To-Do Tuesday #204 Weekly Update Listing

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  1. plstockwell says:

    LOL! I started the month with a St Patty table runner for ME! Hmmm. Maybe 2022 it will be done. It is currently a leaders and enders project. Everything is cut, just need to assemble. I still need to finish my yellow block for February’s Monthly Color Challenge. It’s cut and sitting next to the sewing machine. I also pulled March fabric but not cut it yet…….

  2. Dominic with Baby Chase is so precious a photo! Oh, it melts my heart!

    I love the dark blue and white block -fabrics as well as the pattern!

  3. How can you even worry about being behind when you get to see, hold, touch and love all of your littles! I can’t believe Colt is a year old already and Chase? He has stolen my heart.

  4. The little ones do grow up so fast. More fun projects in the works. Happy stitching and good luck with all your projects!

  5. Congratulations on your good week. That double T is a neat block.

  6. OMG Colt! All the littles are cuties…but Colt is gonna be a lady killer!

  7. chrisknits says:

    I don’t know which photo is sweeter!!! Big Boy Colt or Baby Chase and Big D!! OK, I’ll go with BOTH! Love your blocks, even the Double T which I really don’t care for as a block, but I adore yours. Thanks for linking up today!


    Don’t know how you have time for quilting with work and the cute new baby. Those photos of Colt are darling. And Dominic and Chase are just the cutest. It’s hard to believe that Dominic is big enough to be that proprietary about his brother. Seems like Addison was just that size. Good luck on the list, but if you get distracted by the littles it will be perfectly understandable.

  9. My heart is melting…forget quilting give me a baby to hold! Good work this week…good luck with your new list.

  10. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    How precious is that picture of Dominic and Chase!! So sweet. Happy birthday to Colt! Talk about overachieving?? I think this week’s list is definitely one of those!! I’m rooting for you…I KNOW you can do it!!! Looking forward to seeing that table runner – love the sneak peak!

  11. Good for you and Sue, finishing up the St Patrick’s tabletopper for Sue’s sis! Your other blocks look great, too. I love the double T block in that beautiful blue! Cute kiddos!

  12. Judy B says:

    Fun to see the pictures of Colt and Dominic and Baby Chase! I’m looking forward to seeing all the SAHRR entries! Good luck getting yours to the finish line! You can do it! !

  13. Dawn says:

    Happy Birthday to Colt and sweet picture of Dominic baby Chase! You have plenty on your plate! One step at a time!

  14. Cheree Hull says:

    Last minute holiday projects are really so fun! Can’t wait to see the finish there. Love the blue T-block–striking! Good luck with all those to-do’s!

  15. Happy 1st birthday to little Colt! What a cutie! But that pic of Dominic and Chase – all the feels! How cute is that?! You’ll get the SAHRR done, I’m confident of that. I just realized that I haven’t done my Monthly Color Challenge block – yikes. Best get that on my list!

  16. Connie says:

    Such sweet pictures of the little ones! Colt is a big man now, is he…sigh…they grow so fast…love these pics! Especially the brotherly love… And am very attracted to that deep blue in the double T…beautiful work, beautiful fabric!

  17. nanamickie says:

    I LOVE that photo of Chase and Dominic!!! How can baby Colt be a year already? Wow! I love your projects of course and can’t wait to see the tablerunner you made for St. Paddy’s day. Loving the new project too! Have a safe and happy day!

  18. Mary says:

    Love the sneak peak of the St. Patrick’s Day topper. That Double-T block is cool. It’s amazing the different configurations that are possible with HSTs and flying geese. Cute kiddo pics especially the one of Dominic with his baby brother. Have a great day, Mary.

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