Fizzy Block Part Deux IG Honeybees

This year we joined our first Bee Hive group called the IG Honeybees.  Back in February the ‘queen’ was Amanda.  She selected a block called Fizzy to be made by all the other members.  Amanda chose black, teal/turquoise, and medium to dark pink and we made two blocks for her.  Fizzy threw us a curve, so to speak.

February Fizzy Choice

The pattern for the Fizzy block is found on the Blossom Heart Quilts website.  Here is the sample Amanda gave us for color/fabric placement.

Fizzy sample

Amanda’s February sample block

Interestingly enough, the August Fizzy colors for Barbara also asked for black with white in the center ‘hourglass’ sections.  How about that?!  Her other requests are white or off-white, and floral prints without a white background.  She would also prefer different prints used for floral sections on the same block.

Fizzy Round 2

August Fizzy

Of course, I didn’t still have the February templates so I printed them again on stock paper which is heavier than normal printer paper.  After carefully cutting out the templates, I set to work tracing the shapes on the wrong side of the fabrics.

Fizzy tracing

Some of the black shades got the smaller L-shaped piece along with the white fabric.  The floral prints along with additional black fabrics got the pie-shaped piece.  I used some high tech supplies in my Fizzy quest like fabric scissors, tracing pencils, ink pen and even chalk.  This time I couldn’t see the traced shapes on the reverse side of the black/white fabrics.  What the heck did I do differently last time, I asked myself.

Fizzy pieces

I actually used the rotary cutter to trace around the pattern pieces for all but two of the skinny pieces. Finally, it was time to sew these pieces together . . . just as soon as the heat/humidity breaks.  These examples from February show that fewer pins actually better than too many pins.  I found that to be the case this time when sewing the curves, and I also sew very slowly but steady.

Fizzy Part Deux Finished

I was still a bit nervous making these curved sections, but they went together fairly well.

When pressing them it amazes me that the curves do not need to be clipped to lay flat.  We’ll send this to Barbara yet this week so she’ll have them for the end of the month.



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3 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Curved piecing is a tough challenge for me…your piecing looks great! 🙂

  2. I like it! I will check this block out. Something different always peaks my interest.

  3. There’s just something so satisfying about curved piecing. It always makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something magical. 🙂

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