2. Low-stress limit back to one item!

♥ ♥ ♥

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12 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    Your time with Addison and Dominic looks priceless! Love the photos of them, so dear and sweet. I have my time coming up on Sunday and can’t wait! You’ve given me an idea about have Delaney help me with a layout on a little quilt – that would be a great introduction to sewing for her, plus it might get her Mom motivated to learn to sew. 😉 I have an interesting story about my yet-to-be-made block for the SAHRR, can’t wait to share it. Thank you for joining with us at To Do Tuesday!

  2. Chrisknits says:

    You need to nag me!! I haven’t even got a start on my center, but I do have my EQ8 plan set, if I don’t change it. LOL! Love the fun and projects, and general preciousness of your post!!

  3. Gail Sheppard says:

    Sounds like a very musical and fun time at the play!!!
    Love that a little gal is helping with the barbie car quilt!! Such fun!

  4. Carol Andrews says:

    Hi Roseanne Looks like the Mermaid show was a hit! Gotta dislike it when shipping slows our squirrels down!

  5. Oh what fun – the Little Mermaid and the Barbie quilt! Does the show you went to have the same songs as the movie? I’d be singing along, too! I keep trying to resist this year’s SAHRR, but I probably won’t be able to… Have a wonderful week, Roseanne!

  6. The Little Mermaid sounds like a heap of fun and memorable. Adorable laying out of Barbie top.

  7. Rochelle Summers says:

    What an exciting time at the show! Having kids the right age makes these events so much more cheerful. And the lady in front was the best seat mate!! Squirrels get us in trouble all the time! Seems like things are really slow to ship this year….maybe because we are all ordering more and staying out of stores. We had lots of rain on Saturday followed by 5 inches of snow that night. Everything froze and I stayed home. It is so pretty but so dangerous! Have a great week. Are you singing Little Mermaid songs all day?

  8. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Love seeing Addison working on her quilt! I hope the backing comes soon. You did great on goal #1 – what a fun time at the show you all had and afterwards too! Good luck with your week. Its noon and I have yet to start a blessed thing I need to do today. So I am finishing this and hopping to it!

  9. Wendy says:

    I’ll bet Addison is so excited to see that quilt finished! And the Mermaid show looks like a fun time for all! Have fun partying this week!

  10. Glad you all enjoyed the Little Mermaid play! Those car quilts sound interesting! Looking forward to seeing those! Have a fun week and thanks for linking up with Monday Musings!!

  11. Cheree Hull says:

    So glad you enjoyed the Little Mermaid–always my favorite one I think. (I can practically recite the Disney movie and sing all the songs!). I love your to-do list for the week! Have fun!!

  12. Vicki in MN says:

    Sounds like everyone had a grand time at the play. I am positive you will meet your goals this week:) I hope your backing fabric arrives soon!

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