To-Do #52+44 Weekly Recap Update

This is our 96th edition of our weekly to-do list.  We share this post on Beth’s Cooking Up Quilts website on Mondays, and Christine’s Stitch All the Things website on Tuesdays.

To-Do for the week of February 4th through February 10th:

  1. Hidden Star weeks 5&6 – √ done
  2. Start Dr Seuss #2 of 4 – √ done
  3. Continue with Make Ours a Double – √ done


To-Do #1

Last Tuesday we started on the next instructions for the Hidden star sew along.  It’s time to make some squares within a square blocks for the group A colors.  A key point Sherry makes is to press the seams open on the back.  I confess a few might have gotten made before I read that part of this step.  Oops!  Good thing we have one more week to complete this step.  We will need the extra time.

Hidden Stars 5&6

To-Do #2

I started sewing the second of four Dr Seuss quilts to be made this quarter.  We are using the same navy solid Kona for the sashing, and borders.  Binding will consist of some snazzy striped fabric from Nicole at Handwrought Quilts.  I have been meaning to use it for ages, and now I finally remember to do so!  Plans for quilting consist of the good ole straight line stitching with my walking foot in both directions for a diamond-shaped crosshatch design.  First we need a quilt top though.

To-Do #3

We are making just a few minor modifications to this block.  The block on the left is from following the pattern, while the right reflects our ‘improved’ one.  Can you tell a difference?

Make Our revised block


We changed the flying geese pieces to HSTs in both blocks which deviates from the pattern.  Also the top/bottom row solid strip area from two pieces to one 6.5″ piece instead.  Just 10 more blocks to make for our February goal quilt top.

February OMG

Our February goal with Patty at Elm Street Quilts is to complete a quilt top from the Make Mine a Double quilt block.


To-Do for the week of February 11th through 17th

  1. Celebrate our two-year blogiversary (with a  little giveaway)
  2. Wrap up Dr. Seuss #2 into a quilt top (and list maybe)
  3. Make additional Make Ours a Double blocks


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10 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    Hi, Roseanne! I really love those black and red blocks. I tend to like to do HSTs instead of flying geese. My FG never seem to turn out right, but I can make a really nice HST!! LOL!!

  2. Kathryn says:

    I prefer making half square triangles to flying geese. Nice little changes. You’ll be sick of Dr Seuss soon!

  3. chrisknits says:

    Looks like your mojo has returned and things are getting done!

  4. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Oh you know I love that Make Mine a Double block but what am I missing? I totally agree with the longer strips top and bottom but I don’t see flying geese on either block…and yes I do have my glasses on! Two years? That is quite an accomplishment! Yay!

  5. quiltinggail says:

    Hi Roseanne, I like how you made piecing your star block easier! It has NEVER made sense to me to sew 2 fabrics the same together!
    Your Dr. Suess quilts are SEW stinking cute!!! Love them!!
    Good luck with completing your list!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  6. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, Busy….Busy…Busy! You are always accomplishing so much everyday, it is fabulous. When can you come to my house and help me get all of my projects finished? LOL. Actually, I am doing alright….I just keep forgetting to blog about it. I always am thrilled when I discover an easier way of making a block and you found two great shortcuts!! I hope that you have a fantastic day!

  7. You are making great progress! I think you should come to my place and kickstart my stuff…its going but seems slow. I am hoping for some blogging material today, as most is on for next week’s hops! I love that you simplified the blocks to work better for you, they look fabulous.

  8. I like the projects you currently have on your radar to finish! Great progress and excited to see end results.

  9. You two are clipping right along with your projects. I apparently need more coffee because I couldn’t find the difference between the two blocks, but I’d be tempted to switch to HSTs rather than flying geese too! Hope you are ready for the snow coming!

  10. Hi Roseanne, hope you had a warm weekend! Good changes to the block — probably makes it easier to sew together!

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