May Wanta Fanta Bee Hive Blocks

Sherry from Powered By Quilting is the May Queen of the 2019 IG HoneyBees group that we joined this year.  This is our first experience in joining a quilting bee, and I am enjoying it so much.  We’ve tried different new-to-us blocks and did a little paper piecing with more to come.  Each time we make a block Sue and I discuss how we could make a project ourselves with it.  Sherry chose the Wanta Fanta block for us worker bees to make for her.

Wanta Fanta May Block

All the blocks make a 12″ size when finished, and Sherry’s block is no different.  However, her block combines two sets of a paper-pieced four-section smaller block and two pieced snowball-cornered blocks.

Sherry Wanta Fanta

Sherry’s Wanta Fanta

Requirements were to use a Kona white base along with bright colors.  Nice and easy stipulations to meet as bright colors we have plenty.  The hardest part will be to narrow down the choices.  We chose this Kaffe print for one portion of the four-part block we’re calling A.  It is so annoying that I don’t see the threads on the piece until I look at the photo – why is that??!!

Wanta A

Wanta Fanta Stylin’

So, I was kind of dragging my feet on making these blocks.  Why might that be, I asked myself.  Bright fabrics are our wheelhouse, you’ve done some paper piecing without issue recently, and we have loads of Kona white for the background.  Sue had everything ready for me – no reason to delay but I did.  Honestly, there are two reasons for the feet dragging:  one, I printed out the instructions and put them someplace safe (eye roll); and two, I was worried about matching up those little white triangle points.  My second reason may explain the happening of the first reason as the instructions may have been misplaced on purpose.  The deadline to get these blocks in the mail is fast approaching, so I have to put my feet into motion instead of dragging them.

Wanta B2

Wanta Fanta Ta-da NOT

The blocks are NOT yet finished in spite of me!  I spent one evening getting all of the paper piecing fabrics number one and two pinned together.  Sewing exactly on the line for a few sample B pieces has happened.  Checking to see if A will match up to B has not occurred yet.  Feet dragging is still ensuing just like when I was a kid and hated a pair of shoes – I dragged my foot to stop my bike (shame on me).

Wanta B

Good thing there is a long weekend coming up, as there is plenty of time to get this worry off of our my plate.  In the scheme of things, this doesn’t even qualify as a worry.  However, it will definitely be in the mail to Sherry on or before May 31.  Plenty of time . . . right?!!


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8 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    Paper piecing has it’s pluses and minuses – you’ll get through it.

  2. Rochelle Summers says:

    I’m thinking “foot dragging” is a contagious disease caused by the on-again, off-again springlike weather….now off-again. I heard t he same thing at our guild meeting Monday….just no energy or desire to move forward. But, I must make myself start one of two projects that have to be finished in 3 weeks!!! Good luck with yours.

  3. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Oh pish posh! You have totally got this girlfriend! TOTALLY! Now go get ’em tiger. Slow and steady will get it done. Do it sooner rather than later so you can enjoy the rest of the long weekend…said one foot dragger to another :o/

  4. As always you have SUCH great fabric choices!! I made a couple of these for Karen of Tuna Quilts last year, and they are not for the faint of heart simple as they appear.

  5. Jayne says:

    If I can drag my feet…I will!! It can be a little tricky getting the Wanta Fanta blocks to match/line up, but it’s so worth it. I love your Kaffe version!

  6. Shanon Fleming says:

    I feel for you! I don’t much like doing paper piecing. Too much stress!

  7. Hi Roseanne! You and Wendy must have been speaking to me telepathically 🙂 Both of your posts today reflect items I’ve worked on this week ♥♥ I too created a paper pieced block that is similar to your “B” block. I wanted something that would work with charm squares. If I ever post again I’ll have pictures!
    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Getting those things to line up requires a little patience and some deep, quieting breathing. Just take your time. You’ll get it to work! I would love to be in a block bee; they sound like so much fun.

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