Longarm Kick Butt Binding Session

The Memorial Day weekend kick butt longarm quilting session was a fabulous success. We managed to get six of the seven quilt tops we brought along all quilted plus we had loads of fun. As a result of all that fun, a big binding session was needed shortly thereafter. It’s your basic cause-and effect-statement. Finishing quilting a project leads to needing the final touch of binding to be added, which leads to a truly completely finished product. Yikes! It’s a vicious circle but one that I’m happy to share to completion.

Binding Car Quilts Project #1 and #2

We chose a panto called Fluffy Clouds with a light blue/baby blue Glide thread for two of the car quilts. We also used only one piece of fabric for the backing for both of the quilts. That meant I had to cut the Hot Wheels and the Thomas pieces apart before I could easily add the binding. I really love the backing fabric – it was a good buy from Missouri Star Quilt Company at only $5/yard.

Here’s the off-the-rails picture . . . which led to these two car quilt finishes. We used the leftover blue backing fabric as the binding on both quilts.

Binding the Coloring on the Farm Car Quilt #3

The next project needing binding is the Coloring On the Farm car quilt. For this quilt top, we switched to our favorite, good-for-every-purpose gray Glide thread and used the “Loop the Loop” panto by Urban Elementz. This is such a pretty quilt with sweet farm animals.

It was a quick finish and equally as quick to add the binding. We used the leftover light green polka dot fabric for the binding.

Binding the Dr. Seuss Quilt

The Dr. Seuss piece that had been in timeout and thinking about itself for three years is finished. Can I say that I am very, very, very happy to have a period on this particular quilt project?! There is still one more to be finished, which will be hopefully, sooner than later. This is another quilt that we chose the “Loop the Loop” panto and gray Glide thread.

This Dr. Seuss quilt finished at just about the same size as the car quilts! Since we had plenty of the Seuss-themed backing fabric left over, we used that for the binding. Another quilt to check off the To-Do list!

Binding the Christmas Table Toppers

The two smallest finishes are the hexagon toppers and those two took us the longest to quilt. It was our first time trying this really cool panto called Tannenbaum. The tree outline shows up fairly well on the batting, plus you can see the cute polka dot background fabric we used on the lighter one.

These two toppers share the same backing fabric which has pine trees on it that exactly mimic the shape of the panto!

Finding binding for these small projects seems to be much quicker and easier than for the larger quilt tops. We tend toward a dark binding most of the time for a couple of reasons. First, because that seems to be a good choice to not show dirt on something that won’t be washed too frequently. And second, the dark color pulls out the appliqué stitching around each of the individual shapes we want to feature.

We’ve got a few more of these hexagon topper in the works. When we find something we like, we stick with it. Until next time, keep the faith and sew on. Bye for now!

♥ ♥ ♥

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16 Responses

  1. Susan Nixon says:

    You are so fortunate in your friends and having these longarm sessions. I need to figure out whether what I’ve done will work to quilt the baby quilt for the baby who is coming today! I hope it is and I hope to quilt it tomorrow, then get it bound and mailed with a label. Just so much fun to be had in the quilt world! =)

  2. Mary says:

    How satisfying to get all those quilt tops quilted. They look great! You are becoming quite the longarm pro!

  3. I love seeing all your finishes! That is a LOT of binding to tackle at one time! I know you are happy to have those projects completed!

  4. Chrisknits says:

    Wow, I can’t even imagine having to do all that binding at once!!! But you got em done and now they will make some special someones very happy!

  5. Karla says:

    Congratulations for finishing all those quilts! They are all so cute! Do you hand or machine bind? I do both — depends on the project ♥ You three are getting really good with the longarm !

  6. Kathleen McCormick says:

    You did great! Love seeing all these fabulous finishes. Your choices are great and you did well getting to the binding. I prepped binding for 3 things, as I am heading out to MN for a few days – and yes meeting 2 sisters – then hubs HS reunion. I figured I won’t have to think and can bind to get me back in the groove! How many more are in your stash TBQuilted?

  7. Michele McLaughlin says:

    Love LOVE these projects! Well done! So many quilted and a binding party as well! I love each and everyone of them! Hugs!

  8. I always love seeing what you’re doing on the longarm. You got so much done! Great job!! Isn’t it great to get all these quilts done?!?!

  9. Oh my, what a productive time you’ve had on the long arm. Fantastic. Yay for MSQC they do have some good bargains. I’ve just bought some batting that they had a good sale on. There posting is pretty quick and efficient to here too. Yes, quilts need binding, but it is so good when its on and they are all finished.

  10. Very cool – you three have a real groove going!

  11. Sure must feel good to have all these finishes! Look at you two go! Love seeing the smiling faces once more. 🙂

  12. Laura says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on the fantastic finishes! I bet that feels soooooo good! 🙂

  13. Connie says:

    Wow, that’s an incredible amount of work! Bravo!

  14. Rochelle Summers says:

    WooHoo! Congratulations on completing so many quilt projects. I have to ask, are you binding by hand or machine? I’ve taken to doing it by machine and it passes muster (but not quilt show quality). It’s so nice to see these finished. I, too, like the dark binding on the table toppers. Hugs (a lot). : >)

  15. Wendy says:

    Wow! A bindapalooza! You two have been busy! I must feel good to have all those cute projects done!

  16. Tracie says:

    Hooray! Awesome work completing all those quilts. I’m doing a happy dance for you.

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