DrEAMi Dr. Seuss Project Complete

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17 Responses

  1. So amazing! I love these quilts! Your stash seems to be endless…:-) best wishes from denmark, ulrike 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    Adorable quilts and a great de-stash!

  3. dezertsuz says:

    Ah, Dr. Seuss! I loved reading his books to my children and miss him now. Fortunately, his books are timeless! Great quilts. Good memories.

  4. A total stash quilt and a DrEAMi project is a total win! So glad you did get it done and I love the way it looks. It will be well loved.

  5. Wow, that was a super quick finish and such a cute quilt. Hopefully whoever gets it will read lots of Dr. Suess books to the little one(s) in their life. Take care, Mary

  6. Kathryn says:

    Great quilt and the power of two accomplishes much. Love that it came from your stash and that it is so gorgeous. So nice to see the stash diminish!

  7. Rochelle Summers says:

    So wonderful to kill two birds (in a manner of speaking) with one stone. Clear out some stash and perhaps get out of that deep hole. Plus you might just make a buck or two to cover the next purchase. Isn’t wonderful that fabric is no longer available, making this such a great Etsy Shop deal!!

  8. Chrisknits says:

    It would be great for a library!! So cute.

  9. So adorable. 24 hours is a darn good turn around time for a quilt. I miss the Dr. Suess days now that the kids are all grown up 🙁

  10. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Adorable! Love Dr. Seuss. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are my favorite – but I guess that’s because of our two fun “things!!” LOL That was the theme for their first birthday! And we just had their 7th! Wow, time flies!

  11. Shannon Fleming says:

    It’s perfectly cute! Don’t feel bad about not buying fabric. It’s so easy to buy more than you use. Have you thought about keeping track of your in and out for a year just to see how much you’re using? I did that for 2 years and it was amazing how much fabric I was buying, even during the second year when I was trying not to buy too much. I’m much better at keeping it under control now!

  12. Vicki in MN says:

    I always loved reading Dr. Seuss to my kids. Now I can do it for the Gsons. Keep on putting stuff in your Etsy shop, they say the more the better. I wish you success in selling it:)

  13. Roseanne, your quilt is super cute! Cross hatching is one of my go to walking foot techniques. Congrats on another great finish! Happy Wednesday 🙂

  14. Tish says:

    Congrats on squeaking in one last finish before the new year. I think that is totally the definition of Dreami and well deserving of new fabric purchases! I hope you and Sue have a wonderful New Year!!!

  15. What a fun quilt and a great finish. I can still say some parts of Seuss books from memory (ABC book and One Fish Two Fish), having read them to the kids when they were little. Green Eggs and Ham is still my favorite. Of course, The Grinch too — although my family doesn’t share the love. And yes, more fabric is needed I’m sure, to fill the hole left from this finish!

  16. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    This quilt is so cute. I always love a good crosshatch quilting style and I think it was perfect for this quilt! And it came from your stash and was done in a flash? Winner winner chicken dinner all around! You may have just earned yourself more fabric! have a great rest of the week (even if it does feel like a Monday ;o)

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