October Day Pack Bag OMG Finished

This month we shared our October OMG on Patty’s Elm Street Quilts website during her linkup party.  The project is also a squirrel – it was NOT on the radar and yet I needed to make it. Barbara supplied me with the link to her free tutorial at Moda Bake Shop. I used it for the dimensions, supplies, and yardage.  Barbara is famous (in my eyes) at MBS as this is her second tutorial I have referred to.  The first was her Snowballs Chance pattern which was chosen in the second quilt-along that we hosted!  Here’s our tale of the bicycle-themed day pack.

October OMG Day Pack Project

Several friends made several different kinds of bags, and while I admired them, they didn’t strike a chord.  That is until Kathleen made a dinosaur-inspired version of a child’s day pack (that I’ll have to make for Dominic one day) at the end of September.  During the middle of the night, the squirrel chattered in my ear that this would be a perfect gift for my boss.

CW bag

Day pack supplies acquired right away!

My boss, Catherine, is a bicycling enthusiast.  Recently, she has been biking between buildings/schools to enjoy the nice weather.  One of these day packs would come in very handy for her, I think.  Supplies were acquired so that I truly could drop everything and make it!  Parachute cording for sturdiness and grommets so the cord doesn’t tear the fabric.  A pocket or two will be added to the lining to tuck a phone into, and possibly another one for an access badge.

Day Pack Ease

Vicki told me I could get this bag done in one evening, and she would probably be correct if I knew what I was doing.  Barbara also said this is a 30 minutes project!  Woot woot!  I need a nice, simple, mindless project right now.  Mindless does not mean leave your mind in the other room though, does it?!  Sue, my favorite sewing partner in the whole world, found the bicycle fabric for me!  Yippee skippy.  I set about cutting the fabric last Monday morning.  It was a nice sunny day . . .

CW bicycle fabric

All ready to cut both layers at once!

I kept repeating to myself, 16″ x 20″ until I dropped the 20″ and cut 16 careful inches.  Except that is the width, not the length.  Fortunately, I had only cut ONE layer instead of the two layers at once.  Oh, no!  Not only is this not a good start but it turns out it was only the beginning.  I should have walked away, but how would it be finished by Friday if I did?  I quickly turned on my sewing machine, sewed a nice straight seam and pressed it open.  Who will ever notice that seam?

Day Pack Special Touches

Special touches were in order for this day pack.  If you can buy one for only a dollar, you cannot buy one like this one for that price!  Pockets were fussy cut and carefully ironed, tucking the raw edges underneath.

I creased the lining and pocket fabric to determine the center of each piece and then pinned it across the top.  Two pockets were added – one for an iPhone and the other for a lanyard.  Five inches down from the top raw-edge seemed like a good amount and it turned out to be a perfect measurement.

CW lining pocket

Isn’t that lining fabric just fabulous, as well?  The fabric used is called, “Enjoy the Ride” by Jennifer Brinley for Studio Fabrics.  We found it in a quilt shop in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Day Pack Finish

Hinted above but not mentioned are the other trials I had.  During the middle of the night, I thought I would try a ‘shortcut’ in stitching the lining to the bag.  No photos were taken of this frustrating nightmare of a bad idea, but let’s just say that Barbara’s instructions are clearcut.  Especially if you follow them.  This pretty day bag took me about five hours to make, which would have been reduced by at least four hours had I just admitted my defeat right away.  Next time, I’ll just rip out and follow the instructions should there BE a next time.

Sue knew I was having a fit about my own stupidity so she willingly posed for two photos.  She even had her favorite purple top on that went well with the bag.

CW Day pack finished

You can’t even see the oops seam!

Day Pack Goodies Inside

I have always heard that it is back luck to give someone an empty wallet – you have to put a penny inside.  With inflation that amount is probably $10 by now.  Anyhow, I decided that some Cadbury candy bars were in order.  Three different candy varieties were chosen mostly because I wasn’t sure which was her favorite.  Amazingly, they were NOT consumed prior to the gift-giving!  I ‘wrapped’ two of the bars with a picture of a phone and a lanyard just to give the impression of how to use the pockets.  The photos were sized to match the candy bars and printed on plain paper.  You can easily see that the phone will slightly peek out of the pretty orange bicycle pocket.

Day Pack OMG & Squirrel

We will share the day pack/backpack completion on Patty’s Elm Street Quilts website when she opens the link.  The finish easily met the deadline of the 18th for gifting.  We will also share this as a squirrel project on Sandra’s mmm Quilts on the last Saturday of the month, and at Quilting Gail’s TGIFF linky party on Friday.  I don’t have a picture of Catherine with the day pack, but she did love it.  ~smile~


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21 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    That was so kind of you and I love the idea of placing items in the pockets.

  2. Carol S. says:

    This is such a beautiful day pack and I love that bicycle fabric!

  3. joymcd305716439 says:

    Very cute! You did well to persevere 😀 xx

  4. What a terrific backpack and it turned out fabulously despite the trials and tribulations! Sue is a great model 😉 I made a backpack off Craftsy three years ago and was surprised at how easy it came together; I’ll have to check out this one. Who knows, it could be the same maker since they ditched the majority of their patterns. I’m glad Catherine loved it, was there ever a doubt? Thanks for linking up!

  5. Patty says:

    Very cute bag. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  6. dezertsuz says:

    5 hours, for me, is still a good time for a project! It is a great idea, and you actually thought about something she might like and use, so there are bonus points in this one for you. =) And bicycle fabric for a bicyclist and your favorite partner for a model? This scores a 1000!

  7. Well done on your first bag! Now on to the next, the one for Dominic. Of course, you know if you make him one, there will be one more, right??

  8. Hi Roseanne. I love the daypack and the “artificial” cell phone! Great inspiration especially after your trial and tribulations. The bike fabric is too sweet! 😄 Carol

  9. Cocoa Quilts says:

    Roseanne, that pack is perfect. The bikes are great!

  10. For some reason I am just not a bag maker! Could be I would be pulling my hair out with my mistakes! LOL But it turned out pretty!

  11. nanamickie says:

    It’s a superb backpack Roseanne! I had to laugh at you story, reminds me so much of when I try to follow a pattern but the finished project looks AWESOME!

  12. chrisknits says:

    So glad you persevered and got it done. It is adorable!!!

  13. Kathryn says:

    Love the fabric used and totally enjoyed the list of challenges along the way. Hope your boss loves it, plus the choc bars!

  14. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    This day pack came out beautifully. And I LOVE your idea of attaching the pictures to candy! Especially Cadbury Chocolate candy! May I also say how very impressed I am at your willpower! You can be certain that were it I, the pockets would have ended up being stuffed with just the pictures!

  15. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, I am sorry that you had trouble with this project. Yet, it did make a marvelous bag gift in the end! You are far from being alone in not following the directions and also in cutting wrong right from the get go. I seem to encounter that one once to often….LOL at myself! It is always fun to try a new pattern every now and then and look at what you ended up with!! Have a fantastic day! Waving hello!!!

  16. Wonderful version of the bag and the pockets are perfect! I am so glad you conquered the squirrel and made it through your own version of “what was I thinking”!! Happy Friday!

  17. Vicki in MN says:

    Well now that you got that out of your system, the next one will go so much smoother ya know!!!

  18. Judy Blauer says:

    What a great idea! I love the bicycle fabric!

  19. Laura says:

    It may have become a nightmare to sew, but it was worth it! The bag is a wonderful gift! 🙂

  20. Roseanne, the bicycle day pack is SUPER cute, I’m sure Catherine will love it! The fabric is lovely and I enjoyed reading about the adventures you had making it — too funny ♥♥

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