Beothuk Linky Parade Update

The Beothuk quilt along that Sandra at mmm Quilts is hosting is having a parade today!  A parade, you ask??  Yes, a parade of all the finished Beothuk quilt tops and quilts.  You’ll find more details on her website, and lots of our friends are playing along.  Here is the proposed drawing from EQ8 that Sandra shared.

Beothuk Star New Coloring

Beothuk photo courtesy of Sandra

Beothuk Planning

In our last update, Eight Beothuk Blocks Together, details were shared that we were progressing although more blocks were needed.  The final blocks were sewn together with barely an incident.  One rogue HST got itself turned the wrong way and ripping ensued.  An easy fix quickly remedied the issue and then it was time for some chain piecing.

Beothuk Chaining

One single pin held the blocks together and also ensured that I sewed on the correct side.  I may have mixed things like that up in the past, especially when taking them to the ironing board.  Good thing my bestie keeps me on track!

Beothuk Brief Background

For the full story, you have to check out Sandra’s post from a few weeks ago:  The back story.  It is well worth your time to read it, especially if you enjoy anything about history.  As a short synopsis, they were the descendants of an Indian culture called the Little Passage Complex.  They are the aboriginal people of the island of Newfoundland and were Algonkian-speaking hunter-gatherers who probably numbered less than a thousand people at the time of European contact.  They became extinct in 1829 mostly from disease.

Beothuk Decision Time

We had to make a decision quickly so that we could join in the parade.  No one likes to be sitting on the sideline, watching the parade go by.  Especially NOT our sweet boy although his sister thought his distress was vastly amusing.  In case you are wondering, he was quite vocal about his displeasure.  Everyone for blocks knew he wanted OUT of his stroller seat.

DJ not happy

Okay, back to the topic at hand.  What is it?  Oh yeah, Beothuk and our big decision.  Sew, it turns out that the Beothuk size before adding the border and cute cornerstones in that luscious eggplant fabric is 36″ square.  That is the perfect size for the charity Jack’s Basket.  Should we stop at this point without adding the border?  Does this look like a quilt a baby should have?  Perhaps not in this particular fabric choices – it is beautiful but not exactly baby-friendly.  Here it is on our couch awaiting our decision. 

Beothuk decision

Opinions were taken from everyone who stopped over!  Overwhelmingly the vote was to add the border before calling the quilt top complete.  I just LOVE that eggplant middle star but then again I’m a huge star lover.

Beothuk quilt top

I’d like to sincerely thank Sandra for sharing her time, talent, friendship, and this design.  I am so happy with how this quilt top turned out, and I think the Beothuk people would be happy to be honored so nicely.  You can find the pattern in Sandra’s Etsy shop if you’d like to make your own.  Now go check out the parade entries. ~smile~


Our other Linky Parties can be found by clicking the link above or along the sidebar on our website for more quilting fun – check out what our friends are up to.  Like/follow us on our Facebook page and you can share your photos of what you’re working on.  We would love to see them!


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14 Responses

  1. At last I can finally leave a comment; won’t you confess you blocked me 🤣🤣🤣 I do agree that an eggplant border would look beautiful especially when you quilt it spectacularly! I Spending time with the babes is the best isn’t it and the only thing which I’ll give up quilting to do.

  2. Love the Beothuk fabrics and colors! The border is perfect. Too bad Dominic is at that independent stage! It does make it difficult to pick activities for him to enjoy. Carol

  3. Susan says:

    It does look lovely, and a few of us might have fudged the size up to 39 or 40 inches … or 42, recently. =) I think it’s still good, and the border looks great around it. A very nice finished top!

  4. chrisknits says:

    It is gorgeous! And I would totally love a baby quilt made with that fabric! But I am not a traditional baby color person, I always put my girls in bright and neon colors.

  5. I pondered the same thing—Is this a Jack’s Basket quilt or not? We decided that it’ll live on our couch. Enjoy your beautiful quilt!

  6. smilesfromkate says:

    Lovely colour combination and I love the framing with the border. Beautiful.

  7. That picture of your littles is so funny. He is clearly unhappy!!
    Great idea to expand a bit with the border. Frames the star nicely and adds a bit of size. If you have wall space, this would be gorgeous hanging somewhere in the house.

  8. Love the photo of the kiddos at the parade, Roseanne – so cute! No one wants to miss out on a parade! I think your quilt top turned out beautifully, and I like it with the border, too.

  9. Rochelle Summers says:

    Oh, a great finish! I will be linking up as well…mine and two sewing companions because they don’t know how. Just have to photograph mine.

  10. Shanon Fleming says:

    I love the border as well!

  11. I am glad you did put that border on! I think the eggplant star is the best too, and the cornerstones just draw the eye toward the star 🙂 of the show. Thank you SO much for joining in with my QAL, for purchasing the original Blogger Bundle I did for Bernie, for supporting her shop, for making the quilt, and for being so good about sharing the story of the Beothuk people. I think Shanawdithit would love this quilt. 🙂

  12. It looks awesome. I do like the border framing it and that the cornerstones really draw your eyes to the star and back out again. Funny how intent Domenic was on getting out of the stroller – once my son walked it was hard to get him in it again.

  13. I better go get in on the parade! Our quilts are twins!

  14. I love it! I’m also a huge star lover, and I think an eggplant border will just bring it all together. Have a great day, Mary.

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