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I had a chance to go to a conference for work in the Wisconsin Dells.  Fall colors were abundant and the drive on a nice, sunny Sunday was a pleasure.  Even driving through the construction in Milwaukee wasn’t bad because I left the house around 10:30 am.  I learned a ton, got to see old friends that I hadn’t seen since 2014, and did some shopping.  Most of this post concerns the last portion of that sentence . . . shopping.  I’m not even a fan but look at these fabulous finds!

Fabric Shopping

The reason I left the house at 10:30 in spite of a 3:00 pm check-in and a 2-hour drive is an easy answer to your unasked question.  Quintessential Quilts in Reedsburg, WI opened at noon and I wanted to be there with plenty of shopping time.  Sue and Rosalie stopped there on the Road Trip post, but I had never been.  What a nice shop!  They have oodles of fabrics, patterns, supplies, and friendly staff.  I showed a bit of restraint and only purchased this fabric.

Fabric shopping

Just enough for the backing on a baby quilt that may or may not be needed in 2020. <wink>  I’m not telling.

Holiday Shopping

After dinner with friends, I poked around in the gift shop that was connected to the restaurant.  It was right there, after all . . . and I found some c.u.t.e. things.  Some came home with me, and some did not.  I can’t say, as they might be gifts.

These two sweet little dresses are obviously Addison’s size.  One is a Halloween costume of a giraffe.  It has a tutu around the waist and a headband with giraffe ears and horns.  Can’t you just her trick or treating in this tomorrow?!  For the second find, it’s a Cinderella-type dress with a sparkly bodice and just the perfect color of blue.  They had some ADORABLE outfits, and I have some good friends to get me out of that shop without buying all of them.

Hat Shopping

In the same shop, I stumbled upon a hat made by Addie’s company.  Okay, our Addi prefers to drop the “e” . . . but that polar bear hat is SO cute.  And s.o.f.t. and ready to come home with me, if I were to buy it.  I’m not saying that I *did* buy them, but IF I did, Dominic would also need a hat.  Nearby, was the brown bear hat that was even softer than the polar bear.  Both came with mittens, too.

Musical Instrument Shopping

Finally, in a completely different store, I found these musical instruments.  Sue and I both think they would be just PERFECT gifts for Dominic and Addison.  However, not yet.  They are just too little for these gifts.

Drums in either color would be perfect, plus a child-sized guitar as well.  Sue and I both would like to learn to play the guitar.  Available in the nifty camo version or the usual woodgrain, the guitar has software and lessons and everything!  We are THAT kind of aunts.  Around twenty-five years ago or so we gave our three niece and nephews a keyboard, drum set, and guitar.  Their delighted parents called us very early Christmas morning so we could enjoy the concert.  It was music to our ears, and we loved every moment of that concert.  So much so that we will repeat it again, if given the chance.

Conference Stuff

It was well worth my time attending the conference, as I did learn a lot.  I brought home a list of to-do items to share and check further on.  A breakfast of champions was enjoyed by me:  yogurt with fresh berries, a granola bar, and three slices of bacon. 

Breakfast champions

I never said it was healthy – just that any champion with a brain would eat it.  Missing from the photo is the huge glass of water and a separate mug of coffee.  YUM!  Lest you think I only shopped and conferenced, I also made a short visit to Ho-Chunk casino.  I’ll thank you to know that I left with $32.85 more in my pocket than I started with.  This was a win/win/win trip all around.


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12 Responses

  1. Music stores and quilting stores…forget about the conference! Sounds like my sort of trip for sure.
    BTW: I don’t consider this ‘off-topic’ it is after all YOUR blog and you can do whatever you want. So there.

  2. Laura says:

    I could never do it! I couldn’t come away with only one piece of fabric!
    Love the adorable hats and costumes! 🙂

  3. chrisknits says:

    Those outfits and hats are just too adorable! Hubster wants a drum set to go with his guitars. So far I have been spared that purchase!!

  4. quiltinggail says:

    WOW!! You certainly showed restraint in the fabric store!!! Well done! As for the other stores, I’m sure that you did buy or did not buy everything you wanted to! Especially if friends had to pull you out of the store!! Such cute hats!
    The musically instruments – what fun!!! I can’t wait to see a video in the future of D&A playing and making a joyful noise!!!
    Glad you had fun shopping & at the conference! 🙂

  5. I love that you left extra-early to do some shopping, and wow, I love that sweet rainbow heart fabric! EEEK now you have me super-excited about the may or may not be a baby coming… Can’t wait to see the munchkins in their new finery.

  6. Kathleen McCormick says:

    What restraint!!!! Although I’m guessing the gifts that you bought were plentiful. Bacon and yogurt – that’s a thing? Happy day to you.

  7. One fabric? One?? Oh my goodness, that was definitely restraint. Be worried if you ever shop with me. Trust me, you won’t be leaving with just one fabric 😀 Looking forward to seeing those other items you may – or may not – have purchased. Lastly — bacon. Yum!

  8. Karla says:

    Sounds like a fun trip — love the fabric you purchased! Can’t wait to see pictures of Addi and Dominic in their new gear –that is if you bought any of those goodies 🙂

  9. Vasudha says:

    Sounds like fun. I love stopping at quilt shops when I travel. Sometimes I pick up a curated FQ bundle or a kit unique to their store.

  10. Vicki in MN says:

    I am glad you could squeeze in a little work among all the fun, LOL I’ve been to that store a couple times and it was pretty big. Such cute fabric you found too!

  11. This was an enjoyable “off topic” post to read. Your joy in life came through loud and clear. Of all your shopping finds, that giraffe costume is my favorite. And that’s great that you did not make a donation at the casino, which is what I typically do! Have a great day, Mary.

  12. Colette says:

    So you may or may not have made some fun purchases. ROFL

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