Sparkly 2021 Virtual Cookie Exchange Recipe and Giveaway

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  1. Joy McDonald says:

    OH wow, I love your village!! It’s so cosy and Christmassy! All your cookies and cookie bars look delicious, and such lovely Christmas projects too! xx

  2. Bernie says:

    This is such a fun post – Lots of holiday cheer in each paragraph. I bet that ladder/bookcase/village holder is fun to use in so many ways. What a fun piece to decorate seasonally. Thank you for sharing all of these fun ideas Roseanne. Happy Holidays to you!

  3. Mary says:

    Your village is spectacular and looks wonderful on the sparkly white shelf liners. Those cranberry bar cookies look absolutely delicious! And your embroidered Christmas coasters are so pretty.

  4. Chris says:

    Oh, those cranberry bars might have to come to me, but I wonder if I can sub in dried cranberries? Or bananas, or chocolate chips!!! I adore your little Christmas trees!!! So sweet. Now I need an embroidery machine!

  5. Beatrice says:

    I love cranberries! Those bars look delicious, thank you for sharing!

  6. What a great post! My friend has the houses to make a village and every year it is an issue as to how to display them all. I must tell her what you have done. That works beautifully and they are protected there too.
    Meanwhile, great cookie/bar recipes. Love the cranberries. Good eating for sure even or especially because of the TWO bars of butter. LOL

  7. Carla says:

    Your idea to make shelf liners is brilliant. The fabric really does add that perfect sparkle. Thank you for all of the great recipe links. They all sound amazing.

  8. Deborah A Paul says:

    I am so happy to see cranberries in a recipe! Thanks for all your inspiration! Many Blessings for a Merry Christmas!

  9. Elana says:

    Wow!! You have so much packed into your blog post. I want a big bite of those cranberry treats right now…with or without whipped cream. I do love a good basic cookie with M&M’s, the world’s best topping of all. I like your display shelves. I have always admired those ladder shelves in other people’s homes. Like for sure they would topple over in my house!!? Your idea of using the shelves for holiday decor is just brilliant!! You have nailed it!! Why fight with books falling off when you can have your own museum display. Thanks so much for sharing all the lovely ideas. I wish you a very happy holiday season with the littles, the bigs and all in between!

  10. Denise says:

    Great post, and me too on the whipped cream. I love the ladder shelf doing double duty, if it’s multi-functional you cannot go wrong. Hope that sewing machine was mended. Merry Christmas to you all.

  11. Rebecca Smith says:

    Your cranberry bars look great!

  12. Deonn Stott says:

    Wow, your ladder shelves and lit-up village took my breath away! Sparkly! And your fun desserts look soooo delicious! I’m the only fan of cranberries in my house, but they may change their minds. And, there can never be enough whipped cream, right?

  13. Colette says:

    I love your village set up. I think I may have many yards of that sparkly fabric too. Oh cranberries yum!

  14. Kathleen McCormick says:

    The shelf is perfect with your perfect liners – gray and white check and that snowy white. OH, and the cookies….so many good ones to make and then take off later (if you know what I mean). At least for right now this is a virtual hop and I am safe! Of course, who wouldn’t love some of those adorable mug rugs!

  15. Rochelle Summers says:

    Oh, wow. That village looks so pretty. I’m sure that the shelf is enjoyed all year long. What a nifty way to make shelf covers. I think Sue’s sister needs to come with each shelf set so they would get put together right. Those recipes look so yummy and I do believe I will try one or both…once I get done wrapping gifts to mail. Yes, I’m running way behind. Those coasters are so pretty. Such a nice little drawing. Have a great weekend.

  16. Both recipes sounds delicious.

  17. Cyndy Lipe says:

    Love your village with the sparkly fabric. I make a simple gooey butter cake using crescent rolls as the base, then filling it with the cream cheese mixed with strawberry jam, topped with another crescent roll and melted butter and bake.

  18. lee says:

    what a fabulous holiday display! I am going to try that yummy looking cranberry recipe too! I am always up for some happy mail!! thank you !

  19. Vasudha says:

    The ladder book shelf, sparkly liners, Christmas village, the cookies, cranberry – You have me totally distracted. So many awesome things in the post as always!

  20. I love your sparkly shelf liners and the buffalo plaid side, too, Roseanne! Your shelves look great for lots of different uses. The cranberry bars sound delicious, too – I love cranberries in baked goods. I hope you’re planning your annual Christmas Eve get together this year, and I bet the cranberry dessert will be a hit!

  21. Thanks so much for the cranberry recipe. My husband likes cranberries so I’ll have to try it. This shelf looks like it worked out very well; however, it took some doing. My mother had a “leaf plate” like the one that you are showing with the cranberry dessert on it. It’s very festive.

  22. OMG that cranberry cheesecake dessert looks divine. I do believe I started salivating looking closely at the photos. Your village is so pretty! Yes, the sparkle on the snow is the coolest!

  23. LA Paylor says:

    oh you reminded me of a recipe a friend shared years ago and I never tried it. Cranberry sauce cookie bars… gotta go look for that.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your display and that would be awesome for my snowbaby collection wherever it is and I hope it survived the move (some boxes were stolen grrrr and found out later)

  24. Karrin Hurd says:

    That shelf idea for your village is a great idea. I have mine on a banquet table, and my dining room table, but I have too many houses for a shelf like that. My brother built something similar with multiple levels, and in the shape of a Christmas tree. It is round. Thanks for the cookie ideas, they look delicious!

  25. Carol S. says:

    I wish I’d had a shelf like that when I had all my houses. It looks amazing! It’s such a small world…Betty is my friend, too. She failed to send me your yummy looking recipes, so you must be her favorite. That cranberry one is on my list for sure! I dug out my embroidery module the other day to make something. I’d forgotten how fun it was to use. Your little sweet mug rugs are very cute! Thank you for always being a happy place to visit and for hopping with us!

  26. I love your shelf liners and your beautiful display!! What a great idea! The light really does make it look like sparkly snow! Thanks so much for the recipes! We make just plain gooey butter cake. I love cranberries, but not the rest of the fam, unfortunately. The pudding cookies sound great and I think even the pickiest of mine would eat them! LOL Your mug rugs are adorable. Enjoy that embroidery machine! You did a great job on them!!

  27. Nancy Angerer says:

    Love your village and the ladder to display it. Your goodies look yummy. And I love your mug rugs. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  28. Pat says:

    Love the sparkly shelf liners and their gray check side, too. Your village is so beautiful! The cranberry bar recipe looks very tempting. My oldest son makes pudding cookies with a recipe that he adapted from my chocolate chip cookie recipe that is very close to the Betty Crocker one. He makes endless varieties of cookies. We look forward to snacking on what he will make next. Thank you for sharing in the hop. May you and yours have a Merry Christmas … <3 Pat

  29. Wendy Tuma says:

    Hey! I can see the sparkle! What a grand idea, and I love all of your houses on the shelves. They look so festive and inviting. Those cranberry bars, oh my! Yum! And you can’t go wrong with M&M cookies. Those little embroidered trees are too cute!

  30. Connie says:

    Ya got me with the cranberries…dang it…more pastry down the gullet…love the ladder, btw, love the Christmas lights all set up it, gorgeous!

  31. JULIA R SCHWERI says:

    Thanks for sharing all your past makes! I have been only blog hopping this year, so this is my first Cookie Exchange. Loved seeing all your makes. Thanks!

  32. Joan says:

    Oh my goodness, you ladder bookshelf is just the best. What a great space to decorate for all the holidays. Your girlfriend “Betty” is one of my favorite gals too. She never disappoints in the kitchen! LOL!! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  33. Kathy Harris says:

    That cranberry cake recipe looks delicious. That was the perfect sparkly fabric for the snow. And your village looks beautiful. I’ve had to limit the amount of houses in my village because of space. You solved that problem perfectly.

  34. Tamma Melton says:

    Your cranberry recipe looks delicious! I really love your display of houses on the ladder tree. So pretty!

  35. The village looks great, and that snow fabric is a fantastic addition! Thank you for the fattening cranberry recipe! I look forward to making it! 🙂

  36. I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing all your projects (including cookies). The cranberry bars look amazing–I think I would love those. The shelf liners you made are very nice–perfect for your village. The embroidered mug mats are beautiful! Thanks for sharing everything.

  37. Vicki in MN says:

    I am not a cranberry lover, but it still looks yummy and I am sure DH would love it! The cookies sound delicious to me;) Love that sparkly fabric for the shelf liner, so perfect to set you village scene on.

  38. Linda says:

    Oh my goodness what sparkly goodness in your post!! LOVE your village, and it looks spectacular on those ladder shelves. I could not love the sparkly snow fabric more! And your little coasters are beautiful (did I mention I love the sparkly fabric?) with the wonderful words embroidered on them. I’d love to win one, but now I’m feeling sorry for Carol (see her post), so I’d defer to her if necessary. 😉
    OK your “shelf liners” are beautiful. I love the buffalo check (?) lined with sparkly snow. And oh those bar cookies! I feel exactly the same about cranberries as you do. When I had all my canning supplies I bought cranberries by the BIG bags and made all kinds of cranberry goodness with them. And yes I’m the only one who eats cranberry anything in my family. 🙁 I need to come and visit you and Sue. 😉 I’m downloading all your recipes.
    I am LOL about “the first half-dozen pieces I had” 😀 LOVED your post!

  39. I need that ladder for my village, what a wonderful idea! I love the sparkly fabric and the shine. The cranberry recipe sounds so good!

  40. Hi Roseanne. The shelf liners are real winners in my opinion seeing the lights from the village reflect on the sparkly fabric. I’m a fan of cranberries so I’m printing your recipe to make a pan, but gee, I have to eat it all myself 😉. This hop has me adding another 2 miles to my walk so my pants don’t shrink again! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and thanking you again for the many smiles, giggles and inspirational posts over the year. ⛄️
    And yes, I’d love to win one of those pretty coasters but understand if you are limiting it to Americans with the insane costs for international shipping.

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