The Demise of a T-shirt

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  1. I’ve never ventured into t-shirt quilts–the jersey knit intimidates me. Will you interface these?

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Michelle,
      I am going to try the Terial Magic spray that stiffens the fabric. I saw it at a show and it is stiff enough to be fed through a printer, and then it washes out. I met the lady that invented the idea – she had issues with the odors from the iron-on products. I’ll be sure to post about how the whole experience goes. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. It’s going to be a fun quilt! Is it wrong that I want to put a huge rod and hook across it? Wouldn’t be appreciated by the recipient, though.

    • Roseanne says:

      HAHAHA! No, I don’t think the recipient would appreciate that very much but it would be funny! heehee ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. smilesfromkate says:

    I’ve never made one so I will watch your progress with great interest. It would be great for my son or grandson.

  4. Connie Kresin Campbell says:

    This will be a wonderful quilt, it reminds me that I have t-shirt blocks that I haven’t made into a quilt yet.

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Connie,
      It’s time to get them out and revisit your plan for them. I am sure you will enjoy it more finished and enjoying it by remembering each t-shirt. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Dawn Tornes says:

    i am also doing a t-shirt quilt for the first time! We are in similar places along the progress ladder. I do have an eye on the steps you are taking to see if I can glean any wisdom.

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Dawn!
      That is so cool that we are doing this ‘together.’ Our next step is going to be making a chart of all the different sizes and colors of each piece, including the little ones from the backs of the shirts. Then we can add a set amount to each like an 1″ or 2″ and see if we can come up with a layout. Then suggest a couple of sashing options, and see what our friend wants to do. At least, that’s what I think we should do! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. quiltinggail says:

    Hi Roseanne, I’m watching your t-shirt quilt progress … there’s one on my UFO list … the t-shirts are all in a bag … I just need to be brave and start cutting!

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Gail!
      Come on – we can do it together! Or you can wait to see what mistakes I don’t make and learn from them. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Melva Nolan says:

    I have made several t-shirt quilts. I think the best part is seeing the customer’s or recipient’s reaction to it. I mean, so many memories in one item! Such a special item.

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Melva,
      Yes, that is a very good point. I’m sure she will relive each dive as she looks at the t-shirts in this so-to-be-quilt. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Roseanne, it is a scary process but it looks like you tackled it head on and did just fine! I’m looking forward to seeing your next update! Such an artist you are! 😊👏

  9. Carol S. says:

    It’s a big step to cut up those t-shirts, but it ends up making a wonderful treasure for the owner of those t-shirts.

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Carol,
      Now to get them sized and into a pleasing layout. I think that’s the hard part . . . ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Shannon Fleming says:

    You’ve made good progress on your tshirts!

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