To-Do Tuesday #69 and Weekly List Update

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13 Responses

  1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Great job on your goals!! I really love your Alaskan postage stamp runner!! I didn’t do so well on my goals this week, but I had FUN!! LOL

  2. Sharon says:

    I love the cross hatch quilting on the postcard quilt, simple can be lovely! Nice blue baby quilt! God Sue at keeping those projects moving!

  3. Congratulations to your winners – I know they will do something lovely with their Sisters! Your maple leaf looks great, too – that is a favorite block of mine. Looking to the Cookie Exchange blog hop, too! Have a great Tuesday, Roseanne!

  4. nanamickie says:

    I so love that postcard quilt! I also love that baby quilt because the colors are fantastic and soothing to me. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. I think you made a great choice for quilting the table runner. It looks wonderful! I look forward to watching your progress on the maple leaf quilt. I have one hanging on my family room wall.

  6. Cheree Hull says:

    Well done on Alaska Postcard–good choice! Ha ha, I was trying to make sure it wasn’t Tuesday, too! I just happened to be working on my post. Whew!

  7. Vicki in MN says:

    Yes you made me think too on what day it was yesterday!!! But ya got me thinking about what to write and what I really did accomplish this week. It just goes by in such a blur!!! I love how the nine patches pop out in your blue quilt.

  8. There is so much going on but I was pretty sure it was still Monday…phew! Two blog hops in the next 7 days for me and posting my OMG which is done is on my list! Glad you are making great progress on your weeks and hope the same is true for this week. Love that I am getting some of your blocks for the 2017 Sistas charity quilt!

  9. quiltinggail says:

    Love the blue baby quilt!!! One little and their mom will love it! The Alaskan table runner looks great!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  10. Rochelle Summers says:

    Tuesday?! Okay, I see it’s the end of the month…whew! Congratulations on accomplishing all your goals. The table runner looks wonderful. I’m sure you are happy to be able to use it and remember the wonderful trips to Alaska. The maple leaf block, another favorite of mine, is beautiful. That blue quilt will be lovely for some little child. And congratulations to the winners of those lovely ladies. More beautiful quilts will be made and shared in the future.

  11. Oh gosh – you had me worried there for a moment! You’re a day early, but a good reminder that I need to write a post later today! I like that blue nine-patch, by the way!

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