April Showers Bring A New OMG Panel Project

April showers bring May flowers is the old adage that I learned way back when as a child. Now, April signifies that the first quarter of the year is over already and that Spring is really going to arrive in full force sooner than later. Even way up north in Wisconsin, our daffodils are ready to open soon enough followed in short order by the hyacinth that smells so lovely. This is a cicada year on the 17-year cycle. I can say there’s no rush to get to that season that starts in late April or early May in Illinois. Instead of worrying about that, we’ll focus on selecting a new project for our April One Monthly Goal (OMG). What should we concentrate on this month? A panel, perhaps??

April Panel Choice

Each month, Patty at Elm Street Quilts hosts a linky party to share your project for the month. With so many options at our disposal, what should we really focus on, is the question we asked ourselves. We are joining in a Panel Challenge with loose and easy rules – finish a panel by the end of April. That sounds rather too easy after last month’s easy peasy finish of the St Patrick’s Day table runner. Dare I select something so easy two months in a row?! Oh heck yeah!!

April Means . . .

  • Pink Moon! The moon itself doesn’t appear pink but rather, the name refers to the pink flowers like phlox that start appearing in early April.
  • Another name for the April moon is Paschal in the Christian calendar. It occurs after the Vernal equinox and is used to determine the date for Easter.
  • Passover started March 27th and is celebrated through April 4th, and Easter is also celebrated this month.
  • The Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs is April 1st. Even with reduced capacity limits and social distancing procedures in place, it will be nice to baseball back again.

Panel April OMG

To summarize our April One Monthly Goal, we will be making the Paris panel into a quilt. We will be linking up with Patty on her website, Elm Street Quilts. Plus, we will also link up with Patty’s end-of-month linky party.

Like/follow us on our Facebook page to see what we’re up to. I’ll also be sharing updates on Instagram although sometimes the pictures aren’t quilting related!


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2 Responses

  1. Chrisknits says:

    Diva has a canvas print similar to that panel. Love it!

  2. Fun!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with that panel!!!

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