To-Do Tuesday Linky #26 & Weekly Progress Update

Join us for the 26th linky party post and the 146th edition of the weekly to-do list.  Thanks to everyone who linked up with us last week.  “Contentment is a list with half of it crossed off,” wrote Gladys Taber.

To-Do for the week of January 21st through 27th:

  1. Trace the second panel of the Salem Witches embroidery project – √ done
  2. Make a pentagon ball – √ half done
  3. Deliver Carol’s blue and white table runner – √ done
  4. Maybe finish the second snowman table topper – √ done


To-Do #1

Sue has been having a blast embroidery stitching the first panel.  We decided to trace the second panel so she wouldn’t have any downtime with stitching.  You will see in this photo a portion of the design and the basic clips we use to keep it on the lightboard.  The next steps include coloring but we had to put the crayons away because both Dominic and Addison know how to ‘color’ now!

Witches tracing panel2

To-Do #2

The pentagon ball has been a slight MAJOR PIA.  Five sides plus one top equals one half of the ball.  Twelve pieces are needed not six.  So yeah, I had my nice six pieces all cut out in Disney Cubs fabric.  Isn’t it cute?!

Pentagon template

Pressing on our new wool mat, I took a photo of four of the pieces together.

Pentagon Clark1

I continued sewing, even mentally commenting to myself that it was an ODD shape.  Yes, it was ODD because it was missing a whole half of the ball.  I scare myself sometimes.

Pentagon half

Sue is encouraging me to just forget about this darn ball, but a ball isn’t getting the best of me!  A pentagon ball WILL be made if it kills me.  That is very easy to say now that I can voice, “HA HA HA, pentagon ball.”  You didn’t kill me and here is the proof in the pudding.  A simple tutorial was going to be shared but I was so darned annoyed with myself and this ball, I couldn’t bring myself to write it.

Pentagon PIA

Pentagon PIA ball

To-Do #3

We did give my sister her Something Blue table runner this weekend.  It has a fun back story that got my niece involved with measuring her table on the sly.  We spent time chatting about anything and everything and had lunch when my niece joined us.  More photos to come in Thursday’s post.

Something home

To-Do #4

The second snowman table topper is altogether.  We layered it with the same pretty red swirly fabric and now it awaits quilting.  Eyes will be added after quilting so that I don’t break a needle or anything else.

Snowman topper2 layered

Snowman Topper #2 for a friend

February OMG

Thank you to Patty’s at Elm Street Quilts and her linky party which opened on the first.  We have decided to finally quilt our 2019 Color-Block quilt.  Fittingly enough, I hope to have this all finished for our next TGIFF hosting party on the 27th/28th.  How ironic is that?!

To-Do for the week of February 4th through 10th:

  1. Layer the February OMG project
  2. Make the color block for February (aqua)
  3. Project Quilting 11.3 – put a heart on it


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15 Responses

  1. dreamworthyquilts says:

    I have been admiring the Salem Witch embroidery patterns for awhile now. I will anxiously await your finishes on that one.

    The snowman table topper is so very pretty too!

  2. That Snowman Table Topper is so darn cute. And I got a good laugh about your PIA abbreviation.

  3. Sharon says:

    Woot! You finished the pentagon ball! Don’t think I would have attempted it. Your sister’s something blue table runner is lovely, who made the woven coasters in the picture? You had a lot going on this week!

  4. A college roommate made those pentagon balls – she said they were easy. Not for me! So, I relate to you being ‘pentagonily – challenged’!!!!
    Everything looks good –

  5. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Ah Roseanne – I do adore you, in case I haven’t said so recently. I love your transparency and candor because life isn’t perfect, is it? Can I tell you a secret? I scare myself sometimes too! LOL!
    PS – the table runner is gorgeous! Thanks for being you! xx

  6. Rochelle Summers says:

    OMG!! Sounds like a bit of brain freeze going on…I know of what I speak!! You accomplished quite a bit and things turned out so nice. I get the mad part but the ball turned out cute – as did the table runner, the snowman table topper and the great job you did on tracing the halloween project/

  7. Denise says:

    lol, that sounds like something I would do (the ball) and have a total blonde moment. Love your other projects. Good luck on a new month.

  8. So glad you are still with us after the avenging attack of the pentagon ball! I still can’t figure it out so I need to make one! Percy might like it but AnnaLeigh will like it more! Good luck with your upcoming week!

  9. I’m giggling over here, and feeling much better knowing someone else scares themselves too, from time to time. Glad you persevered and finished that darn ball. Do the tutorial, and I’ll make one. Wilbur might like it, and maybe it will divert him long enough to stay off the high things in the house! You’ve had a good week! That blue runner sure is pretty!

  10. chrisknits says:

    You are kicking it!!! And I am so proud of you not letting a silly Pentagon Ball get the best of you! LOL!!!

  11. karenfae says:

    looks like you have plenty to stay busy with!

  12. Good for you, not letting that pentagon ball project get the best of you, Roseanne! Someone’s going to have fun with it, even if it isnt you! Sue’s embroidery project looks pretty complicated to trace, but I know it will be fun to continue working on. Have a good week, working on this week’s list!

  13. Kate says:

    Sounds like you had your brian challenge for the month with that hexagon ball. It’s pretty cute. Both table toppers are looking good. Good luck with this week’s to do list.

  14. Kathryn says:

    You finished the pentagon ball, that was enough I’d think. Persistence paid off! I love the table runner. Smiled at the crayons having to be put away. I have only attempted a little colouring on fabric for one small block. Will be interested to see the progress of the witches project.

  15. Frédérique says:

    Cute pentagon ball, you didi it! ;)) Love the blue table runner for your sister, and this snowmen table topper is lovely!

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