Love You To the Moon Baby Quilt

This little quick baby quilt started out as a panel that I picked up from MSQC.  Once it was official that Andrea and Chris were expecting, I went into baby quilt mode.  That was back in March.  No rush to complete it though, huh?!

To the Moon panel:

Moon&Back panel

Grandma Janice really like the colors in this panel, so it is to be her’s for Dominic.  I mentioned that I was going to quilt this with teal thread and was talked into using a much softer, light yellow color.  Thank you Ellen and Peggy – you were right.  It looks much better that way!

Quilting To the Moon:

I chose to outline each star, the moon and owl, the elephant and of course the sheep.  I then took a shot at free-motion quilting in the body of the sheep.  It’s not the best FMQ you’ll ever see, but I wanted to give the sheep’s body a little texture.  Here is my first attempt at FMQ:


After outlining the body, face and legs of the sheep I just did a loopty loop and swirl kind of pattern.  I definitely need some quilting gloves!  It is hard to move the fabric around without them.  The I decided that the area where the words are printed needed a little something-something, so I add some free hand small stars:


Here’s a final shot of the finished quilt, before it was passed on to Grandma and Dominic.  I hope they feel all the love that was stitched into it. ~smile~


Oh, and I forgot to show you the backing!  We also used it as binding as well as it has the same colors and stars in it.


Now it’s time to wash it and get some of that quilted squishy, fluffy goodness. ~smile~


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8 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    Adorable panel! Love your quilting.

  2. Love what you’ve done to the sheep!!!!

  3. I would never guess that is the first FMQ….it looks good to me!

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Caryl – you are too kind. I must have gotten lucky with the photo then because there are some kind of BIG stitches now and then. ~smile~ Roseanne

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