Our Charity Quilts – Hands2Help Call-to-Action

This year is the first year we are participating in the Hands2Help collection hosted by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  This ongoing collection is in its fifth year with increasing participation expanding to over 240 helpers this year.  We are so pleased to be involved in this call-to-action!

Best Laid Charity Plans

When I signed us up to participate, selecting a charity or two along with a quilt design(s) became our focus.  So many great charities were chosen to focus on this year, and several were so very close to our heart.  We read all the information Sarah provided, visited their websites and narrowed it down.  We had a design and fabric that would be just perfect, and the timeline was generous for completion.  What could possibly go wrong?!!  My lovely Ellie Elna sewing machine broke.



Charity Plan B

A broken sewing machine is a poor excuse, don’t you think?!  It may have put a damper on finishing up the planned quilt in a timely manner, but don’t count us out.  We have quilts made; we have cute quilts made that would be wonderful to give to charity.  Plan B was put into effect immediately, and two quilts were selected to be sent on their way.  Since we make quite a few baby quilts, Jack’s Basket will be receiving a box of goodies coming their way.

Gender Neutral Quilt

Sue and I spent a (great) deal of time discussing which quilts from our stash would be appropriate to send to Jack’s Basket.  We knew we wanted to make sure they were gender neutral, and our go-to colors for that is green and yellow.

Our first quilt choice is this Irish Chain quilt with pale green and white polka dots.  On the reverse side are some sweet giraffes in yellow and gray with some random polka dots in yellow and gray on a white background.  This quilt could not possibly get more gender neutral if it tried, don’t you think?!

Favorite Color Quilt

The second quilt we elected to send is another gender neutral quilt but in a much brighter palette.  Since both, our sweet boy and girl, Dominic and Addison, adore orange it is an easy choice.  We have a fun orange polka dot and chevron quilt that would make any orange-lover swoon.

Sue hand quilted this quilt with hearts in each of the chevron blocks.  The backing has some adorable owls in turquoise, yellow, green, orange, pink and blue on a white background.  I love those little owls!

Charity Begins At Home

We both know just how blessed we are to have our two sweeties in our lives.  Not only are they healthy and happy, but we get to see them often.  They keep us young and thriving plus we would do anything within our power to give them anything they need.  Giving back to charity not only makes our hearts happy, but we truly believe that the child who is wrapped in these quilts will feel our love.  We send along prayers and wishes for many blessings.  Also enclosed in the box are some additional items that were listed as additional desired items.  We will definitely participate again in 2020, and maybe Plan A quilt will be sent on its way too when it’s finished.  There has been a lot of Plan B activations lately. <wink>


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19 Responses

  1. Dawn Tornes says:

    Adorable quilts for Plan B! Sorry about your Elna. I sew on an Elna, too and would find it hard to live without!

  2. JanineMarie says:

    It looks like Plan B was a raving success! (So sorry about your sewing machine, though.)

  3. Sarah Craig says:

    Oh, Roseanne, such an inspiring path you two took! The quilts are beautiful, and I hope your machine is up and running soon! Thanks for being part of H2H this year!

  4. txquiltgal says:

    Both quilts are sweet, but I LOVE that orange!
    With my one foray into hand piecing and quilting on a small scale, I can’t imagine hand-quilting those precious hearts.

  5. Susan says:

    Thank goodness you had Plan B. I hope your little machine is repairable, otherwise it’s time to go shopping!

  6. This is great inspiration and validation for creating a well-stocked cupboard with ‘plan B’ quilts!!!!
    Both quilts are cute and look so cuddly – I’m especially partial to that orange one.
    Hope your machine is on the mend.

  7. Those two quilts are adorable! I never thought of orange as a neutral, and I love it. You’re going to make two families very happy.

  8. Pat Broe says:

    Your charity quilts are adorable and inspiring, as is your accomplishment via Plan B. May you and your Elna soon be sewing happily along together again, Roseanne … <3 Pat

  9. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Both quilts are adorable and will undoubtedly be loved for a long time! Thanks for sharing this post – I think I may need to jump on that quilty bandwagon next year. And thank goodness for Plan B’s, hey??

  10. These baby quilts are wonderful. Sometimes Plan B works out even better than the original Plan A. Take care, Mary.

  11. Such cute fabrics. I hope your Elna is fixed soon. I am sure that your gifts will be well-received and enjoyed for a long time.

  12. Janice says:

    Your sweet sweet heart is showing again!

  13. quiltinggail says:

    I hope your broken Elna retruns from the doctor feeling well!
    Your quilts are SEW cute!!! It’s hard to choose which one I like best … so I didn’t! 🙂
    I do love the Irish Chain quilts!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  14. Vicki in MN says:

    How sweet of you to go into your personal stash and pull out 2 quilts to give. I am sure they will be loved and used.

  15. Shanon Fleming says:

    Beautiful quilts to send to jack’s basket. Love your giving and thoughtful heart! May you reap 100 fold return on your generosity!

  16. Cute quilts. I currently have a machine not cooperating also. Love to sew for charity. Makes me feel all warm inside.

  17. Your Plan B is great; what cute quilts! I’m sure they will be loved by those who receive them!

  18. Your plan B quilts are cute! have you gotten your machine fixed?

  19. chrisknits says:

    Your Plan Bs are simply wonderful!!! I wish I had so many Plan Bs at hand. LOL!

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