Waves – Machine Quilting on Finding Nemo

I belong to Pat Sloan’s Facebook page that has over 90,000 members.  Can you even imagine that many friends all sharing ideas with each other?  Someone on her website shared a picture on how she machine quilted her quilt top.  My take-away from seeing that picture was a waves stitch for the center of Finding Nemo.


Making Waves



This was a fun stitch to do on my Brother machine.  It was a stitch number 38.  I adjusted the length and width.  Here are the settings I used:




I’m sure your machine has something similar if you would like to give it a try.  I have found that alternating the direction for each row allows me to really feel through the layers.  This ensures that there aren’t any wrinkles on the back – a annoying sticking point for me.  We did not baste this quilt along the edges but did use pins.  I removed them as I moved from the center to each edge.


To get in position for the next row I did a general straight stitch on the edge of the border.  As I was stitching I considered stitching lengthwise instead of across the width.  In this case, that would not have worked for waves.  It would have looked like smoke instead!  Lengthwise would allow much less quilt in the throat of the sewing machine, so I may try that in the future.  Especially on the last row – almost the entire quilt was bunched up in the throat area.


I noticed that I do have a appliqué/blanket stitch setting.  I will use that on the elephant quilt for Baby J soon.  There is lots to appliqué in that quilt!


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