To-Do Tuesday Linky #44 & Weekly Progress Update

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26 Responses

  1. Deana says:

    I like how #1 says, “Do something”, and it is marked off.
    I am glad she had a nice birthday.

  2. Mickie says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Sue! Boy she had her hands full of young uns that day! Love your projects and that t-shirt quilt will be wonderful for Sydney! Congrats Sydney! Have a great day!

  3. A belated happy birthday to Sue. Looks like she has her hands full in the most wonderful way. Sydney looks happy, despite her downgraded graduation celebration. It must be such a disappointment for her and her classmates not to be able to celebrate together, in person; they can’t help but feel short changed. That t-shirt quilt will help.

  4. Cheree Hull says:

    Happy b-day to the sis–sounds like it was a fun time! Good luck on the week’s to-do’s!

  5. Looks like Sue had a good birthday with some of her favorite people! It’s definitely a strange time for graduations but what a wonderful quilt you are making for Sydney!

  6. Sharon says:

    Happy Birthday, Sue! And graduation congratulations to Sydney! The quilt will be well loved!

  7. Susan says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Sue! I bet the kids had fun helping you open your presents

  8. quiltinggail says:

    Belated Happy Birthday, Sue! Congratulations, Sydney!
    Congratulations on getting this past week’s To Do list done!
    Glad to see the Easter topper is back on the list! 🙂 ITs SEW cute! I can’t wait to see it finished!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  9. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, Happy Birthday to your sister and my Biggest and Bestest Happy Birthday Song and Hug to Sue on her Birthday!! I wonder if I will be able to finish last years gift this year? I finally found it once again. I am rolling on the floor laughing till I pee my pants, so hard honest!!!! I love the two of you and will get a gift box sent to you both as soon as I can!
    I wish you the best of fun in putting the T-Shirt quilt together for Sydney. She does look so proud and her smile is worth a million bucks! I have a feeling you are going to get the same smile when she receives her special quilt! Thanks for sharing and have a special celebrating day!

  10. Frédérique says:

    Lovely family! Happy birthday 😉

  11. Sherrie says:

    Love the t – shirt quilt…so will beautiful
    when finished…have a great day!

  12. Denise says:

    Happy bday Sue and happy birthday Carol. I have every confidence you will have the new graduate her quilt this month. Thank you for the linky party, I’m off to visit others.

  13. Rochelle Summers says:

    Happy Birthday to Sue and your sister. What a great way to spend a birthday…in person with the ones you love. Graduation for our youngest GD on Saturday via Zoom. Not the same but so glad we could attend virtually rather than not at all. So happy you chose the t-shirt quilt for your June OMG. It will be wonderful to see it finished and bound. Good luck.

  14. Laura says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Sue!😊
    Today, I am attending my grandson’s graduation…also by tv.

  15. chrisknits says:

    I am sure that Sue had a fantastic birthday!! Give her my best wishes.

  16. Happy Birthday, Sue! And happy birthday to your sister, too, Roseanne! You two are just crackin’ along with the to do’s. Thanks for hosting the linky!

  17. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Happy belated birthday wishes, Sue! I totally understand, those babies, make turning a year old, SO SEW worth it!! LOL I will try to get a post together today for my To DO!! Have an awesome day!

  18. I love your #1 ToDo!!!! And congrats for ticking it off!
    Happy b-day to Sue and special CONGRATS to the GRAD – her smile is busting all over with pride while in the midst of strange new (COVID induced) ceremonial rituals – that in and of itself is inspirational to me.

  19. Sue Saynay says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! They truly are the best gift of all!

  20. Linda Mincher says:

    It looks like you had a fabulous week! Good luck on your list.

  21. Connie says:

    Happy belated birthday, Sue! May the next year bring nothing but good health, love and joy! Riches of the heart! Love the pic with the littles…now there’s the best of wishes! Am watching this tshirt quilt go together, really like the look of these for comfort lap quilts…

  22. karenfae says:

    I guess this is the year kids will either remember their graduation or not. Some families probably did a bit and others – who can tell. happy birthday to Sue

  23. Happy returns of the day to Sue! Glad you were able to celebrate and have a little fun in these covid times. Good luck on your week…you got a bit done and that counts.

  24. Happy Birthday to Sue! That sounds like a fun “to-do!” Good progress on your t-shirt quilt, Roseanne – I know you’ll make your goal.

  25. Kate Swallows says:

    Happy belated birthday to Sue. And congratulations to Sydney on her graduation. Good luck with this week’s to dos.

  26. Vicki in MN says:

    Happy, Happy Belated Birthday Sue!!

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