Now What and What Else You Got?

It seems that Addison has picked up the phrase, Now What? She says it right before the end of her favorite Disney movie, Frozen. She looks at me quite earnestly, says Now What, and then waits for me to pick up the remote. I’m still watching the movie, I calmly tell her. And then, darned if the credits don’t start to roll. I guess she has watched it a few million more times than I so she knows when the end is near. Hmm. Yes indeed, sweet Addison, when you level me with that look – now what?

Now What Actually

Does it seem like sometimes there are just so many new tempting projects that you want to get right into, or is it just me? So many new tempting projects, so little time. There is a new EQ8 mystery quilt that I am playing along with. It just started on March 10th and it’s a skill builder or EQ8 refresher class of sorts. Kari from On Pointe Quilter is sending a video lesson on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for only eight sessions. I am quite pleased with myself that I’m keeping up with the lessons. There have been only two so far but three blocks.

All of them are . . . of course . . . paper piecing. But not too difficult ones at that – I might even attempt these blocks. I seem to recall reading that the finished size of all the blocks is only 11×14 so that you could frame the paper “quilt” instead of actually sewing it. This hasn’t been on my weekly to-do items because, well, frankly I forgot about it. I wonder how Mary, Chris, and Kathleen are doing??

What Else You Got?

Not to ignore another cute phrase that Dominic has pitched at me, which is, What Else You Got? I asked him if he wanted to watch Blue’s Clue? He told me, No . . . followed by What Else You Got? Well, geez. I stuttered that I only had Sesame Street to offer, which obviously is only for babies. I quickly found some Paw Patrol episodes to tape. We are well armed now for whatever we might need to offer for their viewing pleasure. Another quilt-along I would love to jump into is a Panel Challenge. Shelley at Prairie Moon Quilting is hosting a fun QAL. The rules are simple: pick a panel, turn it into a quilt of some sort using your stash, and finish by April 30th. How darn easy is that?!!

These are just a few the tip of the iceberg as far as the number of panels that we have. I want to buy another one that is especially for Addison. I’ve used restraint, remarkably enough, and haven’t purchased it just yet. That Paris panel is on The Master List plus it has extra matching Paris fabric – it just speaks to me. But how to quilt it?!! Egad. I don’t need the pressure.

Now What Again

I’m not trying to be a squirrel-project-sharer but there’s just one more quilt-along that I signed up for. It’s stars and stars and more stars, and I just HAD to at least follow along. Pat at Nickel Quilts has a QAL with the release of her pattern called North Star State. It’s scrappy, it’s star-filled, and it only lasts eight weeks. This reminds me of the QOV charity quilt we are making (and it IS on The List).

More proof that I love stars, this is the Road to Oklahoma block and also the layout we are using for our quilt. We need to get moving on this next, now what project. How about you? What’s your next now what assignment for yourself? Oh yeah, let us all not forget that in two weeks’ time the Stay-At-Home Round Robin quilt parade starts! Woot woot.

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15 Responses

  1. plstockwell says:

    I have a stack of panels….. I was going to quilt a few with Pat Sloan last summer then I got distracted… Okay- overwhelmed by the number of quiltalongs I was participating in. I started 2021 with the idea of finishing a few quiltalongs that I never finished last year and then assembling the tops of a number of others. I can proudly say I haven’t started any new quilts (tablerunners and placemats don’t count right?). EQ8 is something to participate on my list. With retiring this spring, maybe I can finally do that…..

  2. Roseanne you shared some really tempting projects in this post; “Now What!” Indeed. 😉

  3. Lots of fun projects in the works. Road to Oklahoma is on my to do list for someday, your RWB version is pretty cool.

  4. Sandra says:

    Foof! You are one busy bee! Love the expressions that come “out of the mouths of babes”! You could be all
    Chic Parisienne and quilt with straight lines. That’s a gorgeous panel.

  5. quiltinggail says:

    Now what??? That is a good question!!! I’m glad you were able to answer it!
    I started the EQ mystery … my umbrella is done … I’m super busy with other things right now … I’ll catch up, I hope!
    Happy Quilting! And happy answering the next “Now what?” question! 🙂

  6. chrisknits says:

    What now is baby quilts with BOMs I have been doing since last year. What else I got is quilting on SAHRR!! It’s begun and going well and can’t wait to finish it!!

  7. Laura says:

    I am joining the others in expressing a love for the Pair panel! Beautiful! But I am glad that it is yours and not mine. Ha, ha! I have no panels, but do have squirrels a plenty! Do you remember the DARE program, or Nancy Reagan…Just Say No! That is where I am at (or trying to be). This girl really does need to focus on her own projects. There is so little time! 🙂

    The kids are adorable even if a bit demanding…just like squirrels. Ha, ha!


    Aren’t those littles full of beans?!! And that look..!!! My, oh my. Love those EQ8 blocks and they will look nice in a quilt. The Paris panel is such a gorgeous one, so sophisticated and romantic! And all the other projects you named are fascinating, too. I looked at some but made myself say “NO”. Must finish some of what I’ve started before I go for any more. Have a great week.

  9. Vicki in MN says:

    I agree there are tons of squirrels I would like to be joining in, if only I could😉 I might still be able to do the panel challenge.

  10. “What else you got” – oh that cracks me up. My son was always looking forward to “tomorrow” what are we going to do tomorrow? His life is so busy with five children in the house now and his navy career that I’m sure he just looks forward to getting through the day. Dominic and Addison are adorable! I don’t EQ but have looked at it when we were able to go to BIG quilt shows. I envy anyone with really good computer skills. With so many wonderful QAL’s out there it’s difficult to stick to the plan. I am tempted by North Star. My sister Terry has teased me with it and I heard about it again on Wedding Dress Blue. Bet there is a lot of participation. And then there is the ongoing Square Dance sponsored by APQ, and the Vintage Linens QAL with Rhonda Dort. I have panels that I really want to work with but will probably hold of for a couple more months just to clear some of my cutting table and ironing board. If nothing else we certainly won’t be bored. Piece Diane

  11. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Though my daughter isn’t into quilts, she would love that Paris panel! The got to visit there as part of her student ambassador trip between sophomore and junior year of high school. My granddaughter loves the Eiffel Tower too and she asked for a K’Nex Eiffel Tower build it kit (which we got, of course) for Christmas! I’m also participating in the panel challenge, since that was our guild’s LAST YEAR challenge and was due last June, but then…Covid. So they have changed the date to this June. It’s on my PHD list, but I figured this challenge would help me “move it, move it!!” LOL I am also doing Kari’s challenge (GREAT minds!!) I got caught up on Friday! I joined her Tech Know Quilters EQ8 lessons and am NOT caught up on those!! But I’m working on it! I’m not very proficient at foundation piecing but I may give these blocks a try! It’s fun to learn more about EQ and I’m really enjoying the lessons so far. Glad to see you are there also! Kathleen got me interested when she said she was taking lessons from Kari. She’s fantastic and gives small bites so it doesn’t overwork my brain! LOL. The stars for the QOV quilt are great! And of course, it’s great to see the littles!! Have a good day, friend.

  12. I’ve never done much with panels, but that Paris one, “ooh la la!” And they do make great kid quilts, too. As for , “What’s next?” and “What else you got?” Mike has those in his vocabulary, too. As in dinner choices and what will we watch next on Netflix? 🙂

  13. I love that Paris panel!! Last night around 9 pm I realized I didn’t get a Monday post written – ah, well. It was too late to get it done, so it will come later this week. I’ve been playing in my UFOs and totally off my To Do list – typical. Sewing today, after a brilliant Pie fail yesterday. I need sewing therapy. But first an appointment, trekking around on our icy, soon to be snowy roads. Then I’ll definitely need sewing therapy.

  14. Gretchen says:

    I love that paperpieced tulip block! If you’re thinking about buying the panel for Addison, you had better do so. It will disappear from the shelf then you’ll have regret guilt for not buying when it was available, been there, done that. Happy stitching!

  15. Getting called out in the blog…yikes. I am working on my spring flowers…finished the lessons last night. Spent the last few days organizing my study in the smaller apartment….fabric all put away. Today is desk and sewing desk….both should be done by the end of the day and hubs cataract #2! Off to Maine tomorrow if all goes well….both he can see and my study is finished…so I can sew when here the next time, if only quick projects as it is a quick overnight. In Maine, SAHRR needs to be quilted, #TTot22, and a hop to do. Think I got my hands full as you do with the kiddos “now what?”.

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